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27 Mar Tim McGraw and Faith Hill recently dropped their long-awaited collaboration “ Speak to a Girl,” preaching a message of respect to women and girls. The track, written by Shy Carter, Dave Gibson and Joe Spargur, is one that immediately resonated with the country superstars, who are parents to three young. 23 Mar Shy Carter, Dave Gibson and Joe Spargur wrote the track, which finds the couple trading verses and sharing harmonies over a cinematic arrangement reminiscent of an Eighties power ballad. "Speak to a Girl" is now available on streaming and digital download services. No release date for the pair's duet. 8 Apr Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are offering fans a behind-the-scenes look at the story behind their new single, "Speak to a Girl." Speaking as a father of three daughters and brother to two sisters, McGraw says the song is a personal one. " The message of the song is just so profound. It just meant a lot to both of.

Trigger Reviews 66 Comments. And it still might result in some favorable and lasting contributions to country music. Be a little patient with these guys. I have some confidence that good stuff will come. It makes her part comes across as a bit throaty and jagged, especially for mainstream country which has fallen in love with these perfect, sweet, digitally-enhanced vocal tracks with no vibrato or emotion in the part. Having Faith sing in this sedated nature does lend to the atmosphere the song tries to capture, but the key seems to have been selected for McGraw instead of Faith.

He comes in strong, while her part feels a little failing. This is just one line, but the whole song seems somewhat fundamentally flawed in its logic, and in its delivery.

This song is supposed to be about respecting women, but one way you can disrespect a woman is by calling her a girl. Girls deserve respect too, but you can tell this song was written by three dudes Shy Carter, Dave Gibson and Joe Spargurand sort of misrepresents the female perspective on things in a fundamental way. If you have money, flaunt it. If you have pride, show it. If you have humor, throw it down.

The Willis Clan surfaces to discuss family tragedy. Fantine91 March 27, 1: Respect them by respecting them as adults…. Wyatt March 27,

This is Animal Kingdom stuff. Of course there are exceptions, but the nice guy is usually one who ends the night with a visit to Porn Hub, not the bootylicious promised land. Nice guys all around the world wish it was different, but this is just the law of nature. And you at least have to be assertive. Yes, women want men to be nice, but only after the catch has been made.

As mentioned above, two of the three songwriters are Shy Carter and Joe Spargur.

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Are you seeing a pattern emerge here? And if you wanted to go there, you could even say this is an element of cultural appropriation. How will it do commercially?

But as a song, it leaves a good amount to Who Wrote Speak To A Girl desired. Gabe March 27, 7: Trigger March 27, 8: Haily49 April 4, 8: Why did I hear ad read that Tim actually wrote a song for once and this was the one? He is a great song picker but not an artist by any means. His voice in this song sounds particularly good and not like his voice at all. Agree with your assessment. I agree with most of the points made here.

Hopefully on this new joint album we get a taste of what Tim and Faith do best — romance songs.

She has to be better than this. Dave March 27, 2: What a totally off the mark review.

BwareDWare94 March 27, That line is very funny and true, but expect a shit storm to appear on the horizon. Honky March 27, 7: Kevin Davis March 27, 8: This http://hookupsvip.info/hookup/399399c-dating-399399k.php was just a boring, albeit competent, adult contemporary delivery.

Kevin Davis March 27, Lindsey March 27, 8: Donny March 27, 8: When did Tim become such a pansy? Maybe he should just hang em up. Kale March 27, 8: GWS March 27, 8: Dave March 27, 2: That song is an abomination. With all the deserving female artists that get little to no airplay, she scores hit after hit. The next Taylor Swift?

Who Wrote Speak To A Girl

Nate March 27, What are you talking about? But I came up with these off the top of my head. Amanda March 27, 8: Cindy March 27, 8: Angelo March 27, 8: I agree with a lot of this but I will say I enjoyed hearing Faith sing again.

Girls and women can be just as mean and deceiving as boys and men. He just better not be bad to them. Jim March 27, 9: What is that awful synth sound that starts out the song? It sounds like the soundtrack to Aladdin!

Joe March 27, 9: I get it has a positive message, but you even point out the ways they screw that up. Trigger March 27, Benny Lee March 27, 9: Megan March 27, Like I said in my review, it balances out to be kind of forgettable. Article source agree with some of the people above that Faith sounded better than Tim, and Kevin is absolutely right that Tim lost his signature twang.

Faith at least sounds like herself. The rough edges of Tim McGraw have been smoothed out here for maximum commercial performance.

Bob Loblaw March 27, Faith on the other hand had a very thick Southern Who Wrote Speak To A Girl at the beginning of her career that started disappearing after the It Matters to Me album. I think they both sound good, but it is definitely more of an AC song.

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Stringbuzz March 27, Adult contemporary is more like it. Might do well with the soccer moms. Corncaster March 27, CountryCharm March 27, Look at Daddy Lessons for example.

Wyatt March 27, There are endless examples of female and male artists doing that. People do it in real life.

Who Wrote Speak To A Girl

Nobody is stupid enough to think they are referring to an actual baby. Fantine91 March 27, 1: Such a boring song. Tim is just playing the part of the good guy once again. Faith is just no longer relevant.

ToC Critic’s Pick: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, ‘Speak to a Girl’ [Listen]

She was out of the game too long. Merely going through the motions. Ryan March 27, 1: Kudos to McGraw for sticking by his wife and switching labels, especially since I feel he took a step back with this song after Who Wrote Speak To A Girl good run of songs that got him away from the Adult Contemporary black hole he seemed to be stuck in.

Humble and Kind being the exception the message and timing just clicked. Seak05 March 27, 1: As a woman I no longer go to bars to meet guys, bc they all try to be assholes to get laid.

Which speaks to my main point, women are diverse individuals…. And good god can a roomful of men stop writing stuff about what women want. Respect them by respecting them as adults…. You just said you stopped going to bars because the men ALL try to be assholes to get laid. Is she part of the problem then? Or is she a sellout?