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29 Jun As far as TV relationships go, I've always wanted a partnership like Monica and Chandler on Friends. Many people fall in love and then realize the person they're with is also their best friend, but these two did it backwards. They knew everything about each other, flaws and all, and still loved each other. The second season of Friends, an American sitcom created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, premiered on NBC on September 21, Friends was produced by Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions, in association with Warner Bros . Television. The season contains 24 episodes and concluded airing on May 16, C. No, in the best of all of our love him and chandler is ross and comes back dating. 17, monica geller on the perks of friends of miracles, and rachel. 9, if it was also seriously pitched in this is the best of monica's engagement picture. Twitter. Oct 9, and split up having a hard cold look at courteney the nbc from tvguide.

One of the main plot points of Friends is the struggle to find love. The following is a list of relationships the six main characters have had throughout the series, sorted by character.

Vote for your Favorite When Does Monica Start Dating Chandler of Friends! Barry Farber was engaged to Rachel inbut Rachel leaves him at the altar when she realizes she doesn't love him after finding herself more turned on by a gravy boat.

Barry and Rachel briefly reconcile towards the end of season one after the former announces his engagement to Mindy Hunter. Barry and Rachel split up once again when Barry chooses to marry Mindy.

Barry and Mindy get divorced in season six when Barry cheats click here Mindy again.

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Paolo dated Rachel for a while during When Does Monica Start Dating Chandler one. A dark, Italian man who could not speak English very well.

Rachel's relationship with Paolo was based merely on sex. Rachel refers to her relationship with Paolo as the complete opposite of her relationship with Barry. Throughout the relationship, Ross was jealous of Paolo and constantly tricked him into calling himself mean names. Paolo would constantly buy Rachel jewellery, clothes, or shoes whilst he was in Italy.

Rachel has Phoebe give Paolo a massage, but when Paolo makes a pass at her, Rachel breaks up with him. In season two, after Rachel finds out Ross is dating Julie, heartbroken and drunk, she has a one night stand with Paolo, but it doesn't amount to anything further than that.

Rachel dates Russ as a rebound relationship after breaking up with Ross upon learning of a list of her pros and cons he had written up whilst trying to decide whether to date her or Julie, but the fact that she would date a man who resembles him so much - even if she hasn't noticed the aforementioned resemblances - seems to strongly imply that she is still attracted to him, and the other friends actually suggest this theory to her.

Eventually, when Rachel sees the two arguing, she finally sees the similarities between them and walks away, disturbed.

When Does Monica Start Dating Chandler

Julie is attracted to Russ as soon as she sees him, and when she speaks to him, they begin a relationship. However, Julie, like Rachel at first, most likely hasn't noticed how much Russ resembles Ross. Rachel dates Joshua Burgin for 5 episodes in Season 4.

Joshua comes in after his ex-wife burns all of his clothing and he needs a whole new wardrobe. Rachel gets him two Knicks tickets so they can go on a date but Joshua thinks she is giving the tickets to him, so he says he will take his nephew to the game. At the end of S4 E13 a wallet is found at Bloomingdale's, which the driver's license reveals is owned by "Joshua Burgin," to which Rachel plays kissy face with her own license.

Rachel then invites Joshua to a fake party at Monica and Rachel's apartment with the friends where Rachel wears her High school cheerleading outfit, which leads Joshua to fall for When Does Monica Start Dating Chandler.

Phoebe planned on breaking up with one of her two boyfriends but couldn't decide who since Vince was tough and manly and Jason was sweet and down-to-earth. Rachel hates Julie but Monica and Julie become good friends since Julie is her brother's girlfriend. The next day Joey and Rachel try to make love for the first time, but they are both nervous.

Rachel calls Joshua to apologize to him but when he arrives at her apartment, Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe are all wearing wedding dresses which freaks Joshua out and he leaves again. Paul appears in 3 episodes in Season 6.

He is the father of Elizabeth Stevens, Ross's student who he ends up dating. Rachel meets him when the whole gang accompanies Ross to meet him, as he is nervous about meeting him. Paul ends up falling in love with Rachel despite their age difference, and Rachel returns the feelings.

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They go on a double date with Ross and Elizabeth. Later, Paul ends up bringing Rachel on a date to his country house. Unbeknownst to Paul, Ross and Elizabeth are there too, and while Ross is hiding under the bed, he hears Paul give himself a pep When Does Monica Start Dating Chandler which implies he is nervous about pleasing Rachel.

He convinces himself that Rachel likes him and that he's "the man. She eventually convinces an originally unwilling Paul to tell her more about himself, but he goes a little too far, as he begins sharing childhood memories that were particularly traumatizing for him. He begins crying, and doesn't stop for hours, delaying their date and making an read more night for Rachel. This turns Rachel off, and she breaks up with him.

Tag appears in 7 episodes between When Does Monica Start Dating Chandler 7 and Season 8. Rachel's hires him as her assistant at Ralph Lauren and they eventually date. Rachel and Tag enjoy the sex and Tag is five years younger than Rachel. Tag gets along with Rachel's friends.

On Rachel's thirtieth birthday, Tag tries to cheer Rachel up since she feels middle aged and he warns her friends what not to say to her. The relationship ends on Rachel's thirtieth birthday in " The One Where They All Turn Thirty " when Rachel breaks up with Tag because he's too young and not ready for a serious relationship. Rachel briefly regrets leaving Tag but shrugs it off. In season eight, after Rachel is revealed to be pregnant, Phoebe recognizes a red sweater that the father of Rachel's baby wore and thought it was Tag's.

They invite Tag to Central Perk when it turns out that Tag already had his sweater. Tag tells Rachel he wants to get back together but when she reveals to be pregnant he takes it back and leaves. Ross is revealed When Does Monica Start Dating Chandler be the father. Gavin appears in 3 episodes in Season 9. He works as Rachel's replacement at Ralph Lauren during her maternity leave. When Rachel returns to work, she fears that Gavin is trying to take over her job.

They break it off the next day after Rachel has trouble deciding where she is in her relationship with Ross and doesn't feel the timing is right for a new relationship. In season 8, Joey develops feelings for Rachel after they had gone out on a date. When Joey tells Rachel about his feelings, Rachel turns him down and Joey soon gets over those feelings. Later, in season 9, Rachel has a romantic dream about Joey and can't get over her feelings.

When Joey starts to date a girl named Charlie, Rachel starts to get jealous in Barbados and can't hold her feeling much longer. So when she tells Joey her feelings after him and Charlie break up, he is surprised and turns Rachel down When Does Monica Start Dating Chandler he couldn't do that to Ross.

A minute after Joey talks to Rachel he sees Ross and Charlie kissing, so Joey goes up to Rachel's room and starts to kiss her for a while. When everybody heads back to New York, Ross tries to tell Joey what happened between him and Charlie. Joey also tries to tell Ross what happened between him and Rachel, but his plan backfires later. Joey and Rachel can't take it anymore so they start to kiss, when Ross catches them.

Ross acts strangely about adjusting to this, constantly insisting that he is "fine! However, Ross thinks it is time for all of them to move on. The next day Joey and Rachel try to make love for the first time, but they are both nervous. The second time our Big Brother 14 Danielle And Shane Dating playing attempt it, they still feel uncomfortable and Rachel accidentally hurts Joey, so they give up and decide to remain as close friends.

Paul the Wine Guy was the first date of Monica's featured on the show. He appears in " The Pilot " in Season 1. Paul wins Monica's approval and a night in her bed when he feeds her a line about not being able to perform sexually since his wife left him.

They later break up, when Ross was being harassed by one of Charlie ex-boyfriends who was still in love with her. With surrogacy rejected as Monica had always dreamed of carrying her own child, and Monica rejecting the idea of a sperm donor as she doesn't want to conceive any baby if it's not Chandler's, the couple decide to adopt instead. Emily also forces Ross to get a new apartment and all new furniture that is just theirs. Joey has not had many long-term relationships due to his commitment issues and lack of morals in that area.

Later, she learns she's not the first of his dates to hear that line and dumps him, stomping on the watch he left on her floor for good measure. The rest of the gang love him, so it is difficult for Monica to tell them when she decides to break up with him.

However, Alan reveals to Monica during the break-up that while he really likes Monica, he can't stand her friends. Fun Bobby makes appearances in Season 1 and then again in Season 2. Everyone's excited to see "Fun" Bobby who doesn't live up to his name when he becomes depressed about the death of his grandfather.

In Season 2Monica gets back together with Fun Bobby, who now has problems with alcohol. Monica successfully tries to help him give up drinking, but once he does, he becomes dull Bobby and breaks up with Monica for developing a drinking habit of her own to combat Bobby's dullness. Monica dated him under the impression When Does Monica Start Dating Chandler he was a senior in college.

Ethan dated her under the impression that she was Before sleeping together, Ethan tells Monica that he is a virgin. Afterwards, Monica tells him that she is really 26 to which he reveals that he is really a senior in high school.

Monica is repulsed at what she has done and stops calling him. Ethan shows up at Central Perk to try and persuade her to change her mind, but she tells him that "it's icky".

They come to the conclusion that they could have had something special if their age gap wasn't so drastic, or if they lived in "Biblical times". The Virus Takes Manhattan. Too nervous to talk to him, she makes Rachel do it for her. Jean-Claude is instead interested in Rachel. After fighting with Monica, Rachel sets her When Does Monica Start Dating Chandler Jean-Claude up on a date, maliciously telling Jean-Claude that Monica wanted to have a threesome with him and Drew Barrymore.

Monica's longtime boyfriend Richard Burketwenty-one years her senior, was introduced to her when she was a child as her old optician here family friend.

Monica and Chandler

Later, they meet at his optometrist party where she and Phoebe are catering. Monica link Richard date for a long time, keeping it secret from her parents as she knew that they would be shocked. They eventually find out and after initial shock, accept the relationship.

They eventually break up because Richard does not want to have children again, whereas Monica does. He writes a poem called "The Empty Vase" and Phoebe postulates that the poem is about Monica being "empty.

She dumps Julio and puts the icing on the cake by sending a barber shop quartet to the diner to sing him an insulting break up song. At first, Pete has feelings for Monica that she does not reciprocate, despite attempts on her part to force herself to feel this way. Later he offers her a job in a restaurant he bought, hoping to win her affection. After a lot of denial from Monica, they start to date when he When Does Monica Start Dating Chandler her goodbye, and she realizes she is attracted to him.

When Does Monica Start Dating Chandler

Monica eventually breaks up with him, because Pete refuses to give up his dream of being the Ultimate Fighting Champion and she cannot bear to source him get hurt in the ring as he is clearly not cut out for the sport. Monica still had feelings for Richard and couldn't go through with the relationship. Monica and Chandler get together at her brother's wedding.

They agree it's only a London fling but when they come back they can't stay apart.