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Dear Ed, I read your article on Calvin and Geneva. If I recall, the ancient Rome of Augustus was also not a model of a modern democratic state.

I guess here suggests Roman culture and the later code of eastern Justitian, the basis for many modern European law codes, is to be despised.

Then I take a nap at about 1: From the very first the Church was faced with the task of establishing dogmas. Your program about the U.

Also, the jurisprudence of Blackstone, the father of British common law-and American jurisprudence- being influenced by the Bible - must be despised in kind too. Take a historiography course. I have a multitude of quotations from Christian historians that I am currently editing into a long article that discuss exactly what I have said above. The Justinian Code incorporated the earlier Theodosian Code from the century before that legalized and institutionalized intolerance of Thought for centuries, something even the Romans had never Cincinnati Hookup Experts Mistakes In The Bible they restricted their intolerance to rituals, not thought.

Calvin and Luther and the Catholics all cited the Theodosian and subsequent Justinian which incorporated the Theodosian code of laws regarding religious differences in thought, to justify their own intolerant excesses in the realm of religious belief, like executing people, most prominently, the Anabaptists and members of smaller Christian sects that were neither Calvinist nor Lutheran. As for the other laws of both of those Christian codes, the basic laws that regulate interpersonal relations, they were already in use by the Romans, and many of them resembled common sense laws and restrictions from other civilizations on earth in the past and present.

I have learned by historiography, by all means learn yours and Read some of the Justian Code too. Here is how it begins…. We desire that all peoples subject to Our benign Empire shall live under the same religion that the Divine Peter, the Apostle, gave to the Romans, and which the said religion declares was introduced by himself, and which it is well known that the Pontiff Damascus, and Peter, Bishop of Alexandria, a man of apostolic sanctity, embraced; that is to say, in accordance with the rules of apostolic discipline and the evangelical doctrine, we should believe that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit constitute a single Deity, endowed with equal majesty, and united in the Holy Trinity.

We order all those who follow this law to assume the name of Catholic Christians, and considering others as demented and insane, We order that they shall bear the infamy of heresy; and when the Divine vengeance which they merit has been appeased, they shall afterwards be punished in accordance with Our resentment, which we have acquired from the judgment of Heaven.

Dated at Thessalonica, on the third of the Kalends of March, during the Consulate of Gratian, Consul for the fifth time, and Theodosius. Let no place be afforded to heretics for the conduct of their ceremonies, and let no occasion be offered for them to display the insanity of their obstinate minds. Let all persons know that if any privilege has been fraudulently obtained by means of any rescript whatsoever, by persons of this kind, it will not be valid.

Let all bodies of heretics be prevented from holding unlawful assemblies, and let the name of the only and the greatest God be celebrated everywhere, and let the observance of the Nicene Creed, recently transmitted to Our ancestors, and firmly established by the testimony and practice of Divine Religion, always remain secure.

Moreover, he who Cincinnati Hookup Experts Mistakes In The Bible an adherent of the Click at this page Faith, and a true believer in the Catholic religion, should be understood to be one [pg.

Let those who do not accept those doctrines cease to apply the name of true religion to their fraudulent belief; and let them be branded with their open crimes, and, having been removed from the threshold of all churches, be utterly excluded from them, as We Cincinnati Hookup Experts Mistakes In The Bible all heretics to hold unlawful assemblies within cities.

If, however, any seditious outbreak should be attempted, We order them to be driven outside the the walls of the City, with relentless violence, and We direct that all Catholic Churches, throughout the entire world, shall be placed under the control of please click for source orthodox bishops who have embraced the Nicene Creed.

Inthe lawyers of Theodosius IIthe grandson of Theodosius I, met in Constantinople to bring together the edicts of his Christian predecessors in a single book. The subsequent Theodosian Code appears in The pagan empire did not impress them.

It was the Theodosian Code that held their attention and esteem. It was the official voice of the Roman Empire at its greatest, that is, when it was the Roman empire as God always intended it to be — a Christian empire. The Code ended with a book On Religion. This book, in itself, signaled the arrival of a new attitude to religion.

Religious belief as such was not treated as a subject for legislation. As we have seen, Roman had always been concerned with the correct performance of religions, with the maintenance of traditional rites.

In the Theodosian Code, extracts from the laws issued from the reign of Constantine to that of Theodosius II were arranged in chronological order. They communicated a rising sense of governmental certainty. Blackwell Publishing,p. The Emperor Justinian enacted measures to win back the Egyptians to Christian orthodoxy.

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But that only infuriated them more, and, when the Arabs invaded Egypt the Egyptians received here as deliverers, and fell in fury on their Greek defenders, and drove them into the sea. The Justian Code was written about a century after the Theodosian Code and incorporated the latter into it. In his edict ofTheodosius issued an order compelling all people under his rule to embrace the Catholic faith.

The University of Alabama Press,p. And in A. We command that those persons who follow this rule shall embrace the name of Catholic Christians. The rest, however, whom We adjudge demented and insane, shall sustain the infamy of heretical dogmas, their meeting places shall not receive the name of churches, and they Cincinnati Hookup Experts Mistakes In The Bible be smitten first by divine vengeance and secondly by the retribution of Our own initiative, which We shall assume in accordance with the divine judgment.

The Christian Emperor, Theodosius, even had children executed, because they had been playing with remains of pagan statues. Theodosius I progressively forbade public [pagan] sacrifices, closed temples, and colluded in frequent acts of local violence by Christians against major cult sites — of which the destruction of the gigantic Serapeum of Alexandria, in aroundwas only the most spectacular.

The bishop of Alexandria incited local vigilantes to destroy the Temple of Serapis [also known as the Serapeum], one of the largest and most beautiful buildings in the ancient world click here also housed a library donated by Cleopatra.

Cincinnati Hookup Experts Mistakes In The Bible

Alexandrian Christians whipped up by Bishop Cyril rioted against the Jews inand then murdered Hypatia, a wise and beloved Platonic philosopher. Rubenstein, When Jesus Became God: The Civil Code [Cincinnati: Central Trust, ], XII, Finally in Honorius threatened with death all those who dared celebrate the Donatist religious rites.

In one day the Christians murdered more of their brethren than the pagans can be positively proved to have martyred in three centuries, and the total number of the slain during the fight http://hookupsvip.info/rv-hookups/38363836i-dating-38363836a.php the papal chair in which the supporters of Pope Damasus literally cut his way, with swords and axes, to the papal chair through just click for source supporters of the rival candidate Ursicinus is probably as great as the total number of actual martyrs.

This frightful and sordid temper of the new Christendom is luridly exhibited in the murder of Hypatia of Alexandria in She was a teacher of mathematics and philosophy, a person of the highest ideals and character. This barbaric fury raged from Rome to Alexandria and Antioch, and degraded the cities with Cincinnati Hookup Experts Mistakes In The Bible that paganism had never witnessed.

You cannot read these truths, unless you can read bad Latin, because they are never translated. It is the flowers, the rare examples of virtue, the untruths of Eusebius and the Martyrologies, that are translated.

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It is the legends of St. Catherine, the heroic fictions of St.

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Sebastian that you read. But there were ten vices for every virtue, ten lies for every truth, a hundred murders for every genuine martyrdom.

Cincinnati Hookup Experts Mistakes In The Bible

Pagans had not been clear or unanimous in their belief in an afterlife, but those who credited it looked to mystery cults for insurance in their future. Christians were much more positive. The Christians united ritual and philosophy click to see more brought the certainty of God and history to questions whose answers eluded the pagan schools.

Whereas pagan cults won adherents, Christianity aimed, and contrived, to win converts. Paganism was reclassified as a demonic system. If Satan was the source of error and evil, false teaching and wrongdoing were not merely mistaken: Like Satan, the Last Judgment was a force that Christians exaggerated and then claimed to be able to defeat.

This teaching was reinforced by an equally powerful ally, the Christian idea of sin. Sin was not just the sin of an action, or even an intention, but also the sin of a thought, even a passing interest in an appealing man or woman. If fears for Eternity brought converts to the faith, one suspects that they did even more to keep existing converts in it.

Institutions of higher learning had been largely destroyed. As to the initiators of the persecution, the [Christian] emperors themselves, a steady decline in their level of cultivation has been noticed. Thus books and philosophy were bound to fade from sight. After Constantine there existed an empire-wide instrument of education: What bishops, even emperors, made plain, and what could be heard in broader terms from every pulpit, was an agreed upon teaching.

The same danger threatened anyone using his mind according to their manner, with analytical intent, ranging widely for the materials of understanding, and independent of divine imparted teachings. Another factor that arose specifically out of the ongoing conversion of the empire was the doctrine of demonic causation. The belief in the operation of maleficent forces on a large scale had to await Christianity; and it was of course Christianity that was to form the medieval and Cincinnati Hookup Experts Mistakes In The Bible world.

Satanic agents were to be seen source the cause not only of wars and rebellions, persecution and heresy, storms at sea and earthquakes on land, but of a host of minor or major personal afflictions.

It would protect them against all evil. Art, philosophy, literature, the very psychology of Western man, all suffered by the victory of the bishops. Bob [of Tekton Apologetics]: Thursday, March 04, Both systems borrow from Christian, and to some extent Roman traditions. I restate by premise, for you evade the point: You do not tell your readers that 16th century states had undeveloped notions of division of church and state.

The brutality of a fifth century Christian state is not the point and thus moot. The brutality is in the Bible, a book that preceded the Christianized Roman Empire and preceded 16th century European Christian nations.

The Bible contains brutal laws, it also advocates kingships, it is undemocratic and uncivil, as were many law codes of its day and age. In those respects it reflected its day and age. Deism and doubt soon followed, along with our American Constitution. Testimonies Of Former Fundamentalistsavail. America was inspired by that first successful experiment in a republican form of government.

Oh, and later, when the Southern pro-slavery states seceded just click for source the U. Those guys could really put away the beer and wine. Today, Yale is as liberal as Harvard. Your historiography suggest ancient political models are relevant to most.

Accordingly, you seem to despise modern democratic Cincinnati Hookup Experts Mistakes In The Bible of pluralism, where by various interests in this case, contemporary American citizens, who are Christians compete with opposing groups for influence in our political system.

Ted, your presumptions above are your own.

They need to step out of their box. You did seem in this chapter in this book like you wanted to put the truth out there. They'd all be able to defend multiple positions. TuneIn leads the industry with their listener-first approach to everything they do, and we are excited to offer our broadcasts to the growing and vastly important digital audience. By the year Arianism had such widespread support that Constantine became persuaded that his earlier decision was a mistaken one.

People can work together, people of all religions and also the non-religious. I am also aware of differences between Christians, even between individual Christians of the same denomination.