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Top 10 Greatest Best Picture Oscar-Winning Movies

Academy Award for Best Picture

22 Jan It's not often that a film released in February sticks around right through to Oscar season, but Get Out is practically guaranteed to be a part of the conversation. A win may be unlikely, but a nomination for Best Picture is almost a lock. The racially inflected horror film is one of the year's biggest hits, and one of. 31 Jan The Oscar nominations got us thinking: There have been nearly 90 "Best Picture" winners over the years, and film can be an exciting way to walk through history. We want to hear from you. Which "Best Picture" winner was your favorite? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter using #TODAYtbt, and don't forget. The Academy Award for Best Picture is a great honor, but which winners stand out as the best of the best?.

Moonlight winner 7. Spotlight winner 8. Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance winner 7. Argo winner 7. The Artist winner 7. The King's Speech winner 8.

The Hurt Locker winner 7. Slumdog Millionaire winner 8. No Country for Old Men winner 8. The Departed winner 8. Crash winner 7. Million Dollar Baby winner 8. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King winner 8. Chicago winner 7.

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A Beautiful Mind winner 8. Gladiator winner 8. American Beauty winner 8. Shakespeare in Love winner 7. Titanic winner 7. The English Patient winner 7. Braveheart winner 8. Forrest Gump winner 8. Schindler's List winner 8. Unforgiven winner 8. The Silence of the Lambs winner 8. Dances with Wolves winner 8.

Manchester by the Sea. Pieter Jan Brugge and Michael Mann. Mutiny on the Bounty. Chicago winner 7. The Battle of Algiers.

Driving Miss Daisy winner 7. Rain Man winner 8. The Last Emperor winner 7. Platoon winner 8. Out of Africa winner 7. Amadeus winner 8. Terms of Endearment winner 7. Gandhi winner 8. Chariots of Fire winner 7.

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Ordinary People winner 7. Kramer winner 7. The Deer Hunter winner 8. Annie Hall winner 8. Rocky winner 8. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest winner 8.

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Part II winner 9. The Sting winner 8. The Godfather winner 9. The French Connection winner 7.

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Patton winner 8. Midnight Cowboy winner 7. Oscar Best Picture Winners And Nominees the Heat of the Night winner 8. A Man for All Seasons winner 7. The Sound of Music winner 8. My Fair Lady winner 7.

Tom Jones winner 6. Lawrence of Arabia winner 8. West Side Story winner 7. The Apartment winner 8. Ben-Hur winner 8. Gigi winner 6. The Bridge on the River Kwai winner 8. Around the World in Eighty Days winner 6. Marty winner 7. On the Waterfront winner 8. From Here to Eternity winner 7. The Greatest Show on Earth winner 6. An American in Paris winner 7. All About Eve winner 8. All the King's Men winner 7. Hamlet winner 7. Gentleman's Agreement winner 7.

The Best Years of Our Lives winner 8. The Lost Weekend winner 8. Going My Way winner 7.

Casablanca winner 8. Miniver winner 7. How Green Was My Valley winner 7. Rebecca winner 8. Gone with the Wind winner 8. You Can't Take It with You winner 8. The Life of Emile Zola winner 7.

The Great Ziegfeld winner 6.

Oscar Best Picture Winners And Nominees

Mutiny on the Bounty winner 7. It Happened One Night winner 8. Cavalcade winner 6. Grand Hotel winner 7. Cimarron winner 6. All Quiet on the Western Front winner 8. The Broadway Melody winner 6.

Oscar Best Picture Winners And Nominees

Wings winner 7. A Song of Two Humans winner 8.