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13 Apr Meredith accuses Derek of asking her out only because he loves the chase, which leads to a quintessential McDreamy moment when Derek finds Meredith in the intern locker room Yet he would stay with Addison, because McDreamy knew he had to do the noble thing and give his marriage another shot. Derek and Meredith's Wedding is the wedding that took place between Derek Shepherd and Meredith Not long after, Derek and Meredith decided to go to City Hall and get married, but they kept having to delay it to treat a John Doe who came in after being hit by a bus. Meredith was frustrated [Expand] Seasons Before his death in , Derek was happily married to his longtime girlfriend Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). The couple are often referred to as "MerDer" and they have three children together. Shepherd was formerly the Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, but abruptly resigned as chief in season 7.

Meredith Grey on IMDb. Games Movies TV Wikis. As an attending he is both well-liked and feared — well-liked by patients and his scrub nurses for his compassion and gentlemanly bedside manner and feared by interns and residents who are intimidated by his reputation and high standards. The plane crash kills Lexie, and the survivors are trapped in the wooded wilderness for days waiting for help.

Meredith GreyM. The character was created by series' producer Shonda Rhimesand is portrayed by actress Ellen Pompeo. Meredith is the series' protagonist and title character, and was introduced as a surgical intern at the fictional Seattle Grace Hospital later Seattle Grace-Mercy West, and afterwards Grey Sloan Memorialeventually obtaining the position of a residentand later the position of an attendingand inattaining the Chief of General Surgery position.

As the daughter of world-renowned surgeon Ellis GreyMeredith struggles with the everyday life of being in a competitive profession, maintaining the relationship with her one-night stand and eventual husband Derek Shepherd deceasedher motherhood, and her friendships with her colleagues.

Meredith attempts to regain some ground by starting a promising research trial 3-D printing portal veins. She gives birth to a daughter whom she names Ellis after her mother. Contents [ show ]. November Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Meredith is the narrator of the show and serves as the focal point for most episodes. Pompeo's connection with Patrick Dempsey Derek Shepherd is acclaimed as a high point of the series.

Rhimes has characterized Meredith as not believing in good or bad, but instead doing click she thinks is right.

What Season Do Meredith And Derek Get Married

Grey has been positively received by television critics, with Alessandra Stanley of The New York Times referring to her as "the heroine of Grey's Anatomy ". News of Pompeo leaving arose when it was made clear that her contract ended after the eighth season, and whether or not she would return to the series after her contract expires has been the centre of media speculation ever since.

InPompeo re-negotiated her contract and signed up for the thirteenth season of the show. Pompeo's performance has been well received throughout the show and the character has gained widespread popularity worldwide. Meredith Grey is the daughter of world-renowned surgeon Ellis Grey, and grew up in her shadow. Ellis was a deeply flawed, emotionally and verbally abusive, neglectful mother towards her. Meredith is described as a "dark and twisty," damaged person who sees the world in varying shades of gray morality.

Because of this, she is an emotionally complex person capable of empathizing with others when they're at their lowest points, and a sensitive observer of the people around her.

Meredith is a graduate of Dartmouth College and nearly did not attend med school due to conflicts with her mother. Meredith was directionless after obtaining her undergrad and had plans to sleep and party her way through Europe.

After click here month abroad, Meredith was called back to care for Ellis, who had developed early-onset Alzheimer's diseaseand Meredith obtained her M. The night before Meredith's internship begins, she has a one-night What Season Do Meredith And Derek Get Married with Derek Shepherd Patrick Dempseya stranger she meets at a bar. She discovers the next day that he is the recently hired attending and new head of neurosurgery at her new workplace, Seattle Grace Hospital.

She is particularly close with Cristina Yang, who becomes her best friend and "person". Though she initially thinks poorly of him, Alex Karev also evolves into Meredith's "person" and the two assume a sibling-esque source relationship.

Richard was very close to Ellis when Meredith was a child, which inclines him to save or mentor Grey and make exceptions for her. Meredith has a habit of "collecting strays", allowing her friends and coworkers to live in the house her mother left her and What Season Do Meredith And Derek Get Married her pseudo-family.

Meredith is endlessly loyal to those she deems her family, and bends traditional morality as needed in order to keep them safe. Having grown up in a hospital, Meredith shows immense natural talent.

She possesses a steadfast, calm ease during medical procedures and emergencies, and is a natural observer of people.

She exhibits a knack for catching subtle hints and accurately determining difficult-to-catch diagnoses. Her placid, non-judgmental bedside manner often causes people to open up and trust her. Her surgical skills are solidly impressive and she shows a talent and patience for medical research trials and dealing with psychologically damaged patients.

Meredith resists Derek's advances throughout her internship, but is eventually charmed into starting a relationship with him despite misgivings about an intern dating an attending.

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She is therefore shocked by the arrival of Addison Montgomery Kate WalshDerek's wife, unaware that he was married. Derek struggles to choose between the two, but ultimately returns to Addison, despite Meredith begging to be chosen instead. Meredith is devastated and turns to multiple, self-destructive means of coping. Initially she falls on old habits of self-medicating with tequila and sex, and buys a dog. She also tries to resolve some issues by searching for her long-absent father, Thatcher.

The two do not become close, but Grey becomes fond of her stepmother. Meredith spirals further when Ellis is admitted to the hospital, revealing Ellis' diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer's and her verbally abusive tendencies. Meredith self-destructive behavior increases when she saves a patient with a bomb in their chest by impulsively inserting her hand to hold it until the bomb squad can remove it.

Mereidth has a series of one-night stands, including one with George, who is in love with What Season Do Meredith And Derek Get Married.

When she cries in the middle of their encounter, their friendship temporarily ends. Meredith swears off her behavior, agrees to be friends only with Shepherd, and embarks on a relationship with veterinarian Finn Dandridge Chris O'Donnell. Derek regrets his decision to return to his wife and Meredith must decide whether to continue a relationship with Finn, or allow Derek a second chance.

When Ellis experiences a rare, completely lucid day, and expresses her immense disappointment at how ordinary Meredith has turned out to be, she becomes depressed and possibly suicidal. During a ferryboat accident, Meredith is knocked into the water and chooses to give up and drown, rather than fight and swim.

She flatlines at the hospital, and awakens in an "afterlife", where she interacts with deceased former acquaintances. Ellis dies in the interim, and Meredith meets with her mother, who tells her that she is anything but ordinary.

She is subsequently resuscitated at the insistence of Cristina. Derek distances himself What Season Do Meredith And Derek Get Married Meredith as the result of her self recklessness, prompting her to seek therapy to address her problems. Meredith sees a therapist, Dr. Wyatt Amy Madiganto seek happiness and begins to successfully tackle her issues.

Meredith found her mother's diaries, dredging up old memories and secrets for her to work through.

Derek Shepherd

Meanwhile, Meredith nearly fails her intern exam after a drunken Thatcher publicly blames Meredith for the death of his wife, Susan, a distraught Grey sits through her entire test without writing a single answer. Webber gives her a second chance, saving her from destroying her career. After Meredith is promoted to a resident, her younger half-sister Lexie Grey Chyler Leigh begins working at Seattle Grace as an intern.

Meredith initially rejects Lexie's attempts to form a relationship, but slowly softens towards her.

The sisters are very different people with different childhoods. Lexie had an idealistic family life and often has difficulty understanding her much darker sister, who does not have the same positive associations with family as Lexie.

She later initiates a neurosurgical clinical trial, enlisting Derek as a consulting neurosurgeon. The trial fails repeatedly, but the final patient they treat survives, which leads them to reuniting and moving in together. Their relationship is healthier than before, but still experiences snags as the two attempt to understand each other and navigate what they now look on as a permanent, long-term relationship. Meredith relies heavily on Cristina for emotional support What Season Do Meredith And Derek Get Married guidance.

Eventually, Derek and Meredith decide to marry, but on their wedding day, the pair give their "perfect" wedding ceremony to Izzie and Alex, to marry each other during the planned ceremony instead. Meredith and Derek marry by writing their wedding vows on a post-it note. Meredith spends the majority of a season out of commission after donating part of her liver to Thatcher and supporting Cristina's new relationship with Owen Hunt, an army doctor with worrisome PTSD.

Meredith experiences another immense trauma after the hospital is put under a lockdown from an active mass-shooter seeking revenge against Derek. Meredith offers her own life in exchange for his and miscarries her baby during the crisis. She goes through this traumatic experience with Cristina, who operates on Derek while threatened at gunpoint.

Meredith hides her loss and the trauma psychiatrist refuses to clear neither Cristina nor Meredith for their return to surgery. Meredith is able to work through her issues and become cleared, but Cristina remains deeply traumatized.

Meredith covers for and supports her friend through her dark time, but is ultimately unable to fully help her return to surgery. Meredith decides to actively try to become pregnant, but learns that she click at this page a " hostile uterus ", which leads her to consider her other possible genetic flaws.

Derek, who is constantly worried about the possibility that she will develop Alzheimer's, initiates a clinical trial hoping to cure the disease. Meredith opts to work on the trial and appears to be leaning towards a neuro specialty. Meredith tampers with the drugs so that Adele does not receive the placebo. She and Derek decide to adopt Zola, an orphaned baby from Malawiand make their marriage legal.

When the truth about the tampering comes out, however, a furious Derek tells her he cannot raise a child with her because of her moral ambiguity. Meredith is fired, and tries to conceal both this and her marital separation from the adoption counselor in order to keep Zola. Webber steps down as chief of surgery and takes the blame for the trial tampering to protect Meredith, Zola is taken away.

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She and Derek reconcile. Meredith chooses a general specialty over neuro, and they successfully fight to get Zola back. As her last year of residency is coming to a close, the residents travel around the country, searching for the best jobs in their specialties.

In order to finish their residency, the residents must take the medical boards. Meredith takes the exam while source with the flu. She decides to take a job offer at The Brigham and Women's Hospital as the next step in her career. During a medical flight to undertake a prestigious surgery involving conjoined twins, Meredith, Derek, Cristina, and Lexie, among others, are involved in an aviation accident.

The plane crash kills Lexie, and the survivors are trapped in the wooded wilderness for days waiting for help. While Cristina flees Seattle for her fellowship, Meredith, afraid of flying and change, declines her job offer, and clings to what remains in Seattle. Cristina and Meredith begin calling the hospital Seattle Grace Mercy Death in light of the immense amount of trauma, death, and pain they have experienced there.

Meredith's newfound attitude and sarcasm leads to her being dubbed " Medusa " by the hospital's new batch of interns.

What Season Do Meredith And Derek Get Married

Click the aftermath of the plane accident, the hospital is sued and eventually found guilty of negligence. The doctors along with Callie Torres Sara Ramirez buy the hospital with the help of the Harper Avery Foundation to prevent it from closing and become new members of the directing board.

Bailey to perform gene mapping on her to finally know whether she has Alzheimer's genes like her mother. She tests positive for more than one of the genetic markers for the disease.

Meredith moves to the completed dream home and sells her house to Alex, who purchases it as the only true home he's ever known. He continues Meredith's tradition of keeping the house open to any "strays" needing a home.

Meredith discovers she is pregnant and gives birth to a son. The baby is delivered via C-section. While stitching Meredith up, the obstetrician who operated on her is called away to another patient and intern Shane Here completes the stitching.