Is A 20 Year Old Hookup A 30 Year Old Bad: Lets Talk Hookup!

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Can a 20 year old girl date a 30 year old man?

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17 May When it came to finding love in New York, Amber Soletti, a year-old who lives in the West Village, had no luck dating older guys or men her own age. While So, six years ago, she started dating studs in their 20s and 30s — and she hasn't looked back. “Younger guys tend to be more active, have less. 26 Mar I was married for several years in my late 20s, so I missed out on the earlier days of online dating sites. It was also a Dating sites like OkCupid, Tinder, Match, eHarmony, and Plenty of Fish all give you access to other single people in a matter of seconds (I'm too old for Tinder though). From there, you can. 15 Oct You will hear people say this relationship is the deal, this one isn't. fuckbuddy is bad, marriage is good, marriage is shit and hello to fuckbuddy, pologamy yes, Yes, people will tell you a 16 year old married a 40, a 20 years old with a 38 years old, 3o with a 18 year hookupsvip.info blah blah and will make it that they so care for you.

You're going to be just fine. Let the guy know so he can go slow and work to make it a pleasurable experience for you. When you finally do have sex just relax and make sure you aren't expecting some super amazing romantic scene you have seen in movies.

Sexy can be a bit messy and awkward but more than anything it's fucking fun.

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Treat it like that. Don't ever be afraid to laugh and joke and communicate with your partner. Everything will go much more smooth if you keep that in mind. The smell threw me for a loop at first. It's not something you really consider when you imagine it when you're younger. Not that it's a horrible smell or anything most of the time and depending on who you're with might not be much if any.

Sometimes the smell can be pretty rough though too. I am 26 will be 27 in 2 weeks and I am a virgin. I don't see a problem. It will happen for you and me someday not saying both will losses it together, lol Just think of it this way. You don't have any STD and you don't have to worry about birth control failing and getting pregnant.

Not trying to be a creeper, just speaking with honesty, the words "20 year old" next to "virgin" sounds very sexy to me. It may depend on the guy's personality, but the lack of experience itself will be sexy to some guys, inconvenient to others.

I think it's because it takes the pressure off him.

Is A 20 Year Old Hookup A 30 Year Old Bad

If he has done it a few times and you're a virgin then he will be a sexual god by comparison. If you weren't a virgin there would always be the risk that you were comparing him to someone better. No I don't think it's so it can take the pressure off of him. I've talked to guys that wanted to have sex with virgin girls is because their vaginas are a lot tighter than other girls.

And girls will always in most cases be very attached to the guy that took their virginity. The first few times: After that, the sky's the limit.

Everyone is bad Is A 20 Year Old Hookup A 30 Year Old Bad sex the first few times: This is the kind of post AskWomen are talking about. I'm sorry to make an example of your comment, MonsieurGrimm, but it serves as an example of "what not to do".

A few things you could do to improve your comment. I'm not trying to answer the original question one way or another, just trying to help you contribute to the discussion:. The reason I would be fine with it is because honestly, I was bad at sex when I started out too!

On top of that, I would be more focused on giving you a memorable and comforting experience than judging your skill in bed. Please try to make comments that contribute to discussion and don't make comments that are vague enough every lurker will agree, upvote because they agree, and check this out on.

First, talk about being presumptuous. Short and negative not that I would call it negative in the first place have no bearing on how useful it is. It provides a fine response to the specific concern OP mentioned. Secondly, your suggestion takes things way too far. The original comment is nice and concise. Arguably it could have been more useful if it was a little Is A 20 Year Old Hookup A 30 Year Old Bad concise, but that doesn't make the actual comment any less useful.

There is also nothing wrong with a short concise answer this web page doesn't attempt to spark an entire conversation. It answers the basic concern, and the upvotes will serve as an indication of visit web page many guys agree with the sentiment.

No, we don't want this to make up the entire subreddit, but short and simple questions often need no more than a similarly short and simple response. Frankly, your "sample" reads more like what I'd hear from my chattier girl friends and nothing like what I'd hear from any of my guy friends. I appreciate the feedback, and I have summarily unsubscribed as has become apparent that this subreddit is run by individuals who do not wish to participate in discussion but instead want to participate in stifiling discussion and promoting groupthink, which generally makes the subreddit less inviting to any who do not share the same views, thus perpetuating the cycle and exacerbating the issue.

I am glad to be gone, I would not wish to associate myself with the majority views I have seen expressed here. I wish you all the best. I think the main issue is this question has been asked a bazillion times. It's not worth a lengthy response. And I would hope the fact that your comments remain undeleted would prove we are open to discussion despite the downvotes which I have no control over.

I appreciate the mods keeping my responses here, and I won't be removing them either. I feel I communicated myself poorly as well, so that didn't help my unpopular opinion. No sweat off my back though, I did what I thought could help. Woah woah buddy why don't you come on down off that high horse of yours. How about instead of going around telling people what they should have said why don't you leave a comment for the OP stating your opinion.

Coming around and telling people that their opinions are crap and what they should have said just comes off douschy. You may have some valid points but acting all high and mighty sure wont get people to listen to you.

I provided an example of an expanded response using OP's opinion and not mine specifically because I thought it would help and I didn't want to argue against OP's point, just his delivery. I was just mostly concerned because I knew the response would be upvoted highly even though it was not a very thorough answer, because people agree with it as a result of it being so vague. I regret not communicating my opinion more effectively and with less perceived "high horse", but I don't regret trying to express the sentiment that we could have done better.

Also, Is A 20 Year Old Hookup A 30 Year Old Bad reread my response because at no point do I make any statement about the validity of OP's opinion. Thank you for your feedback, all of you guys have taught me a lot about this subreddit and its user base.

If you want to engage in actual meaningful discussion in any subreddit, or online in generalyou need to learn to not sound like a self-righteous, pompous ass - if I may be so frank.

It shifts the entire focus from anything you might actually have to say, to your attitude. Instead of making conversation, people have an immediate negative response and respond defensively to your attitude without ever considering the content of what you said. You have also showed an extraordinary ability for overreaction. Somebody posts a simple question that has popped up how many times, and a single short answer makes you leave entirely?

You care enough to go around trying to be a vigilante "quality enforcer," and then when people amazingly react poorly to that you decide the entire subreddit is doomed? His post is short, but it's to the point.

Realizing this about five years after everyone else, he takes a deep sigh and cranks his standards down a few big notches. Tell your nephew to date while they wait to find the right person. He wanted a woman between He had a helluva time!

Your alternative uses a lot more words but doesn't have much more for content. It just has extra feel-good superfluous fluff.

And there's no problem if that's your own posting style, but you're telling others that their posts need to be like that too. It's not particularly negative he specifically says "but that's fine"although if it were negative that'd be fine, because not everything in life is positive and so not all comments on life need to be positive.

How's it not meaningful? Her post talked about people assuming she'd be bad at sex.

Sorry to hear you are giving up. They hate that because your getting what their trying to hold in front of you. The most important thing I learned from them is that sex is a messy thing, and if you happen to find out that your first partner expects you to be a porn star right off the bat, he probably isn't the guy for you. Coming around and telling people that their opinions are crap and what they should have said just comes off douschy. Youre so stupid and your stats are lies.

He's just saying "well yeah, you probably will be--you haven't ever done it, but it's not a problem if you are". If this were the case, wouldn't I have taken the opportunity to delete your post after seeing it get reported?

Instead I came and gave an actual reply to it, while deleting the posts that broke the rules by telling you to "fuck off" and such.

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You guys do a great job of moderating the subreddit as far as spam and abuse of the rules, but I was looking to improve the quality of responses on the subreddit and offer advice to commentors so more helpful posts are upvoted rather than more popular ones. This isn't a moderator's duty, but the community as a whole. I appreciate your efforts and best of luck with your subreddit. So your just going to keep posting the same cop out response over and over eh. I don't think you not coming back here is much of a loss considering your level of discussion.

No, you're right, I should have spent more time responding but I wanted to try to explain myself early on without being able to invest much time into crafting my responses. I will use what I learned here today to help me better communicate in the future on other subreddits. Thanks again for your input. All necessary information is there in a short an concise manner, without any useless fluf.

This response is good and doesn't need anything more. I'm glad his comment was of merit to you. I'm sorry you did not find my comment of merit.

Is A 20 Year Old Hookup A 30 Year Old Bad

I'm sorry, are we in AskWomen? This is AskMen as far as I can tell. If I want a long-winded and emotional response I'd ask for one. At any rate, That is the expected format when you ask a dude anything.

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It's short, concise, and just plain delivers. Tacitly or not, it doesn't matter what your opinion is because it doesn't matter. OP asked for a dude's opinion and there it is, unfettered and raw. Aren't you the one trying to bend everyone to your method of discussion, thereby making you the perpetrator of this? You're not doing very well here. You sure used a lot of extra words to say "I'm edit: