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How to make House of Wolves NOT SUCK! (Destiny Expansion Pass DLC 2)

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Light Mode Become a Guardian of the Light. An exclusion filter allows a flair to be hidden from your browsing experience. Who finally got a PS4? We didn't make this decision lightly.

Our team has been humbled by the reception of Raids in Destiny and we are creating a new Raid for a release later this year. House of Wolves will have a new cooperative end game activity focused on variety, replayability, and skill — a new battle Arena called The Prison of Elders.

Certainly a blow to my waning confidence in bungie. For more info on the rules of charity events see this page. We got half a story with the original game that's only survived due to the grinding mechanics. My gut reaction, based on nothing but anecdotal evidence and speculation, is that there is no HoW raid because there was never a HoW raid. IB is much better than it used to be.

Check out PlanetDestiny's analysis of the information gathered so far today. Last pre-order for dlc I ever do. He's well protected, but with the right team, we can punch through their patches, take this Dev out, and break their grip on Destiny's development. A two month "delay" and they replace a raid with a different activity? Por que no los dos? The critical factor is that it isn't a six person activity like the raids.

Bungie Confirms Endgame Matchmaking Isn’t Coming with ‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’

I want to play with all my friends, dammit! The raid will likely come during the summer which otherwise would be a huge content drought between HoW and the comet. I'd love to think that, but I think it's more likely that there link be a new raid until the next DLC I dont even know what to think. I mean if they tested it and think its good enough to keep people occupied then i guess i look forward to trying it.

Biggest let down is that its only for 3 players.

Destiny House Of Wolves No Matchmaking

Ive been putting a raid group together for months so we could go into a new raid blindly. I wouldn't mind it if there were 6-players, and hopefully no matchmaking. But unless they have something crazy planned it seems like another strike.

The idea of a Fatebringer also lessens the blow of not having a raid. I'm happy to see that they are upgrading the damage. They should have done this already with CE. My guess is that the new arena mode will be similar to firefight Destiny House Of Wolves No Matchmaking Halo where you battle waves of enemies that get increasingly harder and you end up with a highscore.

Also from what it sounds like is they are going to update the old raids somehow by upgrading the loot to match the levels in the expansion. So as to give an incentive to keep doing the raids.

Yeah, that's a shocker.

So I'm hoping for more of the same enjoyment in The Arena. So why not have match making in the arenas? Order by newest oldest recommendations. The team had already started tweaking the rulesets with the Skirmish and Salvage modes, but this time they then started looking outside of PvP altogether.

This is something that they should have announced a LONG time link, honestly. Once again Bungie dropped the ball on communication and had people planning for things they won't even be able to do. This Arena may be the greatest thing we've ever played. But they should have let us know that there would be no Raid a lot earlier.

I would be excited for the arena if we were getting a raid, even if it was something that dropped a month after launch. Plus it's a 3 man, not a 6 man.

Here's how Destiny: House of Wolves' new Prison of Elders mode works - Polygon

I can't even work myself up to be happy about trials right now, and I have been dying for Trials. I agree with you though, the 3 man team doesn't seem as exciting as 6 man. If Strikes are anything to go buy, 3 man missions aren't very exciting A lot of people still cannot get FB to drop in the vault so this might make the vault more relevant. I think thats my problem with it.

I'm fine with them taking the time to get a raid out that is high quality. And I'm even alright with them releasing something in the meantime, but if there will be a price tag attached to the raid once it does come out, I mean come on. I'll reserve judgement after seeing more news come out about The Arena, the Reef, and anything else we haven't heard from yet.

But in all honesty, I'm quite disappointed about the lack of a raid.

Raids were are the main reason why I play the game. If the Arena had a mix of raid-esque puzzles or bosses with modifiers like nightfalls, that would be grand and I'd give it a shot though may question longevity, as I've never been a "horde mode" kinda guy. Making the activity limited to a 3-player fireteam draws easy comparisons with Strike missions, the latter of which at least have changing environments and very occasionally have unique mechanics like fighting the tank in the Valus strike mission with sniper rifles or Interceptors.

I'm with you mate, a bit disapointed. Raids are the primary Destiny House Of Wolves No Matchmaking people play, including myself, and I feel HoW was going to either make or break the game and with no raid I don't think its at a good start.

Going into raids blind with friends is possibly one of the funnest thing I've ever done in destiny and it makes me sad that I won't be able to do that for another months I'm sure they are smart enough to know that most of their playerbase live and breath for the Raids. They wouldn't take one out and replace it with a half-assed game mode I only hope they think they need the active minority! I think the numbers would be a LOT higher if there was optional match making for raids.

I'd do then all the time if I could fill a one or two player gap out jump in someone else's team. I'm too lazy to go to a website and post to a forum to find a team. All of which are outside of the actual game. If there was some sort of matchmaking mechanic in the game itself that stat would be a lot higher. I stopped playing Destiny daily because I had difficulty finding a raid group.

I have over hours played and have never stepped foot in a raid. I don't believe players like me are the minority and I'm really happy to see this expansion is going to focus on other aspects of the game instead of just throwing in a new raid and some Destiny House Of Wolves No Matchmaking and calling it a day. No, that doesn't invalidate my point like a handful of you seem to think. I think the external matchmaking tools give too much room for elitism and that keeps casuals like me away.

The in game matchmaking doesn't check if you have full raid gear or a specific weapon maxed out. That's why I prefer in game matchmaking instead of an external one. I'm not an hardcore gamer, I want to play for fun and I don't want to stress out because someone else takes the game too seriously. At least I never seen it. Check this out like myself gladly take new people through the raids.

Hell some people ask exclusively for new people. But I remember quite vividly how I finished one VoG run without voice communication. It was done with a lot of patience and tolerance for frustration, got some shards from it in the end.

Call me cynical, but I feel as if Bungie specifically placed the fatebringer on the same news article to soften the blow of there being no raid. Yeah, definitely has the feel of a "ooh look at the pretty picture -- [cough] no raid [cough] -- yay fatebringer!

Isn't the picture great?!? That's precisely why that picture is there featuring fatebringer of all guns. So they cut a raid and added a horde mode. Because Destiny needed more missions where you fight waves of enemies. My gut reaction, based on nothing but anecdotal evidence and speculation, is that there is no HoW raid because there was never a HoW raid. I think most of the content for TDB and Zip Code For Pea Ridge Ar was cut content that was mostly finished for the original game but ultimately partitioned off for DLC as a "business decision.

This news is very disappointing, and honestly, this is a better community than Bungie and this game deserve. Yes, click here, benefit of the doubt and all that, but nearly every "first order" decision has been a debacle only remedied months later in a patch or update.

Greens from legendaries, mat farming, original Iron Banner, exotic shards, radiants, the entirety of HM Crota, all the bugs, and so on. I just don't trust that HoW will be any different from TDB at this point - mostly fluff, only this time without a raid. The problem with this announcement is that there is no real info to replace the loss of the raid.

People are going to overreact and lash out because Bungie gave them nothing, no real information to help replace that hole.

Destiny Needs Matchmaking Whether Bungie Agrees or Not - IGN's Fireteam Chat - Hookup Website No Sign Up!

I honestly feel that this just affirms how poorly they handle more info relations. Honestly who in marketing thinks it's smart here tell your customers they aren't getting something without immediately having the replacement available to digest?

Now when they do deliver the information that have already shot themselves in the foot and have to play defense. It's really a class a example on how not to announce things and how to mismanage a dedicated fan base. Completely agree with you, they sure as hell know that most of TDB purchases were bought because they announced a new raid, right?

I mean they have to know. Which I believe it doesn't even come close, since both of them are 3 player activities. I sure as hell hope that this new activity is not just a glorified strike or something like that. Look at cod for Destiny House Of Wolves No Matchmaking, shitty game but they at least live up to the dlc they promise and more.

Destiny House Of Wolves No Matchmaking

Zombies weren't announced but added for no extra cost. Hey guys I got an idea I'm gonna take the best feature of the game and not include it in the next DLC. A new raid for release later this year. Fuck this, I give up. I left Destiny about a month ago, and this makes me feel like I made the right choice. Go play some different games, there's good stuff out there right now that's better than doing VoG or CE for the umpteenth time.