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Animal Dating A Website Was Jam If

Animal Jam Skit: Online Dating.


23 Jan Animal Jam is a game that is targeted at kids, and in all honesty they should not be dating, especially online. just went to his den and he asked me if he wanted to rp police with him and his friend like nothing happened.. we were strange kids, but it was probably the funnest year of my life (not ALL because. 28 Jun "Dating" Animals. On Animal Jam, I see many animals saying things like, "Dating in my den!" or "If you like me come to my den!" I'm positive that Animal Jam isn't a place This IS NOT a dating site, and nobody would want to go out with someone who is soooo desperately seeking a boyfriend or girlfriend. If. 25 Jun Yes, another nushell comic. This time, I used memes! If you can't understand internet speak, d8 means date. There y'all go. Animal Jam Dating. In a Nutshell.

I totally agree with you!

Anonymous August 28, at 3: Anonymous July 28, at 7: Anonymous June 24, at 3: Guys, I really see why this appeals gross to you. Dating on animal jam isn't okay!!

This is a kid's site!! Some people have some issues. My user is RockyTop2. Its for older ppl. AJ is a kids site. It's not good UNLESS your doing a roleplay, a warrior cats roleplay maybe and you have a mate Not real, If Animal Jam Was A Dating Website don't really love eachother and you are just roleplaying That kind of lovey dovey thing is fine.

Ur right but people make thier animals look cute to lure kids to like them. They do innoproppriate things sometimes. We'll your not really in love u don't even know the person your only in love with pixels and that's just weird when u think about it. Isn't this a kid's website? Put a stop to love on animal jam. This is a kids game! There is lots of stuff wrong i mean my little sis plays this game and she is like 4. Do you think it's okay for a 4yr old to start kissing random people?

Go to a den and do that not in the middle of jamaa township! There is lots of things wrong with this. First, its against the rules basically. Thanks for agreeing and feel free to join the blog!! Where we all learn and play 'bout animals, NOT goin' 'round smoochin' them random peeps! I know some peeps have good lookin' patterns and colors, but that ain't what they should do on a computer game!

This is a computer game! Once I saw a guy make love eyes at me!!! I wanna stop online lovey dovey stuffy. LOL, your totally right about the pixel thing! Thats really what it is. It's just not right.

Well, in real life maybe not. Believe it or not AJ aint real life! GOSH, come on peeps! Im frozenicecream and im a fox and one time five wolves came to me btwnot articwolf and put up the eye hearts face and one of them asked me do you want to be my girl? Then they started beating up each other just to be my boy!

Then i went to mt. Shiveer my usaul untracabale place sorry for wrong spelling. What kind of idiots would do that on a kids game. This is a kids site! Kids dont want to see or hear that! The most disterbing cases of these I saw was two wolves making there whole body light brown and doing love faces to each other and I'm always seeing people with lovey dovey faces at each other! As I've heard people say, its not an online dating service!!

Yes, as always, Click to see more sure there will always be two sides. Well, I don't think you wanna be smooching an 80 year old weirdo you don't even know!!

Ok now that is just rude. What if it's a stalker and you fall so in love you meet If Animal Jam Was A Dating Website and the person stalks you. Its against the rules. Its in the inappropriate rule. Get your facts straight.

If Animal Jam Was A Dating Website

I got a blog! I am under 9 years OLD! I toatally am against it to, but do you think it is right to post them on you blog? There going through afaze in their life, which they will most certainly look back on with shame, they don't want to find, "hey look my stupid moments are posted for the world to see!

If Animal Jam Was A Dating Website

I am not being mean, how was i mean? Who are you anyway? Isn't this a kids website? Put a stop to love on animaljam. What is this "We"? Hey anonymous do you think going around and going all lovey dovey on other peopleis good? What if YOU were not loved by anyone. You love them, they hate you, we are gainst it. I'm never depressed, never gloomy unless something really bad happened. And who is " We"? Who is with you? Anonymous, its OUR desion. Why are u talkign fancy?? We won't ignore you or anyone else doing this stuff.

Has Animal Jam turned into a dating site or something?

We need to stop it because its not good for any of us children. This is a kids game it clearly says in the rules '' do not act inappropriatly'' but you deside to ignore that like a total idiot. Plus who the heck is ''our'' im not the ''our'' your talking about.

Put a stop to this grossness Herothepizzaguy. This is no online dating service. I think that you should keep it to your selfs and if the ppl want to do that then they can.

Don't Date Online

I Mean, you are not going to die just when they say that and also y did ajhq put them emotes on if they did not want us to do that? Guys, I really see why this appeals gross to you.

And I must agree that Aj is not. But regular, non-innapropriate love is allowed. I honestly don't mind the over but I don't think this artical is very useful because of its strong opinion against dating on Animal Jam.

Isnt this a kids website?

Animal Jam Dating Website! - Hookup To Relationship!

Stop dating on animal jam. There's nothing wrong with love If Animal Jam Was A Dating Website going to fall in check this out one day and marry somebody, so what's with all this fuss?? Why would Animal Jam make the love faces anyways if love wasn't okay. No mean replys please. But i do say people sayin' ''if you like me say i'' - that is what needs to be stopped.

Just so i know who you are, say in a jam-a-gram, ''Animal Jam Rocks! And if your a member you can just say something about, '' i saw your post on their blog'' Or somethin' like that. Thanks for the understanding and you time reading this long paragraph!! I don't think they made those for Valentines day, and yes, zebra is talking about aj.

I think your right that is Gross! It happened to me 3 times I just logged off and waited for 5 minutie. This is a kids website! Love on it is abosutley discusting.!

Timmy Barton November 1, at In 20 years you'll be married and have 2 kids. OH MY GOSH ffdgcfcdddxfthdxtdxtxdcdcxfh drhcffdxhx no dating on animal jam gross gross gross at the wolves only party I was singing a song and a girl wolf was like "is that for me"?

Mango Animal jam advetures hard mode. I so agree, I mean this IS a kids website. I always see people with gross dens that say something really inappropriate. I wanted to throw up, seriously what is wrong with those people! I mean, who knows who you could be dating online?

I think it is gross I mean people can like each other in real life but not on animal jam. The point is they are meeting someone who they do not even know continue reading some of these people you might like on animal jam they could be an adult or even older so lets put a stop to this animal jam madness!!!!