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Foreword by Robert Wachter, MD. Online health information combined with social media channels like Twitter and Facebook has created a new generation of patients.

They have a voice in their own care that they never had before. And more are using social media and physician review sites to choose their doctor or medical practice.

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In addition to unique insights from practicing physician and social media pioneer Kevin Pho, MD, this book offers doctors a step-by-step guide on how to use social media to manage an online reputation. It also provides insider tips on how to respond to online ratings and a guide to work with all of the major physician review sites. Take control of your online reputation now!

From the Foreword, Robert Wachter, MD says, "… whether we like it or not, click here online reputation is becoming the main prism through which we will be known — to colleagues, to friends, to patients, to prospective employers … With this realization comes the recognition that we can no longer afford to be passive observers of our online persona.

His opinion pieces highlight the challenges real world doctors face, ranging from the primary care shortage to the epidemic of physician burnout. His dual perspectives The Hook Up Doctors Guide Epub a practicing physician and a healthcare social media leader contribute to his unique social media journey.

He lives in Nashua with his wife and two daughters. Susan Gay is a medical publisher and content strategist with over 25 years experience in medical publishing leadership. Known for her foresight and vision in creating groundbreaking publications, she has published several hundred books, journals, and multimedia products, many of The Hook Up Doctors Guide Epub market leaders.

Her creative imprint can be seen in such pioneering works as The 5-Minute Clinical Consult and the Netter Collection reference works. Earlier in her career, she was an award-winning editor at Mosby and served as president of the American Medical Publishers Association.

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As the digital era began to fundamentally reinvent medicine and healthcare delivery, Susan created her own firm to focus on providing multichannel content, creating greater brand awareness for professional information products, and helping publishers and societies extend their existing portfolios.

She has worked with many companies and societies in the medical field including: Through it all, Susan has had a keen eye toward the forces that shape medical practice. With a knack for identifying trends, Susan is known for recruiting and collaborating with cutting-edge authors to deliver much-needed information to practicing physicians.

Today, she is focused on the digital future of healthcare and all that it means for clinical medicine, medical education, and information delivery.

The Hook Up Doctors Guide Epub

She has leveraged her experience in creating brands of information to help individual medical practices establish their own brands on The Hook Up Doctors Guide Epub Web. Her partnership with Kevin Pho on this book has been instrumental in shaping one of the most important emerging concepts in the practice of medicine—that of creating a personal brand through social media.

Kevin Pho, a leader in the convergence of social media and healthcare, with Susan Gay, provide a comprehensive and extremely useful roadmap for doctors…Instead of default, sitting duck status, this information and perspective enables physicians to take charge. Social media channels, physician-rating sites, and The Hook Up Doctors Guide Epub digital communities can directly affect your practice's online reputation — and reputation management is now within the purview of the practice management profession.

But where do you start and how do you go about influencing something as nebulous, fast-changing, and splintered as online reputation? This book provides practice managers with the tools they need to feel more informed and equipped to take actionable steps recommended by some of the industry's leading experts.

I've since corrected a few errors. Now I realize I should do it more often and am considering starting a LinkedIn account! This book gave me a new perspective on the relationship between doctors and social media. For those of read article who feel timid, the authors remind us that we already have online profiles - written by other people.

The authors give us easy, practical advice to help us manage our profiles and prepare ourselves to interact with our patients in a virtual community within which we already live. It provides an argument that wins hands-down on how doctors no longer have the luxury of ignoring social media and its impact. This book will help physicians understand and prepare themselves for social media's impact on their future.

A Social Media Guide for Physicians and Medical Practices is a primer on the essentials about why your medical digital footprint is important and how to best manage it.

This must-read book also chronicles the path of Dr. Pho from the beginnings as an internal physician and patient advocate from New Hampshire to today as social media's leading physician voice via his very popular website,KevinMD. This book will be significant for every healthcare executive, physician leader, and governing board member!

The content is clear, concise, and highly informative.

The Amazon Kindle is a great ebook readerbut it's tightly tied to Amazon's ecosystem. Broadcom Will Kill Qualcomm Turning an engineering-driven business into a numbers-driven one would strangle innovation. Project Gutenberg, which has been around basically as long as the Internet, has nearly 50, copyright-free ebooks. And it refuses to be ignored.

It summarizes benefits, business opportunities, and threats, and provides specific go-to resources. The content calls out social media influences, both positive and negative, generating an awareness of the need to address the opportunities and risk immediately. The case examples are brief and resonate the must do implementation of policy and guideline structure within the practice and for physician members.

The Hook Up Doctors Guide Epub

This implementation planning guide responds not only to the 'business' of medicine but to the progression regulatory mandated transparency. The time investment in reading significantly quick and interesting…. I found it stimulated me to take immediate action while the information was fresh and I plan to keep it close at hand as a book shelf resource reference and coaching material as my social media policies and procedures evolve.

Gay have provided the busy healthcare executive with the tool kit of content for governance regarding social media exposure and a comprehensive resource list to build the policies.

After reading this material I was curious and compelled to immediately investigate resources suggested. I was astonished what I learned about our practice at social media sites. I recommend every administrator read and suggest this book be distributed to governing boards to better clarify their understanding of discussions of opportunities and threats evolving with social media to include those involving patients and staff social media activities.

In summary, this is a very timely, noteworthy and must read to understand the critical business knowledge required to manage the impact of social media on the medical practice industry! You'll get perspectives and references that will help you form your own online strategy. I know I did! We see more our entire professional lives creating and protecting this valuable asset.

Gay have provided the necessary steps and techniques to guard and protect your online reputation. I highly recommend their book and believe that everyone who reads it will have the tools and techniques to keep their reputation polished and pristine. I would highly recommend every medical office manager and physician read this book before getting heavily involved in social media!

That's because online communication may go massive instantly. And it's the reason the 'mainstream media, including medical journals and medical television, have editors and peer reviewers and build in a delay factor. Keeping egg off authors' faces, protecting authors from themselves, and protecting readers are key roles for editors and peer reviewers. Physicians want to succeed.

They often adopt new technology very quickly if it will help them do their jobs better and faster, and especially if it generates new revenue.

If not, they wisely drag their feet. They became rapid adapters of Internet 1. But physicians have been very slow at adopting Internet 2. They like to speak; to listen, not so much. To judge, a great deal; to be judged, very little. However, social media will not go away. In some form, or many forms, it is here to stay. And it refuses to be ignored. Most of the social spheres have adopted it; many have embraced it. It can bite you, doctor, badly, The Hook Up Doctors Guide Epub you may not even know it unless you are plugged in.

It may be as virulent to your reputation and welfare as rabies, and there is no vaccine, save your informed involvement. Richly nuanced by America's most popular and authoritative physician blogger and social media expert, it can guide you through this swamp - maybe not clean, but ready to move forward. A Social Media Guide for Physicians and The Hook Up Doctors Guide Epub Practices is written as both an educational and instructional tool to help medical practitioners understand and manage their online reputation in the medical sector.

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In today's world, this is absolutely crucial and these authors have simplified the process. This is a must-read for medical practitioners and all others in the medical field. This book is essential reading for any doctor or medical practice looking to establish an online presence. And even more importantly, to make The Hook Up Doctors Guide Epub that their online presence is properly monitored and maintained, as this can be the life blood of their business and can truly provide a 'make it or break it' opportunity.

I would recommend that all physicians, no matter where they are in building their practice, or even for those who already have a well-established practice, read this book and strongly consider the excellent ideas and direction it could take their practice. Kevin Pho is a modern legend of healthcare-related social media. Pho has compiled his years of experience and knowledge into a fantastic book that should be considered required reading for all doctors. Social media is the future of doctor—patient communication, and this book provides a comprehensive guide to navigating the social media arena.

His ability visit web page demystify this arena for others comes from a clear and concise exposition of what is fact and what is fear. His book is an important contribution to creating a more patient-centric healthcare system that is also highly respectful of the knowledge and good intentions of physicians and other clinicians.

It's a must-read for today's 21st century digital medical practice!

Mobi Format Good news: Physician fulfillment is dramatically increased when financial worries are eliminated. The content calls out social media influences, both positive and negative, generating an awareness of the need to address the opportunities and risk immediately. Now click on an entry in your Calibre library and choose "convert books" from the top bar. Drugs, Devices, and Biotech Non-Members.

Gay share in their book are instrumental in learning how social media will impact an outpatient practice and more importantly the physician's reputation. They provide great content and examples to help physicians have a strong and positive Internet presence. A must-read for healthcare administrators and healthcare providers. In this ground-breaking book, Kevin Pho and Susan Gay provide you with the language, the players, and the smart techniques to take control of your reputation online.

The energy of these authors and their purpose translates into winning techniques you can use in your own practice. The book includes practical stories and up-to-date references. It is beautifully researched and edited.

Take control of your own reputation now! Kevin Pho and Susan Gay have written a book that will be a great service for practice administrators and business managers. Administrators know physician reputation has an impact on the success of the practice.

We also know that monitoring and managing the physician reputation is a growing concern for all medical practices. Patients don't look for doctors in the Yellow Pages like they used to! Now it is all online. Read this book and you'll have the both the inspiration and a blueprint to help your doctors with this new element of medical practice. The case studies of how other physicians manage their reputation are particularly useful, as are the extra resources in the Appendix.