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What Is Different About Dating in China?

11 Oct Today, dating shows are an important ingredient in China's cultural diet, with popular shows like If You Are the One and One Out of a Hundred attracting millions of viewers. For single people, they're a platform for seeking potential spouses; for fans, they're the subject of gossip and dissection; for the cultural. 17 Chinese Dating Etiquette - Rules - Customs - Relationship provide things you need to know about dating cultures among Chinese and how they get in love. The high pressure of finding partner in Chinese culture resulted in other thing: tendency for Chinese women to get married early. Due to its culture-oriented, the . If work or extended travel takes your family to China, it is important to have a working knowledge of Chinese customs and how these customs differ from American customs. This is especially important if you have teenage kids, because Chinese dating and marriage customs can be very different from those in the U.S.

Compared with western cultures, China has traditionally had a vastly different value system toward marriages and family. But over the past 30 years, these customs have been upended. In many ways, dating shows became a powerful way to facilitate these changes. By looking at the development of Chinese television dating shows, we can see how love and marriage changed from a ritualized system mired in the past to the liberated, western-style version link see today.

Marriage matchmaking has always been an important cultural practice in China. Marriage was viewed as a contract between two households, and it was for the purpose of procreation, not love. Thought to contribute to peace and stability, it was the dominant custom into the latter half of the 20th century.

However, even in the wake of political change and globalization, many families still held the traditional Chinese belief that women, unlike men, belonged in the home, and that their parents had the final say over whom they could marry. Certain traditions still ruled.

Whereas Chinese culture once emphasized the role of family in the selection of partners, with a strong tendency toward arranged marriages Yangyoung Chinese adults now have greater choice in such decisions Xu She wanted to get married while her grandparents were still healthy and could celebrate her wedding. Family and gender values in China:

The style of the show followed a linear pattern. Male candidates introduced themselves and their family background, listed their criteria for a spouse, and answered a few questions from the host. It was essentially a singles ad broadcast before audience members, who, if interested, could contact the candidate for a date.

Now back in the United States studying business and Chinese, Michael enjoys reggae music, his hometown basketball team the Washington Wizards, and has a handful of tattoos he'd rather not explain. Following the end of the reign of Mao Tse-tung, along with the collapse of the former USSR, a fairly rapid pace of social, political, and economic changes occurred in China e. From a generational perspective, dating and romantic relationships in China are regarded differently, as adolescents and young adults may have more progressive beliefs, as compared to their parents.

Despite all the limitations, the show was a groundbreaking depiction of courtship. It took decisions about love and marriage from the private home to the very public domain of broadcast TV. By the early s, Chinese TV networks found themselves in fierce competition with one another. Economic liberalization had loosened restrictions for what could appear on the airwaves, but there was now the added pressure of turning a profit.

More than ever before, networks needed to produce entertaining shows that attracted audiences.

Dating And Marriage Traditions In China

It was during this period that dating shows started to transform, depicting live, on-air matchmaking and dates between single males and females. Audiences could also tune into shows imported from overseas, such as Love Gamea popular Taiwanese show that matched singles through three rounds of speed dating. These new shows were ways for singles to get to know each other in a fun, flirty environment.

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And for those who had little dating experience, it was a model for courtship; soon, the viewing public was able to reconceptualize ideas of love, relationships, and marriage.

For example, inonly 1. Bythat number had skyrocketed to Meanwhile, divorces in China rose fromcouples in to 3. There have been some consequences to source shift: As TV became more commercialized, so, too, did love and marriage.

Beyond the Stereotypes

By the late s, dating shows needed to continue to evolve in order to compete with other programs. Strategies that dating shows adopted included hiring polished hosts, borrowing set designs and show formats from Western reality shows, and incorporating technology to better interact with audience members and TV viewers at home.

Some shows started collaborating with online dating websites like baihe.

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Others partnered with corporations to boost advertising revenue. Many sponsors sell products we associate with romance and dating, such as cosmetics, clothing, diet drinks, and dating website memberships.

Dating And Marriage Traditions In China

Moments from some shows have gone viral, with many emphasizing materialistic values. Not that arranged marriages could be thought of as pure love. While a free-market economy and state authoritarianism appear contradictory, the authorities will often intervene to try to strike a balance. And so love and marriage continue to operate within the wobbly framework of a Chinese state that attempts to simultaneously control and profit from an onslaught of global forces.

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