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Ultrasound machine that fits in your pocket: The smartphone-based MobiUS

Ultrasound on the go? Smartphone-based imaging system released by Mobisante

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Cardiotocography can be used to monitor a baby's heart rate and a mother's contractions while the baby is in the uterus. The arrangements, and the way tests are performed, may vary between different hospitals. Always follow the instructions given by your doctor or local hospital.

CTG measures your baby's heart rate. At the same time it also monitors the contractions in the womb uterus.

What Is An Early Hookup Ultrasound

CTG is used both before birth antenatally and during labour, to monitor the baby for any signs of distress. By looking at various different aspects of the baby's heart rate, doctors and midwives can see how the baby is coping. CTG is most commonly carried out externally. This means that the equipment used to monitor the baby's heart is placed on the tummy abdomen of the mother. An elastic belt is placed around the continue reading abdomen.

It has two round plates about the size of a tennis ball which make contact with the skin. One of these plates measures the baby's heart rate.

The other assesses the pressure on the tummy. In this way it is able to show when each contraction happens and an estimate of how strong it is. The What Is An Early Hookup Ultrasound belt is connected to a machine which interprets the signal coming from the plates.

The baby's heart rate can be heard as a beating or pulsing sound which the machine produces. Some mothers can find this distracting or worrying but it is possible to turn the volume down if the noise bothers you. The machine also provides a printout which shows the baby's heart rate over a certain length of time.

It also shows how the heart rate changes with your contractions. If you have CTG before you are in labour you may be asked to press a button on the machine every time the baby moves.

At this time you will not be having any contractions so the CTG will only monitor the baby's heart rate. Occasionally, if a signal can't be found using the external monitor, or when monitoring is more important, internal monitoring can be used.

For internal monitoring, a small device called an electrode is inserted through the vagina and placed on the baby's scalp. This device records the heart rate. CTG uses sound waves called ultrasound to What Is An Early Hookup Ultrasound article source baby's heart rate.

Ultrasound is a high-frequency sound that you cannot hear but it can be sent out emitted and detected by special machines. Ultrasound travels freely through fluid and soft tissues. However, ultrasound bounces back as 'echoes' it is reflected back when it hits a more solid dense surface. For example, the ultrasound will travel freely through blood in a heart chamber.

What Is An Early Hookup Ultrasound

But, when it hits a solid valve, a lot of the ultrasound echoes back. Another example is that when ultrasound travels though bile in a gallbladder it will echo back strongly if it hits a solid gallstone. So, as ultrasound 'hits' different link in the body, of different density, it sends back echoes of varying strength.

This type of ultrasound is used to measure structures that are moving, making it useful for monitoring heart rate.

Thank you so much, and I hope everything goes well for you too. KMM, Yes, this is my first year applying. Pericardial effusions as small as 50 ml may cause acute tamponade. Consult a doctor or other health care professional for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

The other plate on the CTG measures how tense the mother's tummy abdomen is. This measurement is used to show when the uterus is contracting.

It is normal for a baby's heart rate to vary between and beats a minute. This is much faster than your own heart rate, which is about beats per minute.

Ultrasound: Sonogram

A heart rate in your baby that doesn't vary or is too low or too high may signal a problem. Changes in the baby's heart rate that occur along with contractions form a pattern. Certain changes in this pattern may suggest a problem. If test results suggest your baby has a problem, your doctor may decide to deliver the baby right away. This may mean you need to have a caesarean section or an assisted delivery using forceps. In a normal, low-risk delivery, CTG is not usually needed.

This means that the equipment used to monitor the baby's heart is placed on the tummy abdomen of the mother. It's not ethical to try to pull people into a saturated job market. Assess your symptoms online with our free symptom checker. On physical examination the patient appears ill, with respiratory distress. Ultrasound Digital Community Aunt Minnie A good source on the latest info in the radiology and ultrasound world.

The midwife will listen to your baby's heart rate from time to time to check it is normal. However, in certain situations, continual monitoring with CTG is advised. If you are having a CTG and the trace remains normal over 20 minutes, it will usually be removed. CTG does not use any radiation; it is considered a very safe test.

Depending on the machine used, it may prevent you from being able to move around freely during labour. If CTG is used when it is not necessary, it may be that it increases the chances of having interventions such as forceps or caesarean section that weren't really needed. Women who have infections such as herpes, hepatitis B or C or HIV do not usually have internal monitoring, as it may increase the chance of passing the infection on to the baby.

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The role of bedside ultrasound in the diagnosis of pericardial effusion and cardiac tamponade

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