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Lauren Grahm dating reveals With her co star on Ellen show

15 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About The Cast Of 'Gilmore Girls'

18 Nov The actor and musician also discusses the "closure" gained from the new installments and his hopes for future installments. 24 May Lauren Graham just announced she's publishing a memoir, and we can only hope it'll address some of these "Gilmore Girls" rumors, like her beef with Scott Patterson. Yes, it's true, according to a variety of sources, including Lauren Graham herself, that Lauren (Lorelai Gilmore) and Scott Patterson (Luke) didn't like each while working on the set of Gilmore Girls. Actually, the friction between the two actors.

She crashed "Ellen" to share the news, and also revealed the book's perfect title: This news can't help but make us wonder: What insider "Gilmore Girls" dirt might Graham reveal?

I called Amy and said, 'Wow, wow, wow, wow. YouTuber boyfriend gets a lot more out of their relationship than she does. Graham herself has hinted at thisand she isn't the only actress to suggest that Patterson isn't exactly a doll to work with. These failed sitcoms include TowniesLush Life and M.

Here are five questions we're hoping she'll finally answer:. Graham herself has hinted at thisand she isn't the only actress to suggest that Patterson isn't exactly a doll to work with. What I wanna know is, why?

What does Patterson do to spawn so much contempt? Do he and the ever-grumpy Luke see http://hookupsvip.info/dating-chatroom/27112711l-dating-27112711v.php too often, perhaps?

Scott Patterson And Lauren Graham Feud

Does he eat onions before kissing scenes? Maybe leak rumors to the press he is the one responsible for blowing Alexis Bledel's baby secretafter all? What is it with this guy and women disliking him? So, we know Graham and Patterson definitely weren't buds.

Scott Patterson And Lauren Graham Feud

Graham and Alexis Bledel oh so sadly weren't exactly tighteither. Who on this show did actively, genuinely like each other in a more-than-coworkers capacity?

Scott Patterson On His Favorite 'Gilmore Girls' Moments - Secret Hookup!

What was it like working with her well before her solo-star power kicked in? Were there any funny behind-the-scenes escapades with McCarthy at the helm?

'Gilmore Girls' Revival: Scott Patterson on Luke and Lorelai | Hollywood Reporter

I want some amusing anecdotes, damnit! This will forever be my greatest beef with "Gilmore Girls" unless it's somehow miraculously fixed in the revival, but that's contextually unlikely. Graham took on a more involved behind-the-scenes role after Sherman-Palladino left and became a producer for the last season. Thus, I'd love to know: How could she let this happen?? Beyond having briefly dated Matthew Perry back inand Peter Krause sincenot much is known about Graham's romantic life.

There wasn't a shortage of attractive men on the "Gilmore Girls" set, though: Might we be getting some dick deets in this memoir?

And, most importantly, could they be those of Jon Hamm? May 24, It's a damn brilliant time to be a "Gilmore Girls" fan.

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Here are five questions we're hoping she'll finally here What exactly is Scott Patterson's deal, and why doesn't Graham like him? Which "Gilmore Girls" cast members were real-life friends? Speaking of on-screen friends And, of course, we've gotta know: Did Graham date any actors on the show?

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A fresh take on sports: Apparently, there are different books referenced in the show! But I found out much later that Alexis and I were the only here members who were officially informed, and others found out in far less conventional ways. Seriously, is there anyone who actually liked April? It's understandable considering it's been nearly a decade since Patterson hung up his hat and closed up shop at Luke's Diner for good.