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How to Repair a Sagging Headliner -- PT 1 of 2

24 Aug I was thinking it would be simple enough to get a can of 3M 90 Spray Adhesive and fix the headliner without removing it from the car. There's no sunroof, so. 28 Jan Before I could even find out what to do to solve my problem, I had to figure out what to name my problem in order to search for a solution. It took quite awhile before I figured out that people in the automotive repair world call this geriatric auto ailment a "sagging headliner." Who knew? I thought a sagging. But I really would like to know if anyone has any ideas about how to fix it, short of ripping it out completely. Please You don't need to remove it or sit there holding it up as it drys.. Rate this post The issue with sagging headliners isn't so much the fabric, but the foam backing that is disintegrating. Adhesive.

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I was thinking it would be simple enough to get a can of 3M 90 Spray Adhesive and fix the headliner without removing it from the car. There's no sunroof, so its coming down all over. In the front you could just poke a few holes in it and stick the snorkel tube through and spray all around and then in the back either do the same thing or pull it down a bit and get the spray all up in there. What do you think, worth a shot? This web page took mine completely off, and used a full big can of the 3M super adhesive for headliners with the original material and it started falling a week later.

I shot staples into key points till I can get the black fabric. It's basically just a waste of the 18 bucks for the 3M if you aren't gonna do it right.

How To Fix Headliner Without Removing It

Jeff, the problem isn't just the glue, it's the fact that the old headliner starts to decompose and will continue to sag until you've shot 33 cans of 3M over time in there. As difficult as it seems, it's actually very easy to remove it'll come out the passenger front door in a sedanthe old stuff peels off easily and you can use almost any fabric you want to use as a new headliner.

5 Hacks To Fix Your Sagging Headliner Quickly

Just ask Justin, here has some funky ones. The one on the sedan is starting to sag and I'll probably redo over the winter, using a dark fabric. I used 3m up front and its holding perfect use the cheap stuff in the back and its already stating to sag so going to have to redo it in the rear. I tried it, no worky.

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The 3M cans hole is to big to take the snorkel. I tried to shoot some in through the back and it didn't hold. I tried this in my old but split the headliner when i tried to take it out the front door so I am a little leary to try this again But it looks like it has worked for you so I may give it a shot, thanks for the input!

Come down to Lex and we'll do it in one morning. It's really not bad.

How To Fix Headliner Without Removing It

We could do both cars at once and make it worthwhile. Heres mine, but I bought the fabric online and had a professional put it on. I used vinyl paint on the handles and domelight as well as an S70 domelight swap.

Cool, Ultrasuede will look similar to what you source.

Melbourne Vic Flight Training at http: They are artisans who really do know their business, and there is a "Tom's" in every city. Similar Threads How to fix sagging headliner?

I know about Ultrasuede and because of its unique properties I am going to go with it instead of a knock-off but it is nice to know how rich the fake sueded stuff looks on a headliner. I am going with a 3" black and green shag. Like after a short amount of time? I would love to do a vinyl top like my Acura used to have but am not sure how well it would stay up Archived This topic is source archived and is closed to further replies.

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Posted August 25, We could do both cars at once and make it worthwhile. Okay, so maybe it's not really funny. This will likely work out best if the headlining has sagged around the edges of the roof or if it has separated around the rear view mirror mounting. I removed all the hardware and carefully pulled the headliner from the foam which peeled easily and then sprayed the adhesive over the foam.

Posted August 25, Posted August 26, Posted August 27, I used this http: I am going with a 3" black and green shag just need to go get it at the storethey are having a moving sale should go check it out to see what I can get cheaper: This topic is now closed to further replies.

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