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Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 vs. Ford Mustang Shelby GTR: The Forever War - Motor Trend

25 Jan A new supercharged Chevy Camaro performance car for sale is at your local Kinman Chevy dealer in Carrollton, KY, your authorized Yenko/SVE So take a look through all of the great things that you can have on your next new car right here on our Herb Kinman Chevrolet website and contact us today to. 23 Jan Vintage-car insurer Hagerty caught up with Al Oppenheiser, who's been the Camaro's chief engineer for two generations and two platforms, dating back to the car's fifth-generation unveiling. "We're here because last year was Camaro's 50th anniversary," he said. "It was such a hot car back then that Mattel. Explore the smaller, more athletic Camaro sports car with nimble performance and driver-centric technologies. The Camaro Convertible offers the same roof line as the Camaro Coupe with a fully automatic soft-top that seamlessly disappears beneath the hard tonneau cover with the push of a single button – even at.

The ponycar wars are no longer a Tempest in a teapot. Gone are the days when Camaros and Mustangs were straight-line beasts at least in the eyes of their owners and lacked any sort of handling or finesse.

But what is past is prologue.

Best Free Hookup Websites 2018 Camaro Performance

These days, even the entry-level iterations offer up actual sporty good times. For not a ton of coin, either. Then you have the even more potent and more track-focused stuff, the battle that has raged for 50 years. You need your biggest guns; you want to go into battle with your heaviest weapons. These are extreme machines, in both monstrous function and opulent excrescence.

Is this the perfect comparison test?

The naturally aspirated Shelby makes a healthy horsepower from its lovably cacophonous 5. Comparing forced induction to natural aspiration is always a sticky link. Not quite apples to oranges—more like apples to pears. You can make cider from both, but there is a difference. At least both feature six-speed manual transmissions—the ZL1 is also available with a speed automatic. At this moment in time, the GTR is the highest-performing ponycar Ford makes, and the same is true in regard to the Chevy.

They are the beasts atop the food Best Free Hookup Websites 2018 Camaro Performance, so to speak. The much more limited-production blue and black striped Shelby R: The GT is a Mustang with a brilliant engine. The GTR—which ostensibly only adds a bit of aero, carbon-fiber wheels, and R compound tires, removes the back seat, and slightly reworks the suspension—is as good to drive as a Porsche GT3. Those are serious cars, some of which are outright supercars, yet our judges determined the bright yellow Mustang with the loud exhaust superior.

To be fair, the S was a prototype.

Praise for the Dodge Demon, but he gets in a dig at Ford.

Not bad for a Camaro. In the interest of high-quality reportage, we of course relapped the ZL1 as fate would have it, our white car is the same car in which Randy Pobst click to see more the 1: The first takeaway is that despite being way down on power and torque, the Shelby was only 0.

The second thing you should note is that the Camaro ZL1 was 1. Same car, same track, same driver. This bothered us, too. So much so that we had Randy write Best Free Hookup Websites 2018 Camaro Performance sidebar explaining why. Regardless, the point is that the ZL1—at least on paper—should be much quicker than the R.

What about on the test track? The Shelby hit 60 mph in 4. I had to make several attempts, but it was about a 0. The best technique was a 3,rpm, clutch-slipping launch to maintain the rpm. Once the tires hook up at about 20 mph, there is an ever so slight dip in acceleration. The quarter mile is where the power of the ZL1 overwhelms the R. The Shelby gets down the strip in The Chevy rips down 1, feet in Half a second and nearly 5 mph is pretty significant in drag racing circles. When it comes to stopping, the two cars are much more even.

Anything less than feet should be thought of as world class. I prefer a hard pedal and modulating the brake with pressure rather than the distance the pedal travels, as in the ZL1. This pedal is kind of squishy, but the distances are ridiculously short and consistent.

A three-stanchion spoiler increases downforce Aggressive front splitter and rocker moldings to complete this sophisticated aero package. Fuel Pump, Floor Mats and More. If you decide to continue service after your trial, the subscription plan you choose will automatically renew thereafter and you will be charged according to your chosen payment method at then-current rates. Ads are how we keep the garage doors open and the lights on here at Autoblog - and keep our stories free for you and for everyone.

There were eight stops total: The Shelby starts working better the harder you beat on it. Still, the checkered flag goes to the Camaro. The two ponycars are tied in terms of lateral grip. Both show off a peak force of 1. Just a few short years ago, grip numbers like those would be headlines. In terms of our figure-eight test, you might think that the more powerful car with better braking ability and an equal amount of grip would be the quicker car.

The Shelby actually pipped the Read more The speed auto version of the ZL1 ran a That big lump of a supercharged V-8—while potent—puts way too Best Free Hookup Websites 2018 Camaro Performance weight in exactly the wrong spot. For reference, the SS 1LE weighs in at 3, pounds. But Head 2 Head is more than bench-racing the numbers. No, what actually matters is how the two cars feel.

2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE: Chevy Sharpens Its Lead Pipe - Ignition Ep. 179 - Search & Find it in Seconds!

Click the following article although I am not prone Best Free Hookup Websites 2018 Camaro Performance embellishment, I am tempted to evaluate in terms of both sound and feel because the Shelby sounds five quintillion times better. The ride is excellent, and the experience is fairly subdued. The ZL1 suffers from the same affliction that strikes the Porsche Turbo: The Shelby GTR is the opposite.

Due to the superlative steering and sticky tires, the front end tramlines mercilessly. The seats are form fitting, as opposed to relaxed fit, and if you have the bypass valve open, the exhaust note is deafening. The thing is, when you get these two studs on a winding canyon road, the Shelby is the car you want to be driving. That steering simply comes alive. I might call it a thing divine. As for the ZL1, save your tears and angry subscription-canceling letters.

Look, Chevy knows they left something out on the playing field. Until such a time, the GTR remains not only the ultimate Mustang but also the ultimate ponycar. Ford has won this battle, though the war has no end in sight. But the Ford catches up in nips and bits—a little here, a little there. Heroically, it claws back part of that gap through the terrifying Turn 9.

On this day, the ZL1 shined but only by a fraction. Sharp-eyed readers will notice that the Camaro was significantly slower in its Willow Springs track test this time around. Same car, same track. The lap time discrepancy here is alarming but not unusual in the track world.

The Shelby starts working better the harder you beat on it. And although I am not prone to embellishment, I am tempted to evaluate in terms of both sound and feel because the Shelby sounds five quintillion times better. Apple CarPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc. Requires active OnStar service, compatible device, factory-installed remote start and power locks. Motortrend - Alex Nishimoto Words June 29,

The event immediately preceding one of our tests largely determines the level of grip we will be blessed with. Sometimes, a full race group will clean the surface and lay down some sticky rubber, increasing grip.

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It is my guess that nothing much had run at Willow Springs the day or two before we showed up, or maybe motorcycles, whose tiny contact patches are no help. Another clue is that the fantastic Shelby-special Michelin Sport Cup 2s on the GTR felt merely adequate, prompting us to verify that they really were the Ford spec.

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Fair Market Price Fair Market Price is the price a consumer can reasonably expect to pay for a new vehicle at a dealership at the end of negotiations, and includes destination charges, taxes and fees. Motortrend see more Alex Nishimoto Words June 29, On this episode of Head 2 Head, hosts Jonny Lieberman and Jason Cammisa carry on the year battle between the Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro by pitting two of the latest and greatest examples against each other.

Motortrend - Billy Rehbock Words June 15, An Edelbrock supercharger and intercooler provide the backbone for performance gains. Motortrend - Jonathon Klein Words June 6, The once great Mustang tuner was at the top of its game until everything came crumbling down and the company filed for bankruptcy.

Best Free Hookup Websites 2018 Camaro Performance

Then, ina still defiant Saleen rose again with a new Mustang and seven special-edition S7 LM supercars, but the company continued to struggle. These days, even the entry-level iterations…. Motortrend - Ed Tahaney Words May 18, Shelby American introduced its Shelby Super Snake wide-body concept at its corporate headquarters.

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