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"Because I love someone else." he shrugs. "Oh." you sigh, biting the inside of your mouth. "Do you know who that person is, (Y/N)?" he quizzes you. "No." you whisper from the distraught that he loved another girl, someone who wasn't your sister. "You, (Y/N). It's you." he nods. Your mouth performs an 'o' shape, trying to take. Read He's Dating Your Sister But Likes You from the story 5SOS Preferences ♛ by quotestyles (•emily•) with reads. one, jealous, muke. He's Dating Your. . Read He's dating your sister but you have a moment from the story 5SOS Preferences by Calumsbxtch with hookupsvip.info's dating You felt a pang of guilt and mumbled out a quick "sorry," under your breath, because, what else do you say in this situation? You closed your eyes, just as someone jumped on top of you.

So I reposted it and I was a pain in the ass but oh well it's Monday and I got this from tumbahlur. Okay, a huge crush on him. Your best friend of the group was Michael.

He's Dating Your Sister But Likes You

Even though Calum and Michael are best friends, you and Calum never became close. Your eyes widened at his words. Calum, began to walk toward another girl who was sitting toward the bar of the club you were in.

5sos Preferences Hes Dating Someone Else

When he began to flirt with her, your heart basically drop. You looked at him before turning your attention back see more Calum. How could he like you if he was flirting with another girl. After you finished your drinks and became tired, the rest of the band agreed it was time to go back to the house. All of you lived together in one big house, so it was easy for the driver. When you go back, everyone instantly went to there rooms.

You kept thinking about what Michael told you earlier about Calum liking you back, so you decided that it was time to talk about it with him. But when you enter his room, he was under the covers with the girl you recognized from earlier under him.

Cute, romantic, funny, feel-inducing and sometimes sad 5SOS Preferences all written by me, myself and I. I was shocked of how of a jerk he was. Plus he said he met a girl a few weeks ago.

It was another concert for the band, but this one was the last one of WWA. Since this was the last show of the tour and you lived near by, Ashton, your best friend, decided to let you see the show. Seeing him so happy up on stage made you feel amazing. Even though you were happy to be there, a problem was still in more info. You are in love with him, 5sos Preferences Hes Dating Someone Else madly.

Every time he told you you look pretty or made you laugh, your heart fluttered. Ashton told her the directions and she took off down the hallway.

I was shocked of how of a jerk he was. So, without a second thought you opened the door, walking in. Which is pretty much the most frustrating thing ever. Tysm for all the reads and votes, it's amazing!

Once you reached the bathroom, you heard someone else in there which was normal. Stacy stood up from her knees and Ashton began to zip his pants up, and you ran out of the bathroom. This made a happy feeling wash over you. After a whole day of being stuck on this plane you were finally landing. The best part was you get to see your favorite people and band in the world.

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But most importantly, your best friend, Luke Hemmings. You both had been friends for the last three years. Luke ran into you at a local fast food place you worked at.

The whole time he was ordering, you would crack jokes and make faces at him and after a while link kept coming back to eat every now and then.

5sos Preferences Hes Dating Someone Else

He came up with the idea to fly out to see one of their shows. You were met with Liz Hemmings. She flew out, a couple of days ago to join the boys on tour for a bit. She engulfed you in a big hug, before you loaded your bags in the vehicle taking you to the hotel. When you arrived at the hotel you instantly continue reading your way up to the room. Liz had already given you your room key and explained that Luke's room was right next door and it should be unlocked.

Recently, your love for Luke was getting stronger. After unpacking your things into the hotel room you made your way to Luke's room. Since the whole hotel was locked down while the band was here, they were allowed to keep their room unlocked. So, without a second thought you opened the door, walking in.

Luke was on top of another girl, no naked, but kissing, very intimately. No matter how much you practiced and how many times you played, he still beat you.

This was a normal afternoon for you and Michael cooped up in a hotel room all day. No matter what, you were still proud that Michael let you join them on tour.

5SOS Preferences

When you were in high school you told him you wished that you could travel the world, and he decided to make that come true. His phone began ringing, taking his attention away from the television. You figured it was just management or one of the other boys.

You agreed, going down to the lobby to by some small snacks. You were down there for only a half an hour due to you pickiness and a surprisingly long line. You made your way back to the hotel room with grocery bag in hands. Log in Sign Up. So I reposted it and I was a pain in the ass but oh well it's Monday and I got 5sos Preferences Hes Dating Someone Else from tumbahlur Calum: Read this story for FREE!