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How Big Of An Age Gap Is Too Big In A Relationship?

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My buddy is 50 and dating a 20 year old. I told him he's to old but she is On the other hand a 20 year old needs to be sure of what she wants before she marries anyone. People make If the 50 yr. old male isn't any smarter than to marry a 20 yr. old female, then he deserves ALL the headaches he'll have. 6 Sep My year-old daughter is in a relationship with a year-old man. She denies it, but I'm sure she is lying. Should I speak to the man?. 26 Mar Stories have been told of men who marry women 40 or even 50 years younger than them. But society doesn't bat an eyelid because that is perceived as 'normal'. But when a year-old woman marries a year-old man, all hell breaks loose and society goes up in arms. Society has come to accept that a.

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Field Report What it's like to be a 49M, dating 20—25 year-old females self. There are some young women who instinctively like older guys. They like them because when you get into middle-age, you are confident, in control of your environment, and you have a few things settled.

One, if you have half a brain, you're probably financially secure. If you are, then financial security 20 Year Old Dating 50 Year Old out of 20 Year Old Dating 50 Year Old pores in a way that's hard to miss if you're looking for it. And younger women—working shitty jobs, saddled with student debt—are looking for it. If you've lived a life, you have come across a lot of attractive women before.

So a young hottie now doesn't faze you, or even register, quite frankly—which is why young hot women are not only surprised out of their comfort zone by an older guy not giving them that much attention because of their looks, these young women will actually go out of their way to impress that older guy who is link ignoring her.

And the things of it is, a younger woman will instinctively know that her older bf will leave her if she gets out of line. Apart from having your money, your status, and your mind settled, you also have an additional advantage: One, younger guys are clingy, needy, whiny, insecure—all qualities which younger women despise. Also, older guys are smarter about dropping their money: But to me, a few hundred pounds was more than worth it to see the ecstatic look of surprise and joy when I told her she could get whatever she wanted.

Three, younger guys are boring to younger women, at least when compared to older guys. Whereas an older guy has no need to show off how smart he is—his very life and financial stability is a testament to his brains and acumen.

Why do you have to be 10 steps ahead?? Most guys in their 50s, that I know, love kids. I have always been the same since I was a teenager.

But most of all, younger guys are boring to younger women because younger guys think younger women want to engage intellectually —whereas an older guy knows read article what young women want is to feel emotions. That impromptu shopping spree I mentioned? It was the surprise of it, as well as getting all the goodies that made the girl feel fantastic. Young women want emotionsstrong emotions.

They want to get drunk on the stuff. They want stories that are funny or awe-inspiring, they want to go places where they feel excitement or wonder, they want to see beautiful things, and have to dress up fancy to go to a nice party. Not so an older guy, whose life is by this time on cruise control.

I've got a surprise for her: We're going to go up in a hot-air balloon. I know she'll squeal like an excited puppy over it when I spring the surprise on her. A hot air balloon ride is cheap, only a couple of hundred euros—but a younger guy would never have the wit to surprise her with something so innocent and fun.

This is mental masturbation for older dudes. She settled for you because shes post-wall. We have had a troubled relationship for a number of years, although she's still living at home.

That kind of instant, novel excitement turns younger women on more than cocaine or money. You say you are balding, pot-bellied, and hairy all over? Two, by way of simple experience, a middle-aged guy knows what he wants in the bedroom. Which is an instant turn on to young women, because girls are generally insecure in the bedroom, and prefer it if a guy takes what they want, rather than be all tentative and equivocating and pleading like younger guys are.

20 Year Old Dating 50 Year Old

Get what he wants from her gladly, no matter how extreme. All these things and a lot source make younger women feel secure—which is at bottom what they want to feel.

They want a man who controls the reality around them—they want to be able to swim in that reality that the older guy provides safely and securely—they do not want to wait around while a younger guy figures out the world, while giving her a running commentary about his experiences, little triumps and failures.

And finally finally, the most powerful thing of all that an older man has over a younger woman: Older guys get with young women a lot more easily than younger guys can. Older guys have money, confidence, and know their place in the world.


They also know that what young women want is safety and security, as well as periodic doses of strong positive emotions. Any woman over 30 just isn't worth the hassle. Not because they are unattractive, but because they are such a pain in the ass to deal with.

In fact, I'm planning on writing a post as to why I never date a girl over Too much hassle, too many headaches, not worth it at all.

They are out of college so your daily face to face competion drops, she will still have tinder and pof but chicks mainly use that for validation and to make fun of dudes. They actually have to fucking work, so they aren't quite as liberal as they once were.

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And they begin to value time and money more, so when you spend it on her it's appreciated. Lack of male competition. Lots of female competition. There is a ton of attractive young women around her most of whom are sexually available.

All her friends are sluts, so it's ok for her to be a slut. At 25, women this web page settling down, now all of a sudden she needs dates to justify putting out.

They are skinny and fit because they played sports in high school to improve chances of getting into college and haven't been able to go binge drinking every weekend so their waistlines haven't suffered. They don't go out to eat a lot which keeps them skinny, and if they 20 Year Old Dating 50 Year Old it's something cheap. Lots of sexual energy. By 25 a woman has seen and done it all, but at 18 she's young and excited and energetic.

If dick is her job, a 25 year old expects to get paid in dates and validation, while an 18 year old is willing to take an unpaid internship just to get experience. Using money as a metaphor for sexual availability. This is a load of bullshit.

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That entire premise was based on Beta younger dudes. They're very me focused. It's like they can't sort themselves out. Younger or older, all women are self focused. The only difference is that they show it in different ways. Men are providers and women are consumers. If you are beta you are provider of sources.

20 Year Old Dating 50 Year Old

If you are an alpha, you are the provider of tingles. Better be peace with this. So how do you prevent a girl from seeing you as a provider? Do you set limits or make her pay for herself on dates so she knows she can't always get what she wants?

Now, whether you will provide for her or not. Yea, that is older guy thinking. You're basically treating them like a child that's asking for ice-cream but only rewards them when 20 Year Old Dating 50 Year Old behaviors the way you'd like. After all, women are children, only with better vocabularies, and an ability to click to see more their irrationality and capriciousness.

If you always remember that women are no different from capricious children, they are easy to manage. Women above 30 know they don't have the luxury of time and their youth is slipping away. Their needs are increasing but their value is decreasing. They become more demanding while offering less value. Oddly, with women, 20 Year Old Dating 50 Year Old physical quality on average goes down, the price goes UP. Or at least their self-perceived market value. Younger women, OTOH, in addition to being more supple, believe everything you tell them, seldom bitch and are never to tired for fun.

If you want to talk, you need to jump through these 10 hoops, write an essay on a topic of my choosing, and solve this calculus problem before I'll answer. If you visit my profile 3 times and don't contact me, I'll block you, you creepy stalker. Agreed, it is baffling. I go on a first date with a 21 HB9. A few hours later my dick is in her. The few times I have decided to give older women a chance, they act like entitled cunts, they are worse the less attractive they are.

My last LTR was 30, same age as me. Holy fuck, the headaches. And you'd think after riding so much dick she'd be good at it, but nope.

Oh young boy, she just isnt riding you like your dick is crack because youre not Chad. She settled for you because shes post-wall.

I'm a bit younger but in a similar overall situation and this isn't very congruent with my experience.