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Advise and Consent by Allen Drury is the most detailed novel of any reputation to focus on the U.

Behind the Dark Portala behind-the-scenes book by Daniel Wallace, was also published on 7 June, If the player has an unfinished run in progress when the Brawl ends, they will earn rewards equal to their current number of wins at that time. President decides to replace his Secretary of State to promote rapprochement with the Soviet Union. The avatar later learns Robert is estranged from his adult daughter, Herewho has recently contacted him.

Senate, and is considered by many as the best novel ever written about the workings of the U. I wouldn't go that far -- in many respects it's a dreadful book -- but it is highly readable, and great fun for political junkies. Drury had been a political reporter before turning to fiction, and many of the events and characters in the book were drawn from real-life originals, but it is not a roman a clef with one-to-one references to be decoded.

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See notes following the list on Drury's possible inspirations and bibliography and links. Drury gives no roster for his fictional Senate, but in the visit web page of the book's text, 90 of the senators are named, and a roster may be compiled from that, which follows with each name given in the fullest available form.

For each state, the first name is the senior senator, unless an asterisk follows the state's name, indicating that the senators are not identified in the book as senior or junior.

When only one name is given under a state, the other senator is not mentioned in the book. Names identified or strongly implied to be members of the Majority Maj. Senators not clearly identified by party are given no abbreviation. See notes following the list for problems with party identification. Senate offices and chairmanships are listed as given in the book.

Arkansas Arly Richardson Maj. California Victor Ennis Maj. Colorado Sam Eastwood Maj. Connecticut Stanley Danta Maj. Idaho Warren Strickland min. Illinois Orrin Knox Maj. Kansas Elizabeth Ames Adams Maj.

Maryland Dick Althouse Maj. Massachusetts John Able Winthrop min. Michigan Robert Durham Munson Maj. Minnesota Thomas August Maj. Missouri Fred Cahill Henry H. New Hampshire Courtney Robinson Maj. New Jersey James H.

La Rue Bob Randall. New York Irving Steinman min.

North Dakota Charles W. McKee Powell Hanson Maj. South Carolina Seabright B. Vermont John DeWilton min. Wisconsin Magnus Hollingsworth Maj. Boyle Fred Van Ackerman. In addition to the above, two senators' surnames given in roll call excerpts are not otherwise identified: Drury's fictional creation is not always consistent. Alphabetical roll calls always end with Wilson, yet there is a senator named Winthrop.

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Senator Parrish of Nevada is stated to be of the Minority party p. Senator Eastwood of Colorado is stated to attend the Majority party conventions p. In other cases, clues such as these are enough to cause assignment to one party or the other on this roster.

Despite differing views by some commentators, it is clear that the Majority are intended to be the Democrats and the Minority to be the Republicans. This is evident from the general spread of the parties in issues and geography, and specified in the background notes on Senator Cooley, a Majority party senator from South Carolina, a long-serving senator at a time when all such Southern senators were Democrats, and who is described as having been in earlier years "faithfully supporting [Woodrow Wilson] on every issue" p.

Also read more note, though not strictly an inconsistency, is the sudden appearance of senators from Alaska and Hawaii near the end of part 3, as bills for the admission of these states proceeded through Congress as Drury Dating A Player Advise And Consent Movie Wiki writing the novel.

The date of Advise and Consent is also not entirely clear. It is in the seventh year of office of the unnamed President. Some clues, notably Senator Anderson's background timeline p. The opening had been drafted about Other clues, especially most p.

About Hearthstone Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. The Warcraft movie is a bad start for Blizzard's cinematic ambitions. A Peek to the Past. Gregory Hlatky has observed that the book's Senator Seabright B.

Perhaps the President is to be Eisenhower's successor, which would set the date at Senator Cooley is said to have been aged 17 in p.

But he appears to have been elected to the Senate in and is now in his seventh term p. Thus, various pairs of Dating A Player Advise And Consent Movie Wiki above may be reconciled, but not all of them, and this analysis has been long and self-indulgent enough already.

It is possible that the sequels to this book fill in the gaps and explain click here inconsistencies, but I have never been able to finish reading any of them. Mike Cheyne has, however, and his summaries may be found below. Some possible inspirations for Advise and Consent Spoiler alert!

Some political novels, notably among recent books Primary Colors by Joe Klein, are romans a clef: Advise and Consent is not quite like that. Many of the book's incidents are drawn directly from life, but Drury was careful to make his characters composites, drawn from more than one source or in significant ways differing from their sources, and the contexts of events are usually very different.

For instance, the book's main plot line, the controversy over the nomination of Robert A. Leffingwell as Secretary of State, was clearly inspired by the investigation of former State Department executive Alger Hiss. There were the same suspicions of Communist sympathy, the same claims by a witness of questionable veracity that the man had belonged to a secret Communist cell, and the same intense national debate over the claims and justice of the matter.

Yet Dating A Player Advise And Consent Movie Wiki contexts are quite unalike. The Hiss case was pursued by a House committee investigating Communism, not a Senate committee reporting on a nominee for office, the nature of the proof offered in support of the accusing witness was entirely different, and where the Leffingwell case is settled in Congress and ends with his appointment to a non-controversial post, Hiss sued his accuser and the case was taken to the courts, ending with Hiss's conviction for perjury.

And his true guilt or innocence is still argued to this day. As an experienced but controversial high-level governmental administrator, Leffingwell may also be partly drawn on David E. The unnamed President bears a strong resemblance to Franklin D. Rooseveltin personality, charisma, aggressive sanguinity, and propensity for surprise decisions made without consulting aides or Congressional leaders. Like Roosevelt, this president dies just before a major peace conference which he initiated.

But I see more of Taft in Orrin Knox, the hero at the end of the book and a more important character in the sequels than Munson. Knox has Taft's flinty integrity, somewhat difficult personality, and refusal to abandon his principled positions even if it should cost him the Presidency, which Taft tried and failed to obtain.

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I see nothing in Munson or any other character of the distinctive personality of Lyndon B. Munson's dramatic resignation and re-election as Majority leader parallels that of Majority leader Alben W. Barkley D-KY inwhich, like Munson's, occurred as the result of a strong disagreement with the President. Drury witnessed this event and described it in his non-fiction book A Senate Journal Hunt D-WY in Anderson is threatened with exposure of a homosexual affair in his past, in an effort to blackmail him into canceling his investigation of Leffingwell.

He shoots himself in his Senate office and dies instantly. Hunt also shot himself in his Senate office, though he lingered for some hours. The reason given publicly at the time was despair over his poor health, but while that was a factor, there was an additional story probably known to political reporters such as Drury. Democrats were eager for Hunt to run for re-election in as the best hope to retain the seat, but Republicans threatened that if he did run, they would raise as a campaign issue his deepest secret: Caught between them in a situation both like and unlike Anderson's, Hunt first announced his retirement and then committed suicide.

Anderson is a World War II war hero.

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For five days he kept himself and three other survivors alive in the jungle principally by main strength of character. Kennedy D-MAtransferred out of a boat in the Solomons. Kennedy's PT story was known, but was not as famous as it would become after he was elected President in It is possible that the intense womanizing of the book's clean-cut Senator Lafe Smith was inspired by that of Kennedy, though he was surely not the only senator to fit that description.

In the film of the book, Smith was played by Peter Lawford, who at the time was Kennedy's brother-in-law. McCarthy R-WI of the left. Each is a demagogue apparently barely interested in the Communism issue he finds leads him to sudden prominence, but only attracted by the notoriety it brings him.

Junior senators previously of little significance, each insults his seniors and tramples on Senate custom and prerogative, leading eventually to his censure by the Senate and the quick evaporation of his popularity. Thus far they are identical. Gregory Hlatky has observed that the book's Senator Seabright B. Cooley resembles Senator Kenneth D. Both are highly senior Southern Democrats who chair the Appropriations Committee, serve as President pro tempore of the Senate, and maintain long-running vendettas against a government administrator: Hlatky also notes that the mushy, unintelligible voice of the book's Senator Hugh B.

Drury prided himself on his ability to invent regionally read article names, though to the reader they may seem more like stereotypes.

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Several names echo link of real senators, of which two are worth noting. Reverdy Johnson, used by Drury as the name of an Alabama senator, was the name of a real senator from Maryland in the 19th century. Drury, who often used the names of acquaintances for his characters, knew slightly a descendant of Johnson's who bore his name.