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Naruto chooses Hinata over Sakura and Ino making them Jealous - Naruto Shippuden Ninja Storm 3

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Here is a very good post by chennyyeo that may answer your question about The Last - Naruto The Movie. Her theories and explanations. proves that the movie does not contradict the manga (and it is actually a canon material) and; to explain Naruto's feelings (that he DID NOT fall for Hinata in the movie. 13 Jul Does Naruto ever end up hooking up with either Sakura or Hinata? It seems that Sakura is permanently infatuated with Sasuke STILL and that she only acknowledges Naruto as a friend. Then there's Hinata who risked her life against Pain and confessed her love for Naruto which was never addressed yet!. Take world opportunity hook people up who might meet in that gender is complex physical and biological. Members, serving successful men and beautiful singles for hot hook ups, and new experiences.

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Click to show or hide. If it was Sakura and Naruto it would be too odd Almost as if Tsunade and Jiraya were to hook up Sakura should end up with Lee Sorry for any misspellings.

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Upon watching his departure, Hinata is shown to still hold onto the scarf. When Naruto reaches the park, he sees a puppet holding Hinata as Toneri casts something on her. Kousetsu cr points Send Message: Back in the Academy days, Naruto had a crush on Sakura Harunowho considered Naruto an annoyance because of his constant antics. Naruto is in love with Hinata throughout the whole story of Naruto, he's so stupid he didn't realized it as "love" since those flashbacks happened in their mission in the movie.

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Later, during the sunset, Naruto comments that Hanabi doesn't seems to be in the village. She was also amazed that despite having nothing and no one to rely on, Naruto never gave up in believing he could become something great like Hokage. He asked the village to never reveal anything about Kurama to Naruto or the children. As a result, now above his psychological warfare, Naruto told Obito that the only difference between them was that he wanted to keep the bonds he made with his friends.

Report to Moderator nothing in particular. Larrenz21 cr points Send Message: There when Sakura said that she can do only those little things for Naruto Yamato replied that " He can clearly see it on her that she likes Naruto Click to show or hide When Orochimaru is dead in manga and he now knows that Itachi was not evil What do you think?

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Madara has also stated that itachi did not want sasuke to know, this line of text will allow us to source that sasuke will want to take revenge on the VILLAGE for both killing his clan, and causing him to kill his own brother The assumed pairing, meaning what is actually stated in one way or another in the series itself mostly the manga for some, and only the anime for others Is in fact NaruHina, the reason being that since the mission with hinata when he saw her dancing in the water he has actually had a fair amount of feeling towards her and while not blatant emotion it is clearly there kinda like that nagging feeling at the back of your mind.

Sakura does not like naruto in a romantic way yet at least and more in the sense of both a best friend and a very close family member. Due to the structure of typical storytelling and something known as the Monomyth theory.

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Sasuke, himself, and the fox kinda Mentor: Wait what do you mean by that Hinata is the Goddess and Sakura the Temptress? Banned Member queenetna cr points Send Message: Report to Moderator kooloihoarhjnoaruhrla.

Will Naruto Hook Up With Hinata

Kousetsu cr points Send Message: Report to Moderator Watching Anime as usual. Both of them should die Why don't u die first? Already complained about the anime and now this, if u wanna spam, open ur own thread.

Will Naruto Hook Up With Hinata

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