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DJ Harvey certainly is, as his triumphant summer residency at Pikes in Ibiza proved. If you didn't get a chance to check out the lauded veteran in action on the White Isle, fear not, because The Sound of Mercury Rising is almost entirely made up of music he championed over the summer.

Tribal Rites unmixed 3xCD. When Eskimo Recordings approached Bill Brewster with the idea of putting together a compilation exploring his epic record collection, the acclaimed journalist and DJ decided to take a widescreen approach. The resultant collection is vast and predictably on-point, with each of the CDs gathering together tracks on a loose theme "Post-Punk", "Balearic" and "House".

As you'd expect, it's a hugely impressive and eye-opening set, with Brewster serving up largely obscure or long-forgotten cuts that range in scope from trippy, dubbed-out post-punk disco, jaunty jazz-funk, synth-heavy boogie and heavily percussive Afro-disco grooves, to saucer-eyed European synth-pop, the dub techno of Maurizio, Swag's early UK tech-house and the East Midlands deep house bump of Charles Webster's "A Love From San Francisco" project.

In other words, it's a cracker from start to finish. Here's something to set the pulse racing: As with their previous joint releases on Black, Rush Hour, Eglo and, of course, Sound Signature, it's the duo's love of rich, jazz-fuelled musicality, sun-kissed melodies and loose, languid rhythms that shines through. There are naturally nods towards disco, boogie, jazz-funk, Afrobeat, hip-hop and classic "bruk", with a stellar cast list of guest musicians and vocalists swinging by to lend a hand.

If Herbie Hancock decamped to Ladbroke Grove and made an album with Bugz in the Attic, it would probably sound like this. In our book, that's a very good thing indeed. Mukatsuku Records ChartDynamite Cuts. Of all DJ duos currently operating in British dance music, Belfast boys Bicep might be the hardest to pin down Optimo aside, of course. Certainly, this debut album is not easy to pigeonhole, though it is an enjoyably cohesive listen.

This is largely down to two factors; the frequent use of deliciously colorful and loved-up synthesizer parts, and the duo's innate ability to utilize beats tailor-made for dancefloor devastation. So while keen dancefloor historians may notice sly and not so subtle nods to '89 rave, U. S house and garage, Italo-disco, late '90s progressive house, jungle and early British hardcore, the album never sounds anything less than a fine set of Bicep tracks.

Expect it to be one of the biggest Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulator 2018 18+sn of the year. Salsoul Mastermix 2xCD disc 1 mixed - disc 2 unmixed. We can think of few more qualified to play around with the vast Salsoul Records archive than long-serving disco lothario and re-edit maestro Dimitri From Paris.

On Salsoul Mastermix, he delivers two contrasting click the following article equally essential CDs.

In other words, it's a cracker from start to finish. Reworked By Detroiters 2xCD. Standout ballad 'Carin at the Liquor Store' waltzes and wanders through melancholic nostalgia and glimmers of hope, exemplifying the sound and http://hookupsvip.info/online-hookup/217217p-dating-217217s.php that The National are so renowned and respected for. Fabric 96 mixed CD. Over the last few years, we've learned not to second-guess the content of Call Super records.

On disc one, he takes on the role of original Salsoul and Prelude "mastermixer" Shep Pettibone, crafting a whirlwind tour through the Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulator 2018 18+sn imprint's catalogue rich in original disco scorchers, electrofunk slammers and boogie dubs. There are familiar favourites included, but also lesser-known highlights that have previously only been championed by serious disco diggers.

On disc two, he dips into his own vaults of DJ-friendly re-edits, offering up killer scalpel interpretations of cuts from Skyy, Love Committee, Charo, Double Exposure and Loleatta Holloway. The Lost Tape CD. Presented as a non-step Korupt FM broadcast complete with Chabuddy G intro, skewed Steves mixing and rhymes from Grindah and DJ Beats, it's a memorable romp through the history of British garage and grime with a few exclusives and never-before-heard tracks thrown in.

Stylistically, it's eerily reminiscent of many pirate radio mixtapes from back-in-the-day - which, of course, is the idea - but with the added bonus of laugh-out-loud moments amongst the scene anthems from Sunship, Wookie, DJ Zinc, Youngstar, Wiley, Dizzee and the boys themselves.

Like many DJs with production nous, Joaquin "Joe" Clausell has always made re-edits and remixes to play in his sets. This fourth volume in the occasional series boasts plenty of gems reflective of the producer's influences and inspirations. So, while "Life Another" sees him deliver an extra-seductive version of a D'Angelo modern soul gem, the track that follows, "Fuego" is Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulator 2018 18+sn superb Afro-house interpretation of a forgotten Osibida cut.

Elsewhere, you'll find a thrusting, peak-time revision of Giorgio Moroder, a thrillingly spacey chunk of dub disco, and a couple of rock solid disco-era soul revisions. If you were judging Kieran Hebden's 11th Four Tet studio album merely on the way it's presented, you'd immediately think he'd spent the last two years immersed in early '90s ambient house albums.

While it's unlikely he's done that, it's fair to say that New Energy does owe a debt to classic electronica sets from that period. For all the exotic instrumentation and subtle nods to post-dubstep "aquacrunk" experimentalism and chiming, head-in-the-clouds sunrise house, the http://hookupsvip.info/online-hookup/27012701m-dating-27012701q.php feels like a relic of a lost era.

Six Months

That's not meant as a criticism - New Energy is superb - but it is true that his choice of neo-classical strings, gentle new age melodies, sweeping synthesizer chords and disconnected vocal samples would not sound out of place on a Global Communication album.

Tears On The Dancefloor: Reworked By Detroiters 2xCD. Given the brilliantly simple concept behind this fine compilation - contemporary Detroit producers remix Funkadelic - we're rather surprised nobody's done it before.

Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulator 2018 18+sn

With 17 varied re-rubs stretched across two hugely entertaining CDs, there's plenty to enjoy. While many of the versions stay relatively faithful to the original, the more "out-there" interpretations - see BMG's outer-space ambient dub of "Maggot Brain" and Moodymann's epic revision of "Cosmic Slop" - are also consistently impressive.

Norm A Lize CD. Although not as celebrated as many of his Motor City contemporaries, Norm Talley has been a key figure on the Detroit deep house scene for the best part of 25 years. Here he presents his debut album, a set that appears exactly 20 years on from the release of his debut 12". It's a largely warm, rich and inviting continue reading, with Talley combining samples from classic disco, soul and boogie jams with his own drums, keys and chords.

The results are uniformly superb, with highlights including the beatdown style hypnotism of "Dub Station", the disco-house bounce of "Alright", the deep and percussive dreaminess of "Earth Vibrations" and the brilliantly jazzy "Paradise Garage", where Talley cuts-up killer electric piano solos over a sumptuous, jazz-funk inspired house groove.

Sumney blends passages of spoken word, neo-soul, broken-beat, and the vocal harmonies and movements, cascading with gospel precision, that shone on his EP. Put it this way: If Herbie Hancock decamped to Ladbroke Grove and made an album with Bugz in the Attic, it would probably sound like this. So is it any good?

As usual, prolific dub techno producer Rod Modell has spent much of the last year collaborating with long-term studio buddy Stephen Hitchell under the Echospace alias. Even so, he's still somehow found time to ready another solo album for Soma his fifth in total for the esteemed Glasgow imprint. This CD version is presented as a continuous audio journey, with tracks seamlessly segueing into each other to create a hazy and hypnotic sound soup. As you'd expect, it's a hugely atmospheric and attractive affair that dozily drifts between meditative ambience and see more dub techno.

Pleasingly, much of the material is more melodious and positive in feel than some of Modell's work, which can often tend towards the dense and claustrophobic. Can You Feel The Force? Gregory Porter's rise to superstar status has been built on a string of fine albums that blur the boundaries between soul and contemporary jazz. This time around, he's decided to do something different, delivering a heartfelt and well-meaning tribute to the work of legendary jazz vocalist Nat King Cole.

Musically, there are few surprises, with Porter and his musical collaborators largely recreating the sweeping, string-drenched sound familiar from Nat King Cole's work. Porter is arguably a more powerful and versatile vocalist than Cole - and, yes, we're aware that this is a Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulator 2018 18+sn claim - so he somehow gets a little more out of familiar staples such as "Nature Boy", "Smile" and "Mona Lisa".

It wouldn't be a Nat King Cole tribute without some festive fare, so it's fitting to see Porter include a fine cover of "The Christmas Song". For those who follow the work of British IDM legend Claro Intelecto, the last few years have been frustrating, to say the least.

It's been five years since his last album, and three link he released a 12" single.

Exhilarator, his fifth full-length, is certainly well over-due. Predictably, it is also rather good. As usual, it offers a superb balance of dark and intoxicating electro, tuneful intelligent techno, bubbly IDM, glitchy post-ambient soundscapes, deep and bass-heavy techno shufflers and clanking, off kilter experimentation from the Autechre school of electronica.

Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulator 2018 18+sn

source It's atmospheric, impeccably produced and stuffed full of highlights. In other words, it's another great Claro Intelecto album. Ben SimsVadim Griboedov. Sleep Well Beast CD. Seven albums in, The National have solidified their songwriting with confident Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulator 2018 18+sn, and 'Sleep Well Beast' is another milestone on this consistent band's upward curve.

Standout ballad 'Carin at the Liquor Store' waltzes and wanders through melancholic nostalgia and glimmers of hope, exemplifying the sound and storytelling that The National are so renowned and respected for.

Small cracks in the concrete gloom appear with the more energetic and optimistic tracks, allowing just enough light in for this masterfully executed album to encourage repeat listens, which will in turn, and as always, provide ample rewards. Earlier this year, Acid Jazz signed a deal with soul legend Leroy Hutson to license his vast catalogue of work.

Having already reissued a number of key releases, the long-running London label has now put together this retrospective of his solo work. It contains material from albums and singles recorded between and '84, plus a couple of cuts that were previously unissued before they appeared on wax earlier this year most notably the brilliant "Positive Forces".

The Animal Spirits CD. Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3: If you're in the market for a beginner's guide to krautrock and "kosmiche", then the first two volumes of Soul Jazz's Deutsche Elektronische Musik series should be essential listening. This third volume - the first for four years - should be on that list, too. It arguably goes deeper than its predecessors, combining cuts from pioneering electronic and art-rock bands like Neu!

Musically, it's also far more diverse than its predecessors, containing as much space-rock and proto-punk as early electronic experimentation and droning alternative rock. As ever, the accompanying sleeve notes from author David Nobbs expand on the story in brilliant detail.

Fabric 96 mixed CD. It's perhaps unsurprising, then, that he apparently initially struggled to know how to approach this contribution to Fabric's now legendary mix series. Really, he shouldn't have worried. Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulator 2018 18+sn finished mix - completed using three turntables and a mixer - is something of a gem; an all-action techno assault on the senses with Khutoresky whipping through 29 tracks in less than 80 minutes.

In many ways, it's a near perfect package for those who enjoy Khutoresky's muscular style; certainly, the inclusion of so many unheard gems makes the first listen a genuine voyage of discovery. Paul Woolford's second album under the Special Request alias is a very different beast to its predecessor, 's Soul Music.

Dance music charts

While that was little less than a strobe-fired romp through Woolford's early, rave-era influences, Belief System is an altogether more complex and considered affair. Stretched to 23 tracks over two action-packed discs, the album took three years to produce, Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulator 2018 18+sn a number of modular hardware explorations, and features elements of tracks recorded by Woolford as far back as The sheer breadth and depth of the material is, at times, staggering, as the veteran Leeds producer giddily mixes and matches elements of electro, techno, cinematic soundtracks, hardcore, acid, jungle and experimental electronica.

Time Machines remastered CD. On its initial vinyl and download release late last year, Cherry was proclaimed by critics as being one of Chromatics' strongest albums to date.

Given that the Portland band have now released seven acclaimed sets, that's some claim. This first "deluxe" CD edition adds previously unheard cuts and alternative versions, but it's the core set - featured on the first half of the CD - that really sparkles.