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Why he acts interested, then disappears... (The inside answer most don't know)

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Give him space. They always come on hot and heavy, like all the famous Casanovas through time, then go off into their head to re-balance themselves. With Libras, it helps to know what they want or what they're looking for. Sometimes they don't know it themselves, and subtley bringing it up, without. When you become involved with a Libra man you have to learn how to accept his need for space. There are moments when these men will seem to almost shut down completely emotionally. They withdraw, they don't answer phone calls or text messages and they seem to disappear within themselves for days on end. Distant Libra | Libra forum: my libra guy doesnt seem to want to hang out with me he texts me everyday to see how my day is going but he doesnt initiate seeing you do answer his call, tell him what you've been doing socially oh my, I've soooo busy, sorry I've been missing your call, etc), and don't answer his texts right.

He'll even delude himself as to why he's being ignored and do whatever he can to re-engage with the person. Beat us at our own game? Even more than a lover, a Libra man needs friends to interact with.

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Does he need space or has he lost interest for sure?

I'm a Leo female who is very interested in this Libra guy, but lately we haven't been speaking as much and he's pulled this disappearing act on me! Now usually, if this happened, I would just accept that the guy is just not that into me, and move on. Yet, this Libra guy has given some Yet, this Libra guy has given some mixed signals! He's either very hot or very cold. Plus, to be honest, I sincerely really like him.

He finally asked me out again too, and based on how he's handling plans for going out, it's as if he's treading lightly due to that comment. And when he does, just talk friendly, make sure he knows you have a life other than waiting for him, don't ask why he hasnt came around or called or anything The OP was certainly not blatantly demanding, however, we don't want to feel pressure to jump to someone else's beat or adjust our lives to meet another's emotional needs--unless of course, we are mutually exclusive. Please check and try again.

There's something special about him. We've known each other for a little over two months now. The first month was great! We were texitng every day with long, detailed conversations until one of us fell asleep! He would cancel practice to see me at my convenience!

There was one time we were both in the same place at the same time, so we were going to meet up. But there was some confusion so he left. When I said, "Aww man! I really wanted to see you tonight!

Libra Man Doesn T Answer Texts

I spent Valentine's Day with him and he was so sweet even though I was late. He kept saying "Whatever you want. We were definitely into each other. The second month, we didn't see each other at all because we had so much going on.

He was busy with exams and two people in his life died. I was busy with work and I had so many plans! I noticed a change in his behavior.

Before he would never just stop texting me. Lately though, we'll be texting in a conversation and he'll just stop replying. That makes me think he just doesn't care as much as before.

So I started thinking he lost interest, then he shaved the first letter of my name into his head lol and told me he'd be out of town Libra Man Doesn T Answer Texts he wanted to see me as much as he could until then.

Yet the next five days, he wouldn't talk to me! We texted for a bit one day then he just stopped replying so I didn't talk to him for a couple of days. Then I called him twice and he never called me back. At this point, Article source was pissed because I felt like I was being strung along and I think it's rude for him to just not return my calls and just stop talking in the middle of a convo.

So I texted him like "If you didn't want to talk to me anymore, then you should have just said so!

Libra Man Doesn T Answer Texts

I miss you, sorry" We talked for a bit then he just stopped texting! We danced and he kissed me He was really affectionate for example; wrapping his arms around my waist while he rubbed my back, giving pecks on my shoulders and my cheek, putting his forehead up against mine and looking into my eyes, putting his arm around mine then caressing my shoulder He kissed me a lot!

I wasn't as into it as I usually would have been, but I couldn't resist it and I honestly missed him a lot.

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He's not even talking to me! What does this mean? Please help me out here!!! I was really excited about the possibilities of he and I and finding out the things we could create together! But I'm not going to chase him! I believe in not caring about someone more than they continue reading about you. His behavior is inconsistant with his sweet words and I hate it because I really wanted to be with him: So what should I do and can you please explain his behavior?

If he lost interest or met someone else, then why was he so affectionate and acting like that with me five days ago!!? Are you sure you want to delete this answer? They always come on hot and heavy, like all the famous Casanovas through time, then go off into their head to re-balance themselves.

With Libras, it helps to know what they want or what they're looking for. Sometimes they don't know it themselves, and subtley bringing it up, without pinning them as the culprit, will spark their favorite debate which is relationships. Sounds cliche to say that about Libras, but their need isn't just for a relationship, it's also to be an individual. On the negative side, they can be so selfish even though appearing to be the most gifted and sensual lovers on earth.

I wouldn't fall for him just yet, keep on living your life and don't get caught up in his seductive see saw. Oh, and don't argue with him about his behavior as Libras are very clever about turning the table, making it seem like he agrees with you but really he's blaming you for making him do the things that he does.

Make his excuses null and void by not being available and watch his jealousy Libra Man Doesn T Answer Texts through the roof. Emotions for an air sign really are processed through their minds, where they can safely analyze what they're going through. Before he establishes himself as 'in love', constant and unfettering, or even just a reliable date for next week, try not to force him to make a decision.

Does that make sense? So part of the basis of what he says and does is to get what click at this page wants. Making choices are not easy for a libra, but know that he definitely has an opinion and he's not afraid to attack you with it Don't let him manage your time, thoughts and feelings because he can't do that for himself and will resent it if someone tries to unfairly control him.

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If you think something isn't fair, then ask him what's wrong and compromise on a fair solution. Libras love to debate and argue, because in their mind, justice is best served when everyone agrees with them. On a last note, libras are insecure so if you really dig him then try to understand and be sympathetic.

Check his Venus sign. If it's in Virgo, then he loves it when he first meets someone because he gets to feel what it's like to be really into someone all over again purity factor, not knowing the dirty stuff in someone's closet, and vice versa but then the negativity takes over and it becomes this waiting game. If his Venus is in Scorpio, he has a lot passion and most of feelings are tied to his libido.

If Venus is in Libra, then his ideal woman is accented by understanding him through his sun sign. He strongly http://hookupsvip.info/hook-ups/27062706e-dating-27062706u.php with the values of his planetary ruler.

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I dated a libra a year ago, after many years of avoiding them because we never get along. They always seem to have an Libra Man Doesn T Answer Texts crisis. Ex Back Permanently http: Sorry to burst every Libra's bubble but I find that Libras for the most part Narcissistic. Even how they love is all about them and what benefits them. By then it's too little too late and then they try passively aggressively to re-enter your life. No balls to come and deal with it directly because their egos are just way too important.

Yeah and that's why those same Libras will never ever have an in again. They're irrelevant but I do have some satisfaction seeing them try so hard to find a way through other people to re-enter my life. I have learned these people are best on a shallow level - coworker, party friend and that's about it. Smart to a point but no real depth.

And didn't you know they're always right even when they're wrong? Yup - Gemini men are very similar to them down to trying to re-enter someone's life. Hi I m also a Leo woman dating a libra guy for the last 3 months. I noticed the first month it was very challenge as he would disappear for no reason. I felt so insecure and upset when he did that.

Once I talked to him about it and he has improved. I did notice that libra guy like to have a lot of his space to himself. I absolutely adore this libra guy I m seeing now. We just spent the weekend at his place last week. But in the last few days he was acting strange and a bit distanced. I called him twice and he didn t answer.

I m very upset as I don t know what s going on or whether I have done anything wrong. I really like him and I would say I love him with all my heart. He is so special. We usually see each other over the weekend and I texted Libra Man Doesn T Answer Texts to ask if I come over to see him this weekend. He said he likes to be alone and then I called him twice he didn t answer. I m really upset and worried.