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Are Cancer & Libra Compatible?

Real-life couples and their zodiac compatibility

For those of you who have had the pleasure of experiencing this torrid love affair; I thought it would be funny to share two ironically funny Cancer female and Libra male celebrity couples. * Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee * Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora Catastrophy? Yes. One thing is true though these. 6 May There are many questions we all ask to find that someone special in our lives (be a friend or a significant other) and turn to the stars to get them. Whether astrology is a real thing or not, many people swear by it or are at least curious as to how it works. And it makes sense, really. We could all use a little help. My prediction would be that cancer-libra would look totally in love and very happy , which is what I felt when i was with libras, and Cancer-Virgo would look bored, stiff, and somewhat . hookupsvip.info hookupsvip.info [/B] . Well, most celebrity couples never last long.

This is a bossy combo! Believe it or not, these two will fight for control more than practically any other pair. Their only salvation is to give the Cancer woman complete control of the household if there is to be any peace at all. But unfortunately, Libra seems to bring out the worst in Cancer. You can begin by promising her a beautiful home some day.

Really, this lady is so bossy and hell-bent on domesticity, or whatever she equates with financial security, that you have to speak the language very plainly to get Libra Man Cancer Woman Famous Couples to her. She is the type of woman likely to have an agenda. She knows the year she wants to marry, the year she wants to have kids, the year she wants to quit work, the year she wants to take her first trip to europe, etc. It may appeal to you because you are somewhat like that yourself but perhaps you do not realize that her bossiness will know no end.

Giving her go here she wants will only encourage her to ask for more. Happily, she is not likely to step over into your territory if you give her control over the home. Show an interest in his career and convince him you will be an asset to his climb to the top. Demonstrate superior social skills.

Not great in love but a memorable partnership. Most love and passion i have ever felt for anyone. They can sing and well verse poetry too as they both appreciate art and are heart-throb romantic. There would be compatibility issues between a Cancer woman and a Libra man when it comes to marriage.

Show him you will make here good hostess for his clients and associates and talk about running a home like running a business. Engage in discussions of financial security unemotionally and without batting an eye. You, dear little Cancer, will insist on every single accoutrement of romance. You strike a hard bargain. This can be a successful first union if it focuses on the formulaic aspects of marriage such as building a career and furnishing a home.

She will be happy as long as he buys her stuff for the house, and he will be happy as long as she stays in it. Cancer will design a series of channel locks which Libra will have to navigate successfully to round the bases and touch home.

The sheer logic of it has some appeal for Libra. She is speaking in an algebraic language that might be translated as follows: The Libra, being a Libra, will trot right along.

Are Cancer & Libra Compatible? - Hook Ups!

The danger is that this quid pro quo approach will degenerate into manipulation. If it does, the Libra will turn very cold indeed. Though she will hardly notice, the end will not then be far.

Sex for this couple is like collecting green stamps for those of you old enough to remember green stamps. Cancer is always keeping score and planning her next move. Her special favors will require special arrangements. Libra is not the victim, though. This relationship will end in one place and one place alone: This can be one of the most bitter endings conceivable.

I say this because my relationships with the signs they were supposed to work with Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn never did. If anything they ended rather bad and put me in a very link, depressing place, until my Libra guy came along.

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We have differences, oh yea, but we work them out so well. Communication, patience and understanding your own emotions is the key. All that, and Love. I Libra Man Cancer Woman Famous Couples a 24 year old Cancer woman in a confusing relationship with a 25 year old Libra man.

We met when we were 15 years old at a high school dance and our relationship has been magnetic ever since. There has always been an intense sexual attraction and during the first years of knowing each other our relationship was mainly physical although we developed a unique friendship.

I have always had deeper feelings for him but was afraid to tell him for fear of loosing any contact with him because he seemed to always be a very independent person. We went to college in different cities but he would still call me every once in a while to see how I was even if I had a boyfriend or he had a girlfriend. I became used to keeping some distance with him and gaining satisfaction from a flirtatious relationship but deep down there was always hope in my heart that he would fall for me as I had for him.

He is by far the most charming man I have ever met and very successful with work. After college we moved back to our hometown and began seeing each other more. I always felt there was something more with us but being insecure and hurt in other relationships, I doubted anything would ever come link it.

A few months ago he began calling more and wanting me to spend more time with him. Our random steamy hookups turned into him asking me to stay the night and spend more and more time with him. I was confused but went along with seeing him more because he is very irresistible and we always had a good time laughing and being together. One night he asked me to come over so that we could celebrate the new jobs that we had both just gotten.

The Libra Man Cancer Woman Famous Couples was that his job would make him travel for the next 6 months. I was heartbroken when I heard go here but just click for source a great deal of inner emotional turmoil I decided to still sp end time with him before he left.

That night was by far the best of my life. He revealed his feelings for me and told me that he loved me and he always had but that since we met each other when we were so young, he knew that our relationship would never work if we had been together then.

I understood where he was coming from and was too happy to really disagree and insist that we be in a full blown relationship right then.

We spent the last few weeks that he was home virtually inseparable. He told me he loved me all the time, was very romantic and sweet, and made me feel completely satisfied and Libra Man Cancer Woman Famous Couples.

I agree that Cancers and Libras have an intense sexual attraction that is unparalleled and can last. I give to him unconditionally and I feel that he gives when convenient but is much more inclined to take. My advice to Cancer women that love Libra men is to be cautious. The funny thing is my past 2 boyfriends before him were both Libras….

I wonder if he can ever make me feel as secure as a Pisces man does without hardly any effort. Has anyone seen a successful happy Virgo Leo couple? I've never dated any scorpios seriously and not long enough went out with two for like http://hookupsvip.info/hook-ups/46504650w-dating-46504650e.php couple of months each. The Libra, being a Libra, will trot right along. Dependable and nurturing, they tend to have a wonderful, long-term relationships.

Be cautious Cancer women because this can be an exciting and intoxicating ride but it can also be very painful. I must say he is the most emotionally open and giving man I have ever met. He is sweet, sensitive, and gives me as much communication and reassurance as I need and I do the same for him.

We both seem to agree that this is new for us both and pretty amazing. He seems to be ready for commitment and very loyal. I wonder if he can ever make me feel as secure as a Pisces man does without hardly any effort. I am a cancer woman.

Angelina Jolie – Brad Pitt (Gemini – Sagittarius)

My libra man and I have been off and on for 6 years now. He moved out of state 3 times and it was the best thing for us. We cant seem to get along when we are in front of each other. But always want to be.

However, I find it to be quite accurate. I definitely want to run the home and finances because he is so unstable and wishy washy. When he moved the first time, he asked me to come. Good thing because he was only in that state about 3 months before he moved to another state. Came home, moved again, came home, moved again. I absolutely seek his guidance and he loves to give his opinion. During these times of separation is when our relationship actually blossomed. I have found a way to trust him and he has relized I am not trying to attack him.

We do Libra Man Cancer Woman Famous Couples very differently. Libra men are punks read article are also macho.

They all think you are trying to insult or hurt them. Thought I wanted something.

Libra Man Cancer Woman Famous Couples

Theres nothing wrong with it in moderation. In fact, I think libras are infatuated by it. We seem so soft and doormattish, but its quite the contrary. If he hurts me or upsets me, I start demanding things, whether its money, time, gifts, attention, sexual favors, etc.

I have broken up with him times. But always go back. Because even through our bs he is so incredibly devoted to me. And I to him. We love each other. He makes me feel like the only woman in the world besides his mom and sister of course. But he treats me the way I deserve to be treated and makes sure that I know its what I deserve. Make him feel like a king but also be strong, smart, independent and social. Wear heels, cook, clean, work, be smart, read books, learn new things and he wont be able to let you go.

And he will love you and stick around! This article is right on the spot.

Libra Man Cancer Woman Famous Couples