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Asking GIRLS if they MASTURBATE!

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15 Sep Okay ladies, what do you REALLY think about when you masturbate? No wrong answer, share as much or as little as you'd like! I wants the dirt! And this is what they answered: "Something taboo." "I think about my partner or things I want done to me in bed." Giphy​; "Light bdsm." "Not much, at most I think of. Most women seem to not need or want porn to get off. I have always wondered what women are think about when they are trying to get off? Can you. 14 Feb To fully demonstrate the spectrum, I've gathered wide-ranging answers to the question, “What do you think about when you masturbate?” HEMOPHILIA: “I imagine two sexy guys having a Fight Club moment over me and they're both covered in blood after almost destroying each other. I end up in bed with.

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What do women think of or watch when they masturbate? Jan 2, 1. Jan 2, 2.

Do Women Like To Masturbate Like Men? - Free Porn Hookup!

Women are every bit source 'sexual' as men, it just generally takes different things to get them going. Jul 21, Messages: Jan 2, 3. And they fantasize about a more and more intense experience with the same guy. This could be about her being ravished with a guy she feels connected with and be dominated to the point where she loses control. ChuyMastaJan 2, Jan 3, 4.

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Hahaha I should show my girlfriend this thread. There is so much ignorance here. I'm not going to get into too much detail but we are long distance a lot of the year so that naturally leads to masturbation. And she definitely watches porn more often than I do, and she definitely watches hardcore stuff not just sensual "hey it's a naked guy making love to a girl" like you implied.

If I like a guy, I sometimes feel like I should be thinking about him while getting off so I do, but generally I just think about how it feels and I pretty much blank out about everything else. I don't really watch continue reading bc I don't need to - my turn ons are very mental. For me, I usually think about really hot sex I've had in the past or fantasize about someone I am sexually attracted to in real life. I know I definitely do it a fair amount. However for a lot of women I know that being turned on is a very mental, rather than physical, experience.

And no, women don't need some sort of crazy emotional connection to have sex and they are just as sexual as men if not more. And she's the one who brings up things like threesomes etc. May 16, Messages: Jan 3, 5.

Don't women think about me when they masturbate?

What do women think about or picture in their minds when they masturbate? : sex

They probably think of the same things us dudes think about. HalfJoeyJan 3, Jan 31, Messages: Jan 3, 6. WandererofAlbionJan 3, May 3, Messages: Jan 3, 7.

What Do Women Think Of When They Masturbate

Jan 3, 8. VitalSignJan 3, Jan 3, 9. Jan 3, ChuyMastaJan 3, A good female friend of mine and I have a comfort level where we talk about masturbation.

What do women think about when they masturbate? But as a girl I enjoy and feel like I need porn. VitalSignJan 3,

She rubs one out to porn on a regular basis, same as most guys do. Trevor03Jan 3, Jan 4, SertithJan 4, Dec 1, Messages: The last girl I was with read erotic stories, usually about taboo things like older men with younger women, or rape.

Jan 3, Messages: I think what OP is meaning to say is that guys are more visual in the sense that the woman and the act of sex really get them turned on, whereas for girls its more just the act. I dont think many girls are watching porn and being like "omg his dick is so huge its making me wet just looking What Do Women Think Of When They Masturbate it" or "that guy is so hot and he is visit web page tanned an muscular" lol.

Girls are more turned on by watching the sex only, where guys get turned on by the sex and by the woman. I think its why a lot of girls also like lesbian porn, but probably not 2 dudes.

Dec 26, Messages: Every time I hear people claim that women are somehow arbitrarily as sex-starved and sex-craved as men I just laugh. They'd routinely go to bars and aggressively pick up on men for some mutually beneficial one-night-stand sex. They'd actually become aroused, at least mildly, whenever they see an attractive guy.

What Do Women Think Of When They Masturbate

They don't; instead they think about what kind of father that person would make or some other nonsense like that. Sure, nympho girls are out there, but they represent like. And I'm obviously generalizing, but there's nothing that I've ever experienced first-hand or have read online that actually gives a decent counter-argument to any of my points. Jan 5, I must be a total mutant, then because when I see a cute guy I think about sex. While Dating Marriage Traditions In admit that when I'm watching porn, it's more for the sex itself, if the guy is cute it's better than if the guy is an uggo.

SertithJan 5, Jan 6, ChuyMastaJan 6, Jan 9, Don't forget large bank accounts. SertithJan 9, Jan 10, SertithJan 10, Jan 12, Mar 3, Messages: Jan 18, Jan 19, This chick I'm currently talkin' with tells me that she doesn't masturbate.

If she's horny, she says, she just goes out and gets sex. MasterJan 19, Jan 20, She wasn't even close to naked. If a woman has ever been able to do something similar to What Do Women Think Of When They Masturbate, please let me know. Jan 21, RocketGuy3Jan 21, Not sure which is more likely.

Either they become socially repressed or go the complete opposite direction. Jan 24, Jan 25, You must log in or sign up to reply here.