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The following is a list of episodes for the Channel 4 comedy-drama Shameless. This list is organised by airdate on Channel 4, not E4's "First Look" segment. Contents. [hide]. 1 Series overview; 2 Episodes. Series 1 (); Series 2 (); Series 3 (); Series 4 (); Series 5 (); Series 6 . 18 Jun A giggly crack binge with Nicky (Natasha Lyonne) turned suddenly bleak as Alex broke down and confessed to killing the guard/hitman back in the greenhouse at the start of the season. True, she'd acted in self-defence and, with the body chopped up and buried, was unlikely to be found out. But Alex has. Series 1 Episode 1. Faliraki DJ Terry wants to tame his wild love life and settle down. Richard is venturing into online dating three years after losing his wife. . Series 3 Episode 8. Ann-Marie visits the First Dates restaurant on her 50th birthday. She's survived four bouts of cancer and believes time is precious. Will she want.

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Uk Hookup In The Dark Season 4 Episode 8

Sign In Don't have an account? Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from " http: Fiona meets Steve McBride on a night out and they immediately fall for each other, Lip discovers Ian's affair with Kash. We're Going to the Moon. Frank goes missing and everyone panics when they realize he's missing his giro day, click he's never do by choice. Agoraphobic Sheila Jackson gets a new man.

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Kev drunkenly proposes to Veronicabut it is revealed he is already married. Mandy Maguire wants Ianbut he doesn't want to tell her he's gay which results in a confrontation between Ian and the Maguire's.

Debbie steals a baby which results in a panic in Chatsworthso the Gallagher's must come up with a master plan to return visit web page kid without bringing attention to the family.

It's the school's parents evening and Frank is nowhere to be seen. Frank's relationship with his girlfriend's daughter and his son's girlfriend, Karenis discovered and Yvonne discovers her husband's relationship with Ian. Monica Comes Home 1. The debt collectors are after Frank after they find out his current address and his run-away wife, Monica returns to the Chatsworth Estate with girlfriend Norma in tow.

Frank fakes his own death to escape the Debt Collectors, Steve is arrested and Sheila makes it outside.

With Frank's assistance, the Chatsworth residents join forces en masse in order to find Jody. Meanwhile, Frank tries to stay sober as the Gallaghers' set out to win back Liam and Stella, while Debbie resorts to her own drastic course of action. But he finds himself being hunted down by Stan and Tom.

Chatsworth is closed by the Military when some contaminated meat is stolen and finds it's way into public circulation among the residents. Frank pretends to get a job to keep his visiting father off his back, Karen gets a job at The Jockey. Kev and Veronica get a visit from a Social Worker and foster a troubled young boy. Kev helps him learn to defend himself from the school bullies bothering him. Veronica and Carol battle over the local gardening http://hookupsvip.info/rv-hookups/164164w-dating-164164y.php, first prize a years free rent.

Frank is left to look after Delia and Nigel and The Jockey is raided by the police and closed for serving past closing hours. Tony discovers Steve's car full of money and drugs when he steals it as a joke, causing Tony to attempt a sting of the drug dealers Steve is dropping off to which goes wrong, resulting in a warrant for Steve's arrest and him having to flee Chatsworth. Lip is framed for burglary, Debbie rents out video's copied from Kash's shop only for someone to accidentally return a sex tape read more the local lollipop lady!

Welcome to the Family. Lip gets Mandy pregnant while she is pretending to be Ian's girlfriend to cover his sexuality, leading to the Maguire's welcoming Ian to the family, so long as he marries Mandy! Liam swallows Fiona's contraceptive tablets leading to a visit from a Social Worker, only the social worker happens to be a girl Fiona bullied in school, Fiona has sex with new man Craig.

Fiona quits her job and admits she's pregnant by CraigFrank is coerced into suing the Karib's when he injures himself on their door, forcing them to close the shop.

Debbie helps Marty prepare for his court case, Craig plans to take Fiona away to relieve her pregnancy stress but his separated wife Sue is jealous and seeks a showdown with Fiona.

Kash runs for Chatsworth Councillor against racist Bernie Creme, Lillian's husband is killed in an accident by Carl causing the Gallaghers to scramble to get him off the hook, Frank takes the dead man's identity to claim his benefits in exchange for looking after his dog, but attempts to kill it instead, with comical results. Fiona and Steve's last episode. Debbie lies and says Liam has cancer in order to get him out of trouble at school, but the plan backfires when the whole community gets involved in raising money for the cause.

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Lip gets involved in a towel stealing scam at his now job at a hotel, however his colleague, Jackhas another agenda that has consequences for KashKev's sister Kelly moves into Sheila's and causes a stir with her sexual escapades. Mandy goes into labour after a robbery at the shopbut the Maguire's refuse to let Lip see her. Kev receives a horse racing tip which goes horribly wrong when the entire estate hear about it.

Uk Hookup In The Dark Season 4 Episode 8

Carl vies for the attention of Lip's new girlfriend Emily but only causes problems for himself, Carol reports Lillian to the DSS in revenge, causing a panic among the entire estate, when benefit investigators turn up on the Chatsworth Estate in droves, Frank is particularly worried as he's claiming benefits in Lillian's dead husband's name.

Kev wakes up on his birthday to find his mother has committed suicide, he meets his ex wife Roxy at the funeral, but when Veronica catches them in a compromising position she refuses to believe his pleas of innocence. In with the Maguire's. Carl gets arrested for growing Cannabis plants for the Maguire 's, sparking a family feud when they believe him to have given the Police information Uk Hookup In The Dark Season 4 Episode 8 a quick release, Mandy bans Lip from seeing his daughter so he attempts to hunt down the real informant.

Debbie begins to realize the childhood she is missing out on and leaves the boys to look after themselves, a power cut from an unpaid electric bill reveals Sue's growing debts and she cowardly runs away, Frank's latest money spinner backfires. Garden work forces Sheila to reveal to Frank that her first husband is buried under the patio, Veronica sees a money opportunity when her last NHS funded IVF treatment fails and it looks increasingly likely that Debbie will be the only Gallagher at Frank's wedding.

Lip turns "18" and the Maguire's attempt to welcome him to the family business, Monica returns, Kev and Veronica are sent to prison for buying a child in a foreign country. Frank desperately tries to keep the fact he is still married to Monica a secret, Sheila sees competition in Monica and tries to reunite her with her lesbian lover, Norma Starkey. Monica makes every effort to win Frank back from sheilaa new Police Officer starts on the Chatsworth EstateLearn more here must choose between Monica or Sheila, but is it too late?

Ian gets involved with a girl on the run from the Maguire'sKaren and Jamie try to out do each other at The JockeyMimi causes concern when she stops talking. Monica encourages Debbie to get a boyfriend to stop her hanging around FrankIan and Micky Maguire get to know each other.

As the Maguires prepare for baby Connor's christening, Paddy's attempt to get involved in the family celebration is derailed by his own financial troubles. Mimi believes she has here bad case of indigestion but is really in labour! Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Bob Morley does so much stunning acting with his eyes and the writers play it up so amazingly well.

Carl realizes he must get rid of Norma if he wants to reunite his family, Frank messes up his new job driving Shane Maguire 's Ice Cream Van. When mysterious explosions rock the Chatsworth Estaterumours of Terrorism begin to spread.

Norma accuses Frank of trying to rape her. When three of his former cell mates die in mysterious circumstances, Paddy Maguire begins to wonder if he will be next, Karen worries if marrying Jamie is a good idea after all.

Frank receives some bad news while in hospital, Lip finds his past read article up to him and ends up in a fight. Mimi is upset when an ex boyfriend makes some offensive comments on the weight she has gained over the years and Paddy doesn't defend her. Happy Birthday, Ma Maguire. Monica vows to spend more time with her children when she finds out she isn't pregnant, Paddy is angry when The Jockey is robbed before the surprise party for MimiStan's colleagues worry when he brings a questionable foreign woman home after meeting her on the Internet.

Trouble ensues when Frank is mistakenly thought to have won the lottery, he soaks up the attention but Liam is kidnapped and held for ransom! Debbie has an enterprising idea, Shane is happily surprised when the woman of his dreams takes him home, Carrie says she was driving when Stan accidentally hits an elderly woman with the police van but things get complicated when she decides to sue. Frank is thrown out when baby Katie eats some of his drugs, Liam runs away when he hears Monica expects him to help with the new baby, when please click for source meets Frank he begins to bond with his usually absent father.

Ian and Mandy vie for the attention of a fireman called out to their gas leak, Carl stays in a relationship to continue sex with the girl's mother, but things get serious when the woman wants to leave her husband for him!

Frank is smitten with a woman he meets on the bus, Debbie attempts to raise money so the family can go on holiday. Monica's estranged mother comes to visit, but she has Alzheimer's disease. Stan is torn when he begins a sexual relationship with Yvonne when he wants things to go further while she is happy with no strings. Liam outsmarts Micky and Shane with a business venture when they want money to throw a party.

Old Friends, New Enemies. Karen isn't happy when Jamie's former cell mate comes to stay, Norma gets back on the dating scene, Yvonne is surprised when her daughter arranges her wedding.

Paddy is caught committing armed robbery on CCTV and faces a long jail sentence, the Gallaghers find themselves in debt with MimiTom thinks Carrie is exploiting her new position after she's promoted. Yvonne and Stan's relationship is in danger after a big argument, but when she is held up in the shop and Stan tries to intervene, a shot is fired.

Mandy's love life is looking up when she's persuaded to go on a blind date, but things take a turn when her date dies after taking Ecstasy. Left with a corpse on their hands Mandy and Karen must get rid of the Uk Hookup In The Dark Season 4 Episode 8.

The Ties That Blind Us. After getting arrested Mandy becomes friends with Tom and tries to help him track down his birth mother, but she soon finds herself falling for him. Debbie and Tom enjoy another secret date but when Uk Hookup In The Dark Season 4 Episode 8 stumble across a woman who has been attacked, Tom is mistaken for her attacker and arrested. Debbie knows that if she doesn't reveal she was with him he's looking at a long sentence, but if she does there will be a different kind of trouble.

Mimi also finds herself in an awkward position.

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The Ninth Time Around. A small earthquake sends Monica into labour but Frank is in a coma after falling off his bar stool, stuck in a hallucination of an alternate world.

It's Debbie's 16th birthday, she wants to celebrate it with her boyfriend, that she thinks no-one but he family know about, but Debbie finds out that everyone knows that her and the police men are together and after Ian is attacked he is rushed to hospital, where the attack is revealed to have caused amnesia. Jamie and Karen find their relationship strained, Micky enrolls on a film course after Ian's departure spurs him to do something with learn more here life.

Frank finds himself with a silver lining when his Identity is stolen and his criminal record is wiped as a result, however when he's called for Jury Service he's not as pleased as he was. Shane and Micky come up with a way to scam money out of tourists but Carrie is soon hot on their trail. Monica feels neglected when Frank turns down her advances, the Maguire's are left check this out when Fergal's grave is desecrated.

When Karen has a miscarriage, her relationship with Jamie is strained further, Source wins a modelling competition Debbie entered him in, Mandy finds her love life looking up. Paddy wakes up to find himself chained to a bed in a strange room with no memory of how he got there. Maureen then enters the room and he remembers he has been seeing her since he met her in a cemetery. Always Leave Them Wanting More.

Ian drives a car back to the UK following his travels abroad, Uk Hookup In The Dark Season 4 Episode 8 that there is something hidden inside. Paddy is still missing. Paddy lies to his family about his whereabouts the past few days, but he has vengeance on his mind when he fails to overcome his enforced Heroin addiction. Shane is left partially paralysed after an accident but his trouble's are made worse when Mimi and Kelly clash over helping him recover.

When Liam is awarded a special scholarship at school, Norma pretends to be his mother to make the family appear more 'normal'. Mimi tries to help Paddy with his addiction. Jamie's parole is threatened when he beats up Joe for hitting Mandybut Mimi comes to the rescue by taking the blame. Ian isn't happy when he finds out his brother has been skiving off from school, especially when he thinks Danny is responsible.

Paddy goes cold turkey in an attempt to beat his addiction while Mandy is pressured into finishing with Joe. Meena's career idea's don't meet with Yvonne's standards. The Gallagher's find their lives turned upside down after a visit from Social Services, Chesney falls for a married woman. Haunted by the Past.

When Yvonne's past begins to catch up with her, she attempts to stop Chesney and Meena from learning the truth. When Frank takes refuge in a confessional booth for the night he hears a neighbour's shocking secret and finds himself drawn into the events.

Paddy's downward spiral continues and he finds his marriage and family life in serious trouble.