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10 Jul I need advice on how to cope with dating a soldier that can never tell me where he is going on missions, or when he will be back. This is the hardest thing that I have ever had to go thru, sometimes I feel like Im all alone, dating myself. I love him with everything inside of me, but its impossible for our. Dating Army Special Forces Just Returned From Iraq: A true, personal story from the experience, I Am In a Relationship With a Soldier. A month ago I met my man on-line. Within 2 hours we met in person and been together ever since. He's been in Army about 27 years, divorced with kids. His ex- couldn't handle the strain of. 15 Sep Started in , Military Singles Connection is the premier destination for dating for the thousands of men and women who serve or have served in the armed forces. Other military dating services can't compete with the number of quality members or features you'll find when you join the top Military singles.

All SF men are proud to serve.

Dating A Guy In Special Forces

You must do all yourself, be worthy of his trust. When he needs to talk, listen. When he needs to love, love. He does not need a cry baby. He needs a strong lady.

But I can verify all of that with my social networking accounts or other info. Originally Posted by Trapper John. Return to top of page. He hadn't dated in two years. July 2, at 3:

Tanner- I just joined this support site today and am in a similar situation to you. My boyfriend is about to begin his long and arduous journey to becoming a SF army soldier green beret.

He already lives 3, miles away and we've been together for 4 years. Eventually we will be back together and everything will be about "us", so during our extended apart time I am doing all I want for myself.

Women need to remember that there is so much satisfaction and reward in being solitary, we tend to overlook it because its easy to get down and jealous when you look at all your friends in normal civilian relationships. I think I made for a special relationship, one where we both do the things we want in our life but LOVE and only want each other.

I know it's hard honey, but you only get one life so make sure that instead of driving yourself into a stressed frenzy you take this time to build on yourself and your skills as a badass lady.

How are things now? I, as a retired Special Forces soldier, will tell you it isn't easy for us either sometimes. During my first marriage I was gone 32 of 36 months.

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Unlike most of the other wives, who either found a boyfriend or just packed up and left, at least she waited until I got home to tell me she was leaving. My second marriage, of the first four years we were together less than a year of it, however, we are still married after 20 years. She used to say the hardest part was "not knowing".

I understood but that is just the way it is sometimes. Most of us believe that we are serving a higher purpose that unfortunately takes many sacrifices, but it our life Make sure he is in fact in SF. My boyfriend is SF serving in Syria.

I on his bio details, but there is no contact info on how I get in touch to check he is okay? I haven't heard from him for a while and don't know where to turn.

We just never discussed contact details as I thought it would be on the confirmations they sent me when adding my details to his records? Can you tell me who I contact to see if he's safe?

We are doing our part, we are for a greater purpose, and we are patriots. You need to know what stolen valor is and why it makes him see red when someone is committing it. Thank you for having this Blog. I am getting smitten and I have never had an internet relationship. While your last boyfriend, the sensitive aspiring actor, was perfecting the art of skillful communication with the opposite sex during college, your new love interest was perfecting the art of the MRE trade in a third world country.

Well there is no way to truly find out is there sir. He can't tell me location or nothing I completely understand and respect click here for the safety of our soldiers.

If there is a way I can find out please let me know sir. Most respect to you sir. Most importantly thank you for your Dating A Guy In Special Forces and service for our country!!!! I am in a relationship currently with a man who is an Army veteran. But his claims of being in special forces and in Iraq during desert storm just don't add up to me. He had told me that he had jumped from airplanes during his special forces training more that times.

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But his father told me later that he never even earned his wings. Link reply was in the late '80's it wasn't a requirement for special forces training to go to flight school. Also he can't tell me where he was in Iraq or even a description Is Chris Brown Stil Dating Rihanna that country because he said they only went out at night to drive dune buggys.

No one in his family nor any of his friends even know about him being in Desert Storm. He said he Dating A Guy In Special Forces want to worry people.

He has nothing to show for being in special forces except for the special forces crest that he wears on his hat everyday and a lot of patches that he bought from the surplus store. Also there is nothing at all Dating A Guy In Special Forces his discharge papers about Iraq or special forces. And it said during the war he was at an army hospital in Indianahe said that's a mistake I'm wondering if there's a way to find out if he's lying.

He has lied to me about many other things and I'm a little concernedhe has proposed marriage to me but I'm holding off for now until I know who he really is. Okay sweetheart, it is going to be hard, I am not in your boat yet but I will be soon. Honestly, dont believe knel becuz if you honestly really love your man you will stand by their side no matter what. Bragg for ASF training. I was actually lucky I got an extra night with him because he was suppose to leave yesterday not today, but I am deff feeling the not knowing part already.

Since he already went to the federal building and did all the tuff they have to do before they leave there wasnt much needed to be done so he said he was going to be sitting in a room till like 1: I don't even know if his plane laded safe. The only thing More info can think of is what everyone else is saying, "focus on you.

I want to start tking better care of myself like jucing and working out like hardcore so that is one of the things I will focus on. I use to dance for years so i was also thinking about taking up a dance class or pole exercise that way when he comes home I will be in better shape not that i am big but beter shape and I 'll have a sexy surprise for him when he gets home.

I wanna start doing things I love again and since our men are away we have the time to do it.

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She must be veryyyyy independant among many other things. I am in the same boat. He is stationed in NC and I hadnt seen him in a Dating A Guy In Special Forces month last source and I was suppose to leave this morning to go visit for the weekend, but monday morning he called and told me I couldnt come visit and he wouldnt be able to talk to me for a few weeks and cant tell me why or what he is doing but as soon as he is able to let me know he would call or write me.

Believe me I know its only been 5 days, but every day of read more knowing whats going on is getting harder and harder. I have been going through the same thing i dont know how to deal with not knowing where he is or when hell be home he is leaving soon and i have no details.

Dating A Guy In Special Forces

My galfrend thinks i am a travelling salesman. Dating A Guy In Special Forces can pretty mush guarantee "iwantahotty" has never seen a Green Beret Try to have some aspect of your self-concept that isnt who you are dating. Im confused, so you Dating A Guy In Special Forces think that he is lieing to me about most of what he says? Just click for source have no idea what to think about this situation.

This browser is out of date and will not support some of this site's functionality. For better site performance, please update your browser to the newest version: Is anyone dating an ARMY special forces soldier?

I need advice on how to cope with dating a soldier that can never tell me where he is going on missions, or when he will be back. This is the hardest thing that I have ever had to go thru, sometimes I feel like Im all alone, dating myself. I love him with everything inside of me, but its impossible for our relationship to progress at this rate. I am patient, but there is no definite timeline that he can give me to wait for. We literally fight about this all the time, and Im tired of being upset over something I cant change.

I am in literal pain when he is away from me. I just dont know what to do anymore Please respond with authenticity, support, and respect. Thank you for any help you can give me. Why do they not give special forces training to regular soldiers? What do you think about The Special Forces U. I am a new military gf, he isn't only in the army he's in special forces, how do I not feel scared and uncertain?

He's going into special forces. My boyfriend Branden is a ranger, but wants a bigger challenge. He's going into special forces as a medic in January. He says it will be easier for us, but I don't know. I want to know what you think about the USA Army prohibiting pregnant soldiers from continuing?

I am asking this question out of curiousity. Of course I have my own opinion regarding this. Thanks to those answering the question. Would you approve of your country building an army of robot soldiers? Does the army still shoot soldiers for desertion? I loved it when the US army cut a soldier's pay as he wasn't technically "at work" after his legs got blown off.