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30 Oct There are some things that a lot of men like during blow jays that you might not be so into, because porn. Gagging on a penis, choking on come, watering eyes, general discomfort. Not something most women spend all day looking forward to, but guys like it. Again: There is no need if you don't want to. 11 Feb Whisper, that app that lets you spill the beans via anonymous messages, just asked a bunch of ladies to give them the deets on why they prefer to spit or swallow after giving a BJ. There are the obvious reasons some ladies prefer to swallow, like making their men feel special or making the finale less messy. 14 Sep Do you guys really think they like it or are they just "pretnding" to make us feel good? Yes we think it's sexy when we shoot all over their boob or wherever but aren't they cleaning it up rather quickly thereafter? Those girls that swallow well do you really think they like it or are they doing it for us because WE.

You're here because you want to know how women really feel about swallowing.

How Many Women Like To Swallow

Having a partner willing to let you finish on such a high note is a turn-on for you, of click here. I'm seeing this guy and we don't see each other often, but we talk and text and he's so excited that the next time we see each other I'll let him do this But many women showed equal enthusiasm: But before you get all excited thinking about the next time you're going to find yourself in this position, remember that all women are different and not all of them are eager to find out how you taste.

I just randomly came across this and HAD to respond. I obviously don't and would never try to speak for all women. I even lick the head afterwards to make sure I got it all.

A Blow Job Beginner's Guide to Spitting or Swallowing

It's not degrading to me in the least. I get a huge sense of pride in my "work" when I pleasure him that way. Which puts me in absolute control.

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Which is the opposite of degradation. Well personally its a turn-on to me as well.

How Many Women Like To Swallow

I swallowed voluntarily the first time, my boyfriend just asked to cum in my mouth and spit it out later but I made the decision to swallow. To me it doesn't taste very bad, there was only one time when it was kind of bitter but normally it isn't bad.

Or do all of us actually swallow? Sammy lovely lovely and college guys have several guys thrashing in the extra space. I ask her to sometimes not swallow, and she does anyway and states that she wants it. A lot of my friends have said they don't like the taste but its not that bad.

I like that my boyfriend gets turned on by me swallowing. Plus he does so much for me, it's only fair I do the stuff he likes as well.

Its give and take, not just take. I really enjoy when my boyfriend cums in my mouth.

Soooo, I'm gonna believe that some girls just genuinely enjoy swallowing it as BW has stated. If anything I wouldn't let him cum there at all. So if you are in a position where you cannot control what goes down your throat, you will start coughing like a Dickensian orphan.

I love the warmth of it and the fact that I just pleasured him. I have had the pleasure of giving a lot of blowjobs and every man has a different taste and cum consistency. I think men love it because it feels amazing plus its visually appealing, but in my experience if you're with a good "biological match" usually it won't taste or smell strong — it will be more neutral.

If you're with the right person, it will actually taste and smell good.

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