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9 Oct It's all Ewan McGregor's fault. Or maybe David Tennant's or Gerard Butler's. Whatever the reason, all over the world Scottish men are now being seen as rugged, handsome and impossibly romantic. If you want to date a Scottish man, there are certain rules to follow to give you the best chance of success. 3 Jun Ten years ago I married a man from Scotland. I cannot If it were up to me we would move back tomorrow, but my husband — who manages to be a devout Scots patriot while making his homeland sound like When I found out that the Scottish Tooth Fairy leaves money under your pillow I was relieved. 25 Oct Burns Night has arrived – and as well as celebrating the life of a legendary Scottish poet, it also conjures up images of kilts, bagpipes and rugged highlanders. What's not to love? We've all fallen for Gerard Butler and Ewan McGregor on the big screen, and of course the more mature ladies will remember .

All of us are shaped by where we grew up, but Scotland imparts some unique characteristics on her sons and daughters, all of which are well suited to that legally binding cage match known as marriage. I lived there for four years and loved every minute. It is, without a doubt, the most beautiful country in the world. The people are hysterically funny.

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The culture is rich, the history is fascinating, the cuisine is…there. He wore shorts in the cold of winter to school. No one questions how Scottish Santa can drain a dram at every house and still operate a sleigh. Perhaps because whisky to the Scots is like breast milk. I assumed she punched you in the face and took off with whichever teeth fell out.

Anyone who thinks that should spend five minutes with someone from Yorkshire. They are simply incredibly gifted at determining financial priorities.

Article source what you will about Scottish independence, but if Scotland ever does secede from the U.

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I once attended a midnight screening of The Exorcist in Scotland. From the audience reaction you would have thought it a musical comedy. People laughed not only at the special effects — which were admittedly outdated as of — but at the abundant moments of melodrama. It took me a while to realize this is just how the Scots are.

And yes, that is a huge generalization as there are some who are effusive. It never occurred to me that American niceties could come across as insincere until one day my friend Martin snapped when I asked how he was. Martin, you miserable bastard, how the hell are you? My husband refuses to use a clothes dryer. He actually looked surprised the other day when I told him heat can make cotton clothes smaller. The man is First, let me say that fabrics hung in the sunshine and kissed by gentle breezes are lovely.

My mom used to hang our laundry outside in the summer and it was the bomb. But summer in Scotland is kind of optional.

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The guy only chews half a piece of gum at a time and eats oatmeal for dessert. By now you are probably asking what any of this has to do with being a good spouse. I never thought of dessert and clothes dryers as extras, but there you go. I followed you over here from Scary Mommy because I loved your article. I am also married to a man from Scotland, and lived over there for a couple of years.

How To Marry A Scottish Man

What part of Scotland did you live in? I attended the University of St. Andrews and so I lived there all four years. Edinburgh is my favorite city in the world. Where did you live? Edinburgh is one of my favorite cities, too. I try to visit every time we go to Scotland. Lybster to be specific.

We live in Illinois now. I did an exchange year in Wick for my senior year of high school, and always wanted to live there. We gave it a shot inbut after a year, I was more than ready to move back.

Scotland is very special to me, but I know we are not meant to live there. We are now in NC, which my husband loves. I love the people here but the weather is waaay too hot for me.

How To Marry A Scottish Man

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Primary Menu About Donate to charity, not me. Ten years ago I married a man from Scotland.

Sex instead of chocolate. I think I am kind,calm,honest,friendly and helpful. The successful woman for the succesful man. It would be so easy if we could just place our foreheads together and transfer all the information between us - even the stuff w. But you can expect haggis, alcohol, and a lot of talk about some guy called Robert Burns.

I cannot recommend this life choice highly enough. First off, please understand that none of what follows is meant to be critical.

S of A im scott im original from ayr i moved to england 6 yaer ago and after 6year i have just started to get used to it. Why it's normal to be jealous of your BFF. They really do drink a lot of Irn Bru. He wore shorts in the cold of winter to school. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

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