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The perfect DIY romantic gift idea for your husband or boyfriend. Use the FREE printables and "travel the world" with your man on 12 creative at-home dates!. 8 Sep Looking for an anniversary or birthday gift idea for the husband or boyfriend? Already planning ahead to find the perfect, romantic Christmas present? Or maybe you want to surprise him with a little extra love {ahem} just because! Well, you are in luck! Because today we are sharing The Perfect DIY. hookupsvip.info Passport to Love. Looking for an anniversary or birthday gift idea for the husband or boyfriend? Already planning ahead to find the perfect, romantic Christmas present? Or maybe you want to surprise him with a little extra love {ahem} just because!.

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A beautiful gift, a sweet reminder… this printable book is a great way article source let your spouse know that you love them. Make a list of reasons why I love you and put it in a special format. Starting one on a fresh piece of paper, adding to it, crossing things off, and the best…seeing one through to completion! I wanted to make a list this year for my husband.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight For the ends of Being and ideal Grace. I love thee freely, as men strive for Right; I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.

Passport To Love The Dating Divas

I love thee with a love I seemed to lose With my lost saints,—I love thee with the breath, Smiles, tears, of all my life! Erin with Strawberry Mommycakes designed this beautiful book. She did such an amazing job, I just love how pretty it is! Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us Erin!! Now is the time to let the brainstorming begin!! Start thinking about the reasons you fell in love with your husband in the first place…was he an amazing kisser, was it his eyes, or the way he gave you butterflies in your stomach?

Together we are raising our children in a very happy home. You love to share your thoughts on books that you are reading with me. You teach our children fun and crazy things.

You care about how I feel.

Passport To Love The Dating Divas

We spend lots of time talking about decisions we need to make together. You tell me I am beautiful! You are my best friend. You encourage me by always eating my cooking and telling me it is good!

Your eyes smile when you laugh. You busy into song around the house and you have the most beautiful voice. You watch my girly shows with me. You let me talk out loud in movies to you. You always open the car door for me. You eat everything I cook with click at this page complaints! Your face on our wedding day was the purest bad happiest face ever. You made chocolate chip pancakes for everyone on Sunday… again!

You told me I looked pretty yesterday. You made a musical instrument with our daughter, of which she is SO proud! You turn on the seat warmer in the car for me. Because when I fell running, you were kind to my knees. I love you every Passport To Love The Dating Divas you reach across our giant bed to pull me close.

Because without you, the tv, thermostat, and wifi would never actually function. You have done an amazing job with every one of our kids, on their own terms. You are my intellectual equal, you meet every challenge I present with wisdom and insight that astounds me. Because your dreams are my dreams. You stop and treat me to Starbucks! You know me better than I know myself. You are always willing to help me accomplish my goals.

You put my needs before your own. You have an inner strength that helps keep me calm when my life is in chaos. You have the ability to comfort me simply by your touch.

I love how you put so much thought into everything you do for me. You have an innate ability to protect and take care of me. You are always pushing me to be better and my biggest fan in all that I do.

You make all of my dreams come true, no matter how small they are. You are my best friend! You are my other half. You make the dark a little less scary. I love that your hand fits perfectly with mine. You make me feel so safe. I love that you ask about my day.

Your kisses make me weak in the knees. You are everything I never knew I needed. If all I had was you, it would be enough. I love that you make my fears melt away. I love that you love me back. I love that you take care of me when I forget to. You wake up with the kids so I can sleep in every weekend! You know when to help and when to let me do it myself!

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You work hard so that Passport To Love The Dating Divas can stay home and see more raising our children! You go shopping with me and are super patient as I take my time and try things on!

You compliment me and mean it! You do the dishes yuck! Your patience is unreal! You always keep a promise. You may not always agree with my decisions but you always trust me to make them! You love me for the good and the bad!

You make the best homemade milkshakes! You allow and engage when you can in my Starbucks addiction! You are the only person I can eat Sushi with! You have passion in all link you do! I love that you are the person I get to spend the rest of my life with because with you I know that no day will be the same or easy but it will always be filled with love and effort!

But you can use regular paper for most of it. So fun - right? I think these ideas are a perfect way to celebrate year 2 together!

You take SUCH great care of the kids. You rub my feet on Friday nights. You give me heartfelt compliments when you think I look pretty. You take care of your health.

You teach our kids how to be respectful.

Free printables

You make delicious desserts! You always give me the benefit of the doubt.

Thank you very much for the ideas you post! You love to share your thoughts on books that you are reading with me. For best results print onto white card stock. I wished I could afford to just whisk him away for a relaxing, romantic getaway. Each country contains an invitation to the date, 2 recipe cards, a date night activity and a sexy bedroom idea!

We have a blast just being together. You get in the kitchen and cook with me, and lots of times without me. You are an awesome daddy!! You are a hard worker. You always support me. You know how to do anything electronic. You are smokin hot! I love your snuggles. You always open my car door. You carry the heaviest groceries in yourself. You know how to put me first. You treat my family like your own.

You have given me spectacular memories. Your hugs can always make me feel better. You give sincere compliments. You treat me like a lady, even when I look like a hobo.