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Better Deserve A When Says You Man

"You're So Great. You Deserve Someone Better."

What does a guy saying "You deserve better" really mean?

You deserve better. Exactly what does he mean when he says those three words ? These are the most bewildering, even heartbreaking, phrases to say to a girl. 17 Mar When someone tells you that you deserve better, they are telling you to move on because they don't care enough to be better. They will not put in the effort or energy they KNOW you deserve. I want to say it has nothing to do with you, because it is not your fault, but they will find someone who they deem. Usually when a person says you deserve better and breaks up with you it means that they don't want to hurt you but they don't want to be with you either. This is an excuse to break up. Don't tell him that he is good enough for you. Don't try to fix his self esteem just let him go. I said this to a guy that was very sweet and that I.

When we were breaking up my boyfriend said things like "I don't want to keep hurting you" and "You deserve someone better than me. He has a rough past that he's not proud of, and he doesn't think he's worth much now. I know about his past because he was completely honest about it, and I know how great he is now. I don't hold his past against him. I wish he could see himself like I see him. If he doesn't think he's good enough, how could I prove to him that he is?

I have met good girls along the way. So I thought it is better to end link rather than dragging it to the point of excess drama.

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What you said about the female mind going on an emotional tangent is a stereotype. Men do a lot of the same behaviors as women. They just don't get called over emotional or crazy. For example if a women finds out her partner is cheating and reacts by throwing and breaking things she is called crazy, over emotional, and oversensitive.

Believe Him When He Says You Deserve Someone Better

If a man does the same thing he doesn't get called any names at all. Another example is if a man looks through his girlfriends phone because he think she might be cheating nobody says anything but if a women does the same thing she is called possessive, controlling, or crazy.

Men aren't held accountable to nearly the same extent as women.

If a women breaks up with a man he also gets "emotional". He might not cry but he does feel rejected and expresses it in his own way. I have had men blow up my phone asking why I broke continue reading with them, text months later to ask if I've slept with anyone, and text to call me names over and over.

It could be that he doesn't like himself but in my cynical experience I think its him being an asshole. What I mean is he is treating you like he "cares" about you so he's putting himself down to make you feel better.

When A Man Says You Deserve Better

As if you were so weak that you can't handle yourself What about when a guys who really doesn't deserve you and treated you badly says that to you and also says that he is "damaged" and a "mess" and it seems believable because of his past actions? Is it possible that he is aware of his bad behavior?

I think the guy in your situation click aware of his behavior.

Who cares if anyone is judging, or you get a couple angry reactions. What does a guy saying "You deserve better" really mean? Too many here are responding with their own baggage.

You should never let a guy mistreat you. In that case, he's right. Please click for source are deserving of so much more.

He's not a real man if he treats women badly. The guy in my situation didn't treat me badly. He loves me, but I think he needs time to grow as a person and rediscover his worth. To only know what you posted and answer the question"was he just feeding me lines If you really feel he's saying this to avoid hurting you, then believe him. I was dating a guy who did the same thing recently, and looking back I can see the signs.

We are both entrepreneurs in compatible fields, so When A Man Says You Deserve Better had that similarity.

He always had been enthralled by the amount of confidence I seem to have in myself, kinda put source on a pedestal in his mind. He was always doing his best to impress me, too. Always asking what I think about something he did.

Said he didn't like planning things but would seem bothered if I didn't come up with plans for us myself I'm thinking he wasn't all that comfortable leading me now, as a man, because I felt more comfortable with myself than he did with himself. He even confessed to me something he did that he's not proud of that haunts him till this day, just like your guy.

I don't think he's forgiven himself. Also, he is super talented, runs several business ventures and even pole vaults, for crying out loud Thing is, confidence has to come from within and starts with a change of perspective.

If a guy has to continually seek out the opinions of others to feel good about himself, then you are fighting a losing battle. Men cannot function well in relationships if they don't feel equal to their partner in confidence, that they can contribute When A Man Says You Deserve Better a way that makes them feel like a "man".

You can continue to be a supportive friend to him, if he'll have that, but he'll always feel unsatisfied in a relationship with you so long as he hasn't dealt with his own issues of self-esteem.

I know you care about him, but I wouldn't recommend dating someone who feels inferior to you. Trust me, it will only break your heart and make him feel worse in the end. Yeah, it is hard. He has low opinions of himself, and he puts me on a pedestal.

When A Man Says You Deserve Better

He admittedly did awful things in his past. He would always say I was perfect and deserved better, even though I assured him I'm not even close to perfect. I don't care about any of that. I just want him back. We're opposites in many ways, and because of that we were actually really good together.

Usually when a person says you deserve better and breaks up with you it means that they don't want to hurt you but they don't want to be with you either. This is an excuse to break up. Don't tell him that he is good enough for you. Don't try to fix his self esteem just let him go. I said this to a guy that was very sweet and that I didn't want to hurt.

I was going through some things and needed to be alone. I cared about him but I couldn't be with him anymore so I said that I more info deserve him and that he could do better.

If somebody says this to break up just let it go and know that they When A Man Says You Deserve Better want to be with you for whatever reason.

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As you said, he has low self esteem. You should tell him that you forgive him and all is forogtten, start something new with him. I am in a very similar position, my boyfriend thinks i deserve better after being in what i think is a bit of a negative headspace and time in his life and so one part of me thinks he could see things differently and the other is shocked that it came to this because we were deeply in love but i feel like his past is holding him back from almost accepting that he deserves to be happy and loved now.

I went threww the same Well when my ex said that crap to me, it was because he was cheating. Like RaeBae said, my now-ex said that to me and what it meant was he was cheating. When caught red handed approximately 6 days after he made When A Man Says You Deserve Better commenttried to pretend that the comment was the equivalent of having broken up with me, though at the time, i'd asked what he meant and he declined to comment further and just hugged me.

Oh the lies cowards tell! How do you look yourselves in the mirror later? Just click for source my boyfriend thinks that he isn't good enough, I alwayd remind him how my life has changed ever since we have been together, I encourage him and I remind him that his past is past and it doesn't determine who he is today and despite knowing of it I still chose him.

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I don't care about any of that. He made me believe that love at first sight is real. Hi Lulu, explore everything that happened, why it happened in my growing tribe. Often, it is because we choose to ignore the red flags guys send us, and instead try to convince ourselves of a reality that isn't real.

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