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1 May 2. Occupy your mind. Make yourself busy. Do not sit around and think because that could be very dangerous. Do activities that you find to be therapeutic. Paint, write, run until your lungs give out. Whatever it is that you need to do to keep your mind away from him, do it. 1 Apr When a guy blows you off (by you I mean me), it's tempting to want to get back at him and make him feel guilty for his behavior. The thinking goes Even though I no longer wanted to be with Archie, I remembered how much he'd hurt me by always going back to Betty, and I wanted him to feel the same pain. 16 Jan Some say that things just “get to us” more than they get to men. That we overanalyze things. That we let things affect our day (or our lives) more than men do. But, don't be fooled: men have their weak spots too. Their Achilles heel. And, if you say any of these things they'll be thinking about it for a while.

Men can be extremely insensitive most of the time. They trample all over your feelings without a second thought.


They rarely understand the emotional trauma they put you through on a regular basis. And most women let men get away with behaving in this callous, insensitive way. They are afraid that if they try to bring this issue up, their men will feel stifled and leave them.

We booked vegas for the 2nd week and I booked us tickets for couple of events there. I admit i can be easy on him, but i link on the occasion gone off my rocker at him for not replying within a reasonable amount of time. Either stay stuck on the idiot or take your time to separate him. He even say he is married to his work and I may have to suffer if going with him. I have been in a great relationship for a couple of months.

But there is a simpler way to get men to understand that the way they treat you is not acceptable. This can be done with a subtle guilt trip.

So let us look at some of the ways you can make a man feel guilty. Casual Conversation Next time your man does something that makes you see red, instead of blowing up at him, do not say anything in the heat of the moment. Bring it up later in a casual conversation and tell him how bad you felt when he did or said whatever that ticked you off. source

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Your cool and composed argument will make him feel guilty and you will have him groveling in no time. Empathy Try to get your man to understand exactly how hurt you felt when he did or said something. If you convey your feelings well enough, he is sure to empathize and feel guilty for his behaviour. Subtle Remainders Leave subtle remainders of your fight around the house. For example, if he broke something in anger, do not clean it up.

He will feel extremely guilty when he comes across these remainders and you will have him apologizing in no time. The Martyr Playing the martyr is a great way to make your man feel guilty. Take all the blame on yourself and refrain from throwing any accusations at him.

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The minute you say it was all your fault, even though he had a big share in the fight, he will feel extremely guilty and take the blame on himself. Tears The easiest way to make a man feel guilty is to turn on the waterworks. Do not make it too dramatic. Silent tears work the best. Just stare mournfully at him with your tears brimming over. He will be on his knees in no time, wallowing in guilt and begging for your forgiveness. But tears should always be kept as a last resource because if you use them too much, he will become immune to it.

How To Make A Guy Feel Guilty For Hurting You

These are some of the ways by which you can make men guilty. But use them subtly and sparingly.

Thank you for speaking truth. The person will likely ask you what they can do to make up for their error. Was it something I did? Thank you so much beautiful XOXO. What a great post Natasha!!!

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How To Make A Guy Feel Guilty For Hurting You

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