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50 amp rv hooked up to 110 house voltage

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2 Aug I want to camp in my car at a campground with electrical hookups so that I can use my cpap machine while I sleep. .. When you convert your van into a camper , you'll want to do things like have circuit breakers to protect the inside wiring from shorts, install a Converter to run your lights and charge your. Glossary of Common Electrical Terms. Discover the meaning of some of the most common electrical terms used in our industry. 14 Sep We are new to this electric and plugging in thing, I have looked up camp grounds and what I see alot is 30 amp or 50 amp. I dont understand? Does that have something to do with "HOW" many amps we will need? or how many amps your pup needs, or does it have to do with how much you need in a day.

Sep 14, 1. Sep 14, 2. Sep 14, 3. Newer PUP's have a 30 amp service, the cord is larger and the plug on the end of it the blades are angled. Big RV's can have up to a 50 amp service. I did the PUP cords first Most that have a 50 amp service will also have a 30 amp outlet and a 15 amp outlet. Most 30 amp service will also have a 15 amp outlet.

I often use the adapter even when a 30 amp outlet is available. The time now is Electric current is measured in Amps.

You will never need a 50 amp service. But do not worry because it should have other outlets as well. I do not know what kind of PUP you have putting it in your signature line, as well as TV helps to answer questions so you may want to get an adapter for your cord, they are cheap, 15 to 30 if you have a 15 amp cord or a 30 source 15 if you have 30 amp cord I have never used mine in 5 years.

A 15 amp cord will not work an air conditioner. Sep 14, 4. Sep 14, 5. Good question and thanks for asking. I never knew either. And I'm not new to this. We just always brought along the heavy duty extension cord we knew fit the PUP.

What Does Electricity Hook Up 50 Mean

Figured if what we had didn't work, we'd survive without electric for a weekend. Now I know what to call it, what to look for when making reservations, and what the other outlets on that box are for!

There are no stupid questions. Sep 14, 6. Sep 14, 7.

Share This Page Tweet. Only once did we run into a site with only 50amp service. I often use the adapter even when a 30 amp outlet is available.

Sep 15, 8. Once you trip the breaker for the first time you will understand that 30 amps isn't always alot to work with. By that time you should be figuring how much you are consuming in energy.

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During the cold nights you can run your furnace and you will only consume around 3. Now if you are like us and want to conserve propane you can use space heaters while plugged into the campground power instead of your furnace We've tried running "2" space heaters and it is friggin' close man. When you are ready to start doing the math on your consumption just follow the simple math: Look on the back of a space heater and it will tell you the Watts i.

What Does Electricity Hook Up 50 Mean

Take that and Divide it by V which is AC because you are plugged into the campground power and that will tell you how many Amps per hour you are using.

Sep 15, 9.

We have been lucky as we started out new to camping and especially camping in a PUP. We sometimes carry a larger dorm frig and when cooler nights set in we use a quartz space heater. Never plug the heater into an outlet in the PUP but run a single extension cord from the 15A that is just for the heater. Do the same for the frig and coffee maker Only link to one CG that only had 30A outlet at the site.

While there we plugged and unplugged things as needed. Sep 15, Sep 16, Just a little clarification Electric current is measured in Amps. Amps is an instantaneous value.

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There is no time component. Amps are used to specify how much power a device USES. Sep 21, I'm new to all this too!

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Little did I know all these details that were involved in a "great deal" of a pop-up! The replies have helped me too! Sep 27, One thing we did was get a toA adapter, so we plug in to the 30A port at the CG and run our air conditioner off that, which allows the other 2 normal 15A plugs to be used for the camper itself.

Usually we just need 1 but sometimes we use a microwave or something else that needs the second, so it helps having the option of that second plug without worrying about unplugging the air. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.

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