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Only show releases from this period. Releases Last 2 Weeks. Releases Last 4 Weeks. Releases Last 8 Weeks. Releases Since I Last Came. Items 1 to of on page 1 of 1. Nachtbraker - "Hamdi" Fouk remix - 7: Parker Madicine - "Heartbreaker" Detroit Swindle remix - 6: Alma Negra - "Afrorleans" Parker Madicine remix - 7: Fouk - "With Lasers" Nebraska remix - 7: Predictably, the latest volume in Heist's Roundup series, in which label artists remix each other's tracks, is another must-heave collection of club cuts.

Check, for example, Fouk's tasty interpretation of Nachtbraker's "Hamdi" - a glorious fusion of rubbery disco, sparkling electrofunk and learn more here deep house - the Afro-fired Alma Negra deep house remix of Nebraska's "Big Plate Chicken" and the toasty peak-time warmth of the latter's fine revision of Fouk's "With Lasers".

Elsewhere, label bosses Detroit Swindle deliver a lusciously loved-up and melodious, peak-time take on Parker Madicine's "Heartbreaker" and Nachtbraker turns the Swindlers' "Can't Hold It" into a dub-fired chunk of hot-stepping deep house goodness. It Makes You Forget edit - 3: It Makes You Forget - 6: Freiboitar - "Lovely Situation" - 6: Shir Khan unleashes another thrill-a-minute selection of disco-inspired workouts to get the dancefloor swinging.

Bas Roos and Guy Steve kick things off with the good-time breeze of "Piece of Soul", where Astronaut Dating Tayo Lyrics A Z electric piano solos and ricocheting vocal samples ride a lolloping disco-house groove, before Freiboitar makes a stomping, French Touch style disco-house monster out of samples from one of the best-loved disco records of all time. Over on the flipside, Claus Caspar article source Steve Philips whip their shirts off, reach for the poppers and lay down a stupendous slice of muscular late night disco-house.

Featuring heavy, Moroder style arpeggio bass, razor-sharp disco strings and meaty house loops, "Sex Sells" is something of a sweaty party-starter. TOYT 02 Feb Black Soul - 5: Oh, Baby - 6: Bang The Dancefloor - 6: The Flame - 6: The EP's four tracks offer a perfect blend of the former's groovy, chunky deep house sound and the sample-heavy, Chicago-inspired disco-house jams favoured by the latter.

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Highlights include "Black Soul", a funk-fuelled peak-time jam rich in Hamilton Bohannon style guitar loops and elastic bass guitar samples, the James Brown break-fired weightiness of "Bang the Dancefloor" and the squidgy deep house funk of "The Flame", which boasts a particularly rush-inducing breakdown.

FBR 26 Jan Amityville DJ Tennis remix - 8: Alex "Kiwi" Warren is undoubtedly a star in the making.

Astronaut Dating Tayo Lyrics A Z

Since he last appeared on Futureboogie inhis stock has risen further thanks to fine outings on Moda Black, Blitz and 17 Steps. Predictably, this is another fine EP. We're particularly enjoying the horror-inspired Italo-disco chug of "Amityville", where Warren makes terrific use of notable vocal samples and a thickset arpeggio bassline, though DJ Tennis's breezier, disco-tinged deep house re-make is almost as good.

There's more dark and throbbing Italo-disco style fun to be had via the thrillingly heavy and pulsating "Warriors", while EP closer "Paco" - all glacial, tumbling synthesizer melodies, undulating acid bass and unfussy drum machine beats - offers a more considered option for those searching for solid warm-up fare.

Dixon Avenue Basement Jams.

To kick-start their release programme, long-serving Belgian nu-disco imprint Eskimo has turned to an old friend: Nein Konig Nein - 7: High Heavens - 6:

Straight Thru Cru - 6: Our House - 7: Hammond Groove - 6: The Hadal Zone - 6: Exchange With An Alien - 7: High Heavens - 6: Call Da Cops - 6: The Great Beast - 6: Gear Tension - 6: The big man on campus returns!

Fast becoming a staple on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, the Glaswegian producer throws down an impressive full length demonstrating the diversity within his musical repertoire - and count us in as fans. From the deep and soulful late night house of "Our House" which will have you 'doin' the wiggly worm', Afrobeat meets Innervisions styled melodic house on "Hammond Groove" while "High Heavens" explores classic neon-lit electro aesthetics from the link.

Astronaut Dating Tayo Lyrics A Z

There's even some harder stuff in there, like demonstrated on "The Great Beast" that's a slow burning early '90s style techno jam which blows the bloody doors off! Seeing Aliens - 4: Seeing Aliens extended Breakthrough Listen - 8: Nein Konig Nein - 7: For proof, check opener "Seeing Aliens", where drowsy acoustic guitar loops and gentle piano riffs wrap themselves around a hazy, sunrise-friendly deep house beat.

This glassy-eyed mood is prevalent on the accompanying "Extended Breakthrough Listen" version, too, which builds slowly via a moodier and more bass-heavy section, rich in glitchy electronics, before blossoming into the familiar Balearic deep house groove.

Bonus cut "Nein Konig Nein" has a similar feel, even though it's built around gentle Afro-house drums, fizzing tech-house electronics and a drowsy vocal sample. LT 12 Jan Stronger Than Me - 6: You Don't Really Want Me - 5: Raw Thoughts - 3: Acid City - 4: You Do - 2: The hype is partly based on his club-rocking skills, but also on the quality of his on-point productions.

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This latest excursion on Lobster Theremin is shamelessly floor-friendly in tone, with the young Frenchman effortlessly joining the dots between acid house, bass-heavy UK house and garage, and more soulful U. S deep house flavours. Check, in particular, the throbbing, lo-fi bounce of "You Don't Really Want Me", where ragged acid lines and soulful vocal samples wrap around a bustling groove, and the article source, breakbeat-driven peak-time assault that is "Stronger Than Me".

Elsewhere, he finds time to flit between TB abuse and Rhodes playing on "Acid City" and indulges his love of blazed, hip-hop style beatmaking source closer "You Do". Broad Horizons - 6: More than a few eyebrows were raised at Junodownload HQ when we first heard this fine EP from Marcus Worgull, which marks his return to Innervisions after a three-year absence.

While the title track is in some ways typical of the label's output in recent years - think Balearic guitars and passionate Americana vocals over a slick and hypnotic tech-house beat - the other two tracks are a notable departure.

This bass heavy exercise reaches near tribal moments with its syncopated rhythmic grooves. Apogee - "Inside Above" - 5: The Ghetto Code - 6: CRM 02 Feb

Both explore the sub-heavy swing of authentic dub-house, with alluring, speaker rattling, delay-laden, percussion rich shuffle of opener "Skango" particularly impressive. Nightmare Rag - 5: Astronaut Dating Tayo Lyrics A Z Sorrow Interlude - 1: The People Intro - Astronaut Dating Tayo Lyrics A Z The People - 7: Interlude 2 - 1: City Song - 6: City Song Part 2 - 6: Interlude 3 - 2: Love Inspired - 6: Handz Up - 6: Interlude 4 - 1: It would be fair to say that Eli Escobar's second album, Shout, is not a carefree affair.

Inspired by his growing anger at American politics, it's a much more poignant and melancholic affair than his party-hearty debut album. As such, the track set is arguably his strongest collection to date, with cuts such as "Nightmare Rag", the gospel influenced disco deep house cry for freedom "The People", twisted and intense "ANGR", blissfully slick and tactile "City Song" and superb "Going On?

There are plenty of groovy and quietly positive moments, too, fuelled by Escobar's belief that love may be the answer to America's mounting problems. LTB 26 Jan Art Of Tones read more "I Just" - 7: This two-tracker from Local Talk - originally released in limited numbers on vinyl - appears to be the result of some smart thinking on behalf of the Swedish label. It sees ordained minister and all-round Detroit house and techno legend Terrence Parker put his slant on two of the most gospel-influenced cuts in the imprint's sizeable back catalogue.

Parker first works his magic on Jamie and Masalo's "Testify", serving up a bouncy, all-action peak-time house rub full of crunchy Clavinet lines, bold piano riffs, heavy organ stabs and inspiring gospel vocal snippets. Arguably even better is the Detroiter's interpretation of Art of Tones' "I Just", which looks to classic piano house for inspiration with predictably fine results.

So High - 4: Inner Rhythms - 6: Late last year, French imprint Chuwanga launched via a fine compilation exploring the early '80s Britfunk sound think jazz-funk and electrofunk in impressive detail.

You'll find numerous aural nods to that style on this follow-up, a fine debut single from producer Koji Ono. Check, for example, the sparkling synthesizers, hustling guitars and house-tempo jazz-funk grooves of "So High", the wiggly Clavinet lines, whistling melodies and rubbery bass of "Inner Rhythms" and the luscious, misty-eyed warmth of ear-pleasing mid-tempo instrumental jam "Momoshima". All are exquisite examples of revivalist cuts that boast more than enough freshness and impeccable instrumentation to bear comparison to the records that inspired them.

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Massa Kamba Ben Gomori's Massabbatical edit - 9: This officially licensed 12" sees prolific British disco producer Ben Gomori take a scalpel to two cuts from veteran African musician Amadou Balake's album, In Conclusion. On side A you'll find a fantastic, eight-minute extension of the breezy shuffler "Bar Konon Mousso Musicien C'est Pas Quelqu'un ", where snaking saxophone solos and sun-kissed, juju style guitars rise above a hot-stepping, bass-heavy groove.