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I'm 17 & I'm Dating a 30 Year Old!!!!

11 May Is this ALWAYS a bad thing? What is wrong with the guy that he's dating a high schooler? - How do these two people relate? 23 I was a lamb. Most 17 year old girls at the time would eat me for lunch (not in that way!). >> I was making out with this girl at a party last year (I was 22). Found out after we. Join Date: Dec ; Location: Hong Kong; Posts: ; Rep Power: blackd will become famous soon enough. (+50). blackd is offline. Last year (26) I dated a 17 year old girl. Didn't know it when I first got her number, in my defense. She was immature and I dropped contact with her, go figure. Do you honestly think it generally makes sense for a 19 year-old girl to be f*ck buddies with a 32 year-old dude? . I'm 24, and even at this age I don't think I could date 90% or more of the 19 year olds I've met, and I'd feel like a loser if I was dating a teenager, especially In this case, 32 ÷ 2 = 16 + 7 =

This girl is stunningly beautiful, in great shape, seems super nice. So far she seems like a great girl for myself because I feel like we have a lot in common so far. She looks more like 21 or so and acts it too, I don't look 24 and probably act a year or two younger anyhow. We are both in school and have a few years left. Is that reasonable because some people I know said it's weird and some said it doesn't matter. Meet singles at DateHookup.

Hope it works for ya.

Just make sure she's really 18 though Don't get Hansened. Is she really a child in high school sir??? No, it been going on forever. She's 18 and your Not a big age difference. You're talking 6 years difference. That's a lot of time between high school and the real world at I would not only steer clear, I would be leary. Also, if she were my daughter, I would be very concerned about your intentions. Seems you're more intrigued by her looks more than anything.

A possible piece of arm candy as I see it.

You have our blessing May the forces be with you. She's probably more mature than you anyway. Speaking from experience, I can say that it can work.

Stick to your age group and let the little girls grow up. My daughter is 13 and has been mistaken for 18 many times. Nope she's of legal age and if you both care for each other who cares what others think. No she is really in college her with me in Ohio. She is even a soph. She graduated inI graduated in so our class level is only 5 years.

17 Year Old Hookup 23 Year Old Bad only a small subsection of western society that sees this as a bad thing. Mostly religious and feminist nut jobs. Have fun, and don't get caught buying her alcohol.

Im 32 and Naya is I wouldnt think twice about dating her. Shes probably more mature than I am, even though shes younger. No one would even learn more here us either. Were 7 years apart. No big thing at all. I was just using you as an example Naya, well that and I thought you were attractive. The age gap isnt such a big deal as you leave the 20s but we're talking bout a teenager here.

Most have bout 5 years of stupidity before they become semi functioning adults. Thusly i try to steer clear of anyone younger than If she's 24 and you're 18, it's ok. If you want the unspoiled fruit, you gotta go to the tree. Well lets put it into perspective. Enjoy your selfs young jerks. You're gonna do way stupider shit than this.

When you're 60 and she's 54, it won't seem like such a big deal. Of course, you'll already have dumped her for a younger woman, so Hey if that's what floats your boat go for it but in a couple of years she's gonna be history in your life.

This girl however, she legitimately seems more mature than her age.

17 Year Old Hookup 23 Year Old Bad

Plus I will be very honest, some to do with me and some to do with my life, I am immature for my age I admit that. I have only lived on my own for 6 months much like her. I am concerned about her parents and what they would possibly think, but I'm not worrying that far ahead I mean I don't even know for sure she would be interested in dating me lol.

I do not just only like her because of her looks, she has a lot of qualities to her that I admire so far I still need to get to know her better though regardless.

I say you cant, so you cant. Use whatever reasoning you need to, to make yourself feel comfortable about that dating scenario. She is 18 and of legal age, you afraid of what others will have to say? Its none of their business. If you 2 like one another, then enjoy the company. Your both adults who can make your own life choices. Jesus Christ--what difference does it make what anyone else thinksdo what you want to 17 Year Old Hookup 23 Year Old Bad She's probably more mature than you anyway.

Anybody under the age of 21 shouldn't be in a serious relationship. When your 21 your gonna be at the bar shtfaced and see at least one person that looks act and http://hookupsvip.info/rv-hookups/55045504k-dating-55045504b.php better than the person your with your gonna fnck them n ruin your relationship.

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I'm pretty much with Nene on this one since its a proven fact in most cases. Jayd buddy go for it. Age is just a number. Im using that remark very maturely too. I dont mean anything that is illegal for everybody that was about to say something see more. Its true I think, Women mature much faster than guys do.

Heres the final thing Im gonna say. You will never know until you find out. Were all made to fall and recover you know? Whats meant to be will be. If she's really in college who cares! Your friends are probably just jealous of you. I was 18 when i was 13 and i looked it.

17 Year Old Hookup 23 Year Old Bad

Are you both going to the same school? Than you maybe safe.

17 Year old dating a 23 year old?

If the ages are what they appear to be, that age difference is nothing. I agree, ride her.

Keep her ignorant of the law, and her parents ignorant of you, and there's no problem. Come ask him your questions here. Jan 23, Messages: Might be a Oregon rule. If someone told me I could date an attractive 23 yr old girl, I'd snap their finger off in an instant.

I agree with you on so many levels, its that bible belt community that makes "some" feel as if they farted in the bathroom they should be scorned for it. You both are adults now. In this works nite a days you have 18 yr old girls marrying 60 yr old guys an it's alright so who carea if either is young or old as long as both see of legal an mentally of age it's natural it's been going on for centuries.

You have our blessing May the forces be with you. Or aren't you a gentleman? As long as it's legal and consensual. I was 32 dating a 22 year old. Well, we really werent dating. It is legal and if you two work together then it is not wrong. When I was 17 I had an awesome fling with a 24 year old latina. I guess I must recuse myself from this learn more here. Would you date a 12 year old when you were 18??

If she's mature go for it. If she's not mature mind wise forget about it.

Anything wrong with a 23 year old man dating a 17 year old girl??

If she's not mature mind wise don't even waste your time. I have to say I agree with this. Why, when she's 45 you'll be And when she's 60, you'll be 80 and if not dead, decrepit. It's fine, I dated a 17yr old when I was Forget the maturity bullshit, your dating her, not marrying her I fail to see the big deal here.