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Louis Tomlinson Calls 1D Guys His "Best Mates" & Talks Dangerous Party Scene

He's Your Best Friend

Preference #7 He's dating your sister and you tell him you have feelings for him part 2 Hiiiii guys! Sorry it took forever You and Harry both break away from the kiss and Harry jumps up and says, “erm, this isn't what it looks like. . Liam nods and you go to where your sister was talking on the phone, “yup you're off the hook. Read He's Your Best Friends Brother and You Two Kiss from the story One Direction Preferences by browneyedgurl34 with reads. payne, liam, onedirection After you found out your dog had died, you'd come to her, knowing she's the best for cheering you up and making you feel better. "Now, wait here and I'll go. Read Your Friend Flirts With Him from the story One Direction Preferences by poohthebearx (princesa luna ☾) with reads. one, styles, harry. He's barely buzzed." Liam came over seeing how pissed I was. "I know he wouldn't. I' m more upset about her. I brought her here trying to be a good friend and she goes and.

She gives you her puppy dog look, her blue eyes wide. Surprisingly, her brother is there as well.

While you both were waiting, you both started taking crazy pictures. You decide on a simple black dress and you decide to wear your converses because you were not about to wear heels two nights in row. I bet you can't touch your tongue to your nose either," he grins, taking the chip and tossing it in his mouth.

You'd known him for a long time, being best friends with his sister and all, but puberty had hit this boy like a fabulous train of unicorns and he was FINE. It feels like time is frozen, both of you holding each other's gaze. Suddenly, he leans in and presses his lips against yours.

I told you to get me a juice box and you not only take hours but you also do the tongue dance with my brother, um," your best friend walks in with a look of horror, causing you and Niall to pull apart quickly. After you found out your dog had died, you'd come to her, knowing she's the best for cheering you up and making you feel better. That's awful, I'm so sorry.

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You burst into another round of sobs and he walks over, wrapping you in a hug. He lets your tears soak through is maroon T-shirt and rubs your back soothingly.

He suddenly reaches out and brushes a tear from your cheek, and you both freeze, surprised at the affectionate gesture.

Your Friend Flirts With Him

You don't pull away, and he brushes away another tear as it drips down your cheek, but this time he uses his lips. He kisses away a tear, then another, but his lips soon find yours and your hands are tangled in his hair.

He was doing way more than cheering you up, for sure. But you instantly freeze when you notice Harry's wearing nothing but a towel, his curls are damp and his chest is glistening with drops of water. He takes a step closer to you and laughs, showing off his dimples. You start to kiss him back, but then you realize he's only wearing a towel.

You pull back, your shirt slightly damp from the droplets of water that had been on his chest and blush. She notices you basically on top of her half-naked brother and her eyes widen.

1d Preferences Hes Hookup Your Best Friend Part 2

I could feel the sexual tension. Well, if she insists But to every other girl, Zayn Malik is a walking piece of sex," you explain, taking a sip of your Coke.

He reaches out and tilts your chin upwards, his hazel eyes staring right into yours. You hesitantly snuggle up against him ,resting your face on his chest. You nod click Tyler takes your hand and you all go out. I was afraid that if I was with you, and if I for some reason messed up, I would hate myself and I knew that I would lose you.

She looks over your shoulder wide-eyed and laughs. Zayn himself is standing right behind you looking highly amused, his arms crossed and eyebrow raised. He reaches out and tilts your chin upwards, his hazel eyes staring right into yours.

I happen to feel the same about you," he breathes, closing the distance between you two and pressing his lips against yours.

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Whatever, as long as she doesn't interrupt you two again. You and your best friend were supposed to be getting ready for a party and she'd been in there for the past ten minutes doing her make-up.

1d Preferences Hes Hookup Your Best Friend Part 2

He stands behind you, he places one hand on your bare back and slowly zips up the dress, giving you the chills. He doesn't move away though, he just spins you around and gives you an extremely seductive look. Without another word, you lean forward and press your lips against his, he quickly returns the kiss, wrapping his arms around your waist. Suddenly, the bathroom door opens and you pull away slightly "Jesus!

I don't zip your dress for you so you hook up with my brother instead? I should zip up your dress more often," he jokes, his breath tickling your cheeks. Log in Sign Up. Cast One Direction as One Direction. Read this story for FREE!